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artpzxr , 70

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The Incredible points to stimulate your personal video.

1) Connect with Investors personally is easy pizy! Search for them on LinkedIn!… Go to ‘People Search', put the keyword, select the location where you want your investor to be from and Search for them! Once you find them, you can connect with them and send messages. Once you establish communication, you can get the ball rolling!

 2) Get Noticed with Online Press-Releases. There are paid press releases sites and there are free once. I suggest using both. This creates your online profile. You can use them to highlight achievements and initiatives of your business. When investors are looking for opportunities, your well established online profile will be of help. This will also help you to ‘get found' by investors and potential customers online.

3) Pitch to world wide Angle Investors and Venture Capital Firms using YouTube Videos! You may or may not be aware but, some smart businesses are using YouTube to pitch to investors already?

YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. So why not give your pitch there? You may not get appointment or time easily with many venture capital firms or angel investors. But hey, what is the probability of you finding them LinkedIn and sending the link of your YouTube Video and them actually looking at it? I would say higher then getting meeting or time in person! You can optimise the YouTube videos so that they appear in search engines and that will help you to get noticed quickly! Believe it or not, Online Investor Marketing is going to rapidly evolve. It is already being used by intelligent businesses to attract investors. Are you up for it?