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Hardxxcore   , 23

from Salisbury

when i die, fuck it, i wanna go to hell; cuz ima piece of shit, it aint hard to fucking tell; dont make sense going to heaven with the goodie goodies; dressed in white, i like black timbs &nd black hoodies; God would probably have me on some real strict shit; no sleeping all day, no getting my dick licked; hanging with the goodie goodies, loungin' in paradise; fuck that shit, i wanna tote guns &nd shoot dice; all my life ive been considered as the worst; lying to my mother, even stealing out her purse; crime after crime from drugs to extortion; i know my mother wish she got a fucking abortion -Notorious B.I.G

Nichole Lynn Thomas.19 years young. Legal to drink in 2 more years(; graduated bitches. i know what i want & im going after it muther fuckers (; finally have the man of my dreams *CHRISTIAN JAMES HUTCHINSON* hes my highschool sweetheart & ive been in love with him for 5 years. things were bumpy but we finally are living out our ONE OF A KIND TRUE FAIRYTALE. we're bestfriends & eachothers world! hes currently trying to find a better job so we can get our own place -kidshit i dont put up with, i'll knock a bitch out.love my life.im hated, im loved (: thats life!get to know this bitch, i PROMISE im fucking awesome(;