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LeRoyR-S   , 37

from Rochester
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5 entries
Kiwigirl - 03/18/15 12:14 am


Hello LeRoyR-S,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your KiwiBox Team

Kiwigirl - 03/17/14 08:03 pm


Hello LeRoyR-S,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your KiwiBox Team

Marrylarry 27 - 05/18/12 05:11 pm


Hello, how are you doing, my name is marry I am new in this site, if you wouldn't mind I will like you to write me through this ID marry_larry50@yahoo.com I will be waiting for your mail because i have something VERY important to tell marry_larry50@yahoo.com
Favour1 28 - 02/22/12 07:32 pm



My name is favour,i am single and never married.i came across your profile today and became interested in you.i will like us to know much better if you dont mind,please i will wait for your reply at my private mail box (favorofgod11@hotmail.com) so that i can send you my picture and more about my self.waiting to hear from you ok God bless you,

Miss favour.
_¶¶¶_ (¯`.´¯)_¶¶¶:)
¶¶¶_(¯≻ Ѻ ≺¯) _¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶:)
¶¶___ (_.^._)___(¯`.´¯)___¶¶¶:)
¶¶______§§§__(¯≻ Ѻ ≺¯) ___¶¶:)
¶¶____§§(¯`.´¯)_(_.^._)§§§ __¶¶:)
¶¶____ (¯≻ Ѻ ≺¯) __§§§§§§§ _¶¶:)
¶¶____§§(_.^._)(¯`.´¯)§§§§§ _¶¶:)
_¶¶___§§§§§§( ¯≻ Ѻ ≺¯) §§__¶¶:)
__¶¶____§§§(¯≻ Ѻ ≺¯) ___¶¶¶:)

NatalieJanzFan 27 - 10/31/11 08:14 am



Hi, I'd like to introduce you to the music of Canadian artist NATALIE JANZ...ENJOY!! www.nataliejanz.com