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Lunavision   , 24

from Kingsville

Hi, my name is Risa. I'm adopted because my biological mother was an alcoholic and a drug addict. I was a failure to thrive child, but I'm here and I'm alive. I was 8 ounces 9 pounds when I was born-small like a "Barbie doll". That's how small I was! In preeschool, I threw up everytime because of the loud noises. I overcame this. My hospital name is Iesha. This name is Arabic and American meaning "alive, she who lives." My Mom says it's an African-American name. My name was changed to Risa because I couldn't say Iesha. Risa is a French name that means "thinker". I underwent therapy at Rainbow's Babies and Childrens Hospital in Cleveland, OH. One day I was rushed by helicopter to the ER because I had RVS. RVS is a lung disease that almost killed me. Le Luna helped me and now I'm here today. I was adopted at age 6 years old. I had therapy in the hospital for a while. Therapy dogs came and visited me when I felt bad. Later on in life I was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, Asperger's Disorder, and high-level functioning autism because of what my biological mother did.

Part of one of my disorders is I don't make sense in my sentences. Instead, I put down what makes sense to me. I am not what you think-an autistic child who doesn't know anything or doesn't know how to do stuff or makes funny noises or rocks back and forth. I can function like a normal person can. I can learn horseback riding like a normal person can. I can do everything a normal person can do. I'm normal in my own unique way.

From researching the little I know about my biological family, and with the help of my dear best friend from our second local church, Ido know what my ethnicity is. My ethnicity is 90% Northern French, 10% Northern German, 10% Northern Irish (Tempo, Finistere, Isle of Man), 10% English (Pevensey, England), and 10% Scottish.

Favorite horse sport(s): Dressage; Classical Dressage; Haute École.

Favorite language(s): French; Spanish.

Favorite colors: Brown, Tan, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Marroon.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini-Cancer Cusp

Celtic Zodiac Signs: Rowan-The Thinker; Ash-The Enchanter; Hazel-The Knower; Ivy-The Survivor and the Reed-The Inquisitor.

Egyptian Zodiac Signs: Anubis; Set (or Seth); Bastet.

Chinese Zodiac Signs: Sheep/Ram/Goat.

Japanese Zodiac Signs:  Water (90%)/Fire (10%).

Hindu Zodiac Sign: Revati (nakshatra).

I am reserved in nature (depends on what I'm reserved about at the time), imaginative, creative, cheerful, independent, very capable, extremely sensitive, fond of wealth, honor and publicity. I "go with the flow" sometimes (depending if it goes with my schedule(ing) or not). I have anger issues due to my biological family historical background. I can control my anger issues.