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LadyTorque   , 20

from Clementon


My name is Sani, aka LadyTorque. And welcome to my crazily Suffering/Torque obessed profile. Don't mind the contents below, I'm just really obsessed with all things Suffering, not to mention REALLY obsessed with the game's anti-hero, Torque, hence my username 'LadyTorque.' 


I'm really crazy, yet always cool to have as a friend. So don't be afraid to friend request me, I'm not going to hurt ya. :D 

My The Suffering!! :DD xDD

5780323447250070630_large.jpg5780324762333476114_large.jpg 5780324758656297834_large.jpg


No Fancy Capes. No Plaid skirts. Just Brutal Shocking Horror.


 The Suffering: Ties That Bind