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Nicolette , 24

from Barberton

If you meet me in person for the first time,
the first thing you'll notice is that I LOVE to talk, and I'm passionate about what I say.
I smile ALL the time, and giggle like c-r-a-z-y. ♥

My name is NICOLE, Nicole-Monique.
You might wanna remember that when I become famous. ♥

Couple things you should know about me;

I'm cuter in pictures rather in person. >>;
I consider myself to be Pansexual.
I use song-lyrics to describe my moods.
I'm the kind of person who's not afraid to speak her mind-
Despite what people think.
I sometimes come off as a bit insensitive, but that's totally not the case.
I figure, you only have one life, So...I'ma try and make the best of it.
I stopped caring about what people think about me since HighSchool.
My weakness &&my strength is that I'm overly sensitive, and care too much.
I don't trust easily, and I tend to be a bit of a control freak.
I'm learning to find happiness in the little things,
because if not, how can I expect to find them in the big?
I have a short temper, and tend to snap at people.
I'm a tree huggin', animal lovin', people cuddin' kinda girl&& I'm okay with that. ♥
I love blasting music through my headphones.
Books make me happy. 
Everything about me is a contradiction.
I never really know what I want, so please don't ask.
I'm sort of a perfectionist.
My sense of fashion is out of this world.
I'm what you'd call a closet nerd/geek/otaku.
&& go by 'M e r u'
I love laying in the grass and looking up at the sky.
I'm also a furry, but I'm not a weirdo.
I have 5 close friends in my life.
I'm not a desperate girl, thinking she can't live without a 'man'
Because I can't live without ONE man,. 
Jesus. ♥
I'm a beautiful, confident, amazing girl inside and out. &&I don't need penis to convenience me otherwise.
I'm the kind of person who A-L-W-A-Y-S see the good in people.
&&I make up excuses for peoples wrong-doings.
I love it, when guys kiss my hands, and I'm a bit old-fashioned.
Fall is my favorite time of year.
&& I love the sunsets it has.
I'm not a day dreamer, I'm a day do-er.
I love singing,.
I tend to plan things YEARS in advance.
I still have a stuffed animal I sleep with :] #ILY WizChan ♥
I'm totally obsessed with Astrology.
I'm the most shy-outgoing person you'll ever meet.

♥ Adore me && I'll adore you. ♥

Nicole ♥