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angel84_forever , 30

from Lake Linden



It's almost time

My science teacher died in June after school ended. Now we have to go back to the school and pass his classroom everyday. I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle it though. He was my high school bowl coach and National Honors Society advisor. My teacher taught us a lot of important stuff and now we have to try going forward with our lives even though school is done after this year it doesn't seem right that he's not going to be there.

Why do other pick on me?

Sometimes I wish others would stop picking on me. If it's not for my weight or how I look it's for my grades. Today some people told me "I thought you were supposed to be smart" That's a whole lot of bull. I am smart. I just don't study as hard as some other people do so what that's my choice. I don't think anyone has the right to pick on me. I normally don't listen to it because I don't believe it's true. Plus they must have a low opinion of themselves if they have to pick on me! I've done nothing to them really I've just kept being me as it should be. Who care what they think but sometimes it kinda hurts. It also stinks when other girls are telling me I flirt with some guys and want some guy when that girl flirts a lot and probably has problems herself. Anyone have an answer why people pick on each other? The world could be better if they didn't.

Hmmm to like or not to like

I like Vic alot he's great. The only problem is he's 2 years younger. Why is it I like a younger guy again. Why can't he be my age. I wish he was. It would be so much easier. Then I could date him or something. SOME ONE HELP!

Dumping My online BF

I actually did it. I'm actually shocked I did it. I never expected me to do it. He actually didn't care either. So now I could date a guy at my school if I wanted too it's a weird feeling.


I get so bored sometimes with life. It's just boring at times. My life is ok at times but not always. Why is that?