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Unbroken_-_   , 23

from Stay Strong


 Hey Princesas♥ Yo soy Demi Lovato:) You guys are my whole life and I wanna thank you for everything:) I hate doing my page but I have to^^ So:) I don't wanna say much about my movies or from where you maybe know me:) I'm just an ordinary girl and you should treat me like one♥ I just need my family,friends,fans and RedBull *-* the short way FFFR ;D I know I'm cool but no matter :D I'm often drunk from Red Bull and I think that makes me much cooler^^ :D no? Shut up I'm cool! I hope you know that saying 'Stay Strong' no it's not from me:) But I just wanna say you guys that you should never give up! Just remember: 'No es para tanto' ♥ You earn everything in life you just want! Don't stop dreaming! You are beautiful on your own way:D Should I write more? I think the most of you guys don't reed it but it looks not as good as I wanted it soow leggo: Logan♥ Should I say more? This world is like god in my ears*-* You are the only one I want and I'm glad that we are such good friends too♥ I love you so much and I never let you go:* Selena♥ Are you kidding me? You deleted your acc? I miss you and I need you here:* New year's eve was the best anyway:) everything is wonderful with you♥ Miley my wonderwoman: You are so strong you you are so unbelievable pretty! I love the way you think and you are:* You are special and be forever you♥ because then you are the best Miley you could be and I need♥ I love you so much♥ Taylor: say whaat?! Babe you so so good to me♥ can't say more than I love you babe..best parts in my life*-* Nooow Cody: My future husband and my DJ!*-* Babe our Kwick time was legendary! Te amo♥ DJ dmez is just owned by you lil' crazy guy:* Jaden: You are a little cute and rude cutie♥ haha :) be strong! Bella! You are my only little sister:* You make me smile..in everything you do you are just beautiful♥ I feel good in my skin:) and you should do it too♥