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Leisto , 29

from China


Leisto Industrial Co., Ltd

Soldering Tips:- Leisto Industrial Co., Ltd is dedicated in producing and supplying soldering tips (for Hakko and Weller), soldering station, solder materials, automatic tape dispenser, ESD products and Cleanroom products.


Soldering Iron Tips:- Soldering Tips list - replacement soldering tips for HAKKO or Weller soldering station.


Weller Soldering Tips:- Weller soldering tips, Model: LT series soldering tip, NT series soldering tip, ET series soldering tip, PT series soldering tip, ST series soldering tip, CT series soldering tip, PL series soldering tip, XT series soldering tip.


Automatic Tape Dispenser:- List of automatic tape dispensers.Tape dispensers can cut pressure sensitive tape to a predetermined length.


Automatic Screw Feeder:- Screw feeder is a small automation equipment that can arrange the screws to be in line so that can improve the work efficiency. The screw feeder is widely used in electronic industry. One machine can be applied to several specifications of screws.