1. kiwibox Revolutions: New is Always-better!

    Sit back and enjoy the ride through the new realms.

    Just not in the mood? Do not worry, you can always start again in the navigation.

  2. Express Elevator

    Clicking takes you up to the top again. In addition, a menu with many useful links opens if you hover your mouse over it.

  3. All-that-the-heart-desires-bar

    Friends, Messages and Notifications can be found here and accessed directly.

    If you think there is something better, there is not, not even eggs and bacon are so good.

  4. Dude where are my options?

    Simply move the mouse over a post and the options appear.

    There you will find the settings for your streams.

  5. Compact and tidy

    Anything That once occupied a lot of space on your page can now be found in the super module. Have fun exploring!


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