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AbbieeFerguson   , 20

from Lincolnshire





{Whenever your having a bad day just remember this, i love you'}


Well hello...;) 

Im Abbie Ferguson and im taken;)<3

Im not here to tell you my life story, because im way to lazy. I like to take pictures, i like to hang out with my friends, but i mainly love spending time with my boyfriend. Just like any other 15 year old teenagers love too do. I'm loud, talkative and hyper, but thats just me. But then lifes to short be normal, because im no where near normal at all. I'm me and i'm never ever going to change for anyone. I like being myself alot and no im not a big head, but i would never change for anyone to be fair. I hate my past, there has alot of bad stuff thats happened in it, but im looking forward to my future now thats all that matters to me. Yes? I wear make up, and what? It's not like i plaster myself in it 24/7. I may have days where i can't be bovered to put any make up on at all. I was born ornigal and i don't really want to die a fake. Yes, i may be ugly in my opinion but i don't care what anyone says.

I've realised alot in my life, but when you start to get older, i've learnt rumors start and rumors finish, either way there a load of shit made by sad immature people who have nothing better to do with there life so yeah, i guess you could say as i've grown older i've learn't not to care about what people say or even think about  me.

I like to think that im a nice out going, lovely girl. I try to help everyone who gives me respect. I'm there for anyone that is there for me and before you say it. Im not a big head.



 Will Ayre'♥ 14-05-2011.

Taken Single

Yes? My boy is simply the best and amazing and i wouldn't change him for the world. He's mine and i'm planning on keeping him forever too. Nothing can compare to him and he's a hell lot different to anyone else, i can always be myself around him and never once has he judged me and i don't worry about a thing when i'm with him to be fair. Everything about him is truly amazing. He loves me for who i am and he doesn't care what anyone else thinks to be honest. I love our times together i might not get to see him as long as i want to but i try get to see him every single day, just because we hate having a day apart from eachother. When we're together we both forget about the world, and just cuddle up in eachother's arms being a perfect couple. I honestly wouldn't change him for the world, because he is the most important thing in my life. He knows everything about me, i tell him everything because he's not just my boyfriend but he's my bestfriend too. He's the one for me, and i hope that i'm the one for him.

I love my boy lots!


 live goes on baby.♡