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Interview With Paul Rone-Clarke

We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to have an interview with Paul Rone-Clarke from has rapidly become the authority for Ultimate Demon. Here is the transcript of that interview was carried out yesterday, and looks in detail at the way that search engine optimisation is progressing and what we should expect in 2014 and beyond.

Bernard: Hi Paul, thanks volunteering to be interviewed. Straightaway I'd like to ask how you manage to be the only websites in the history of search engine optimisation to become an absolute authority on one particular application. Was it something you set out to do?

Paul Rone-Clarke: I'm a great believer in only supporting products I use myself. I have a number of servers and Ultimate Demon is being used on 24 /7 but all ways in an entirely white hat and ethical link building manner. I noticed that the developers own tutorials do not go into great depth as far as the actual search engine optimisation methods that Ultimate Demon can employ. The tally which buttons to press and where to cut and paste your content etc, but they don't really get under the heart of it and show you how to apply that to the best practice of SEO as it stands in late 2013.

Bernard: And this is where you come in?

Paul Rone-Clarke: Absolutely, my aim is to improve people's understanding of how effective link building should be carried out in these post-Penguin days. Context, social signals and relevance of playing an ever more important role stop while some people are managing to game the system at the moment we paid links, this is always a huge risk as it is well known that Google are actively searching for these sites and when they find they de-indexed them en masse. Sites that use is paid links won't just get a mild slap, the chances are they will be sandbox or de-indexed. Most people in business do not want to take that risk. It could happen today, in three months or in a year. But it will happen. Ultimate Demon gets round this issue by providing users with effective ways of syndicating high-quality content to make effective and relevant links to their website. This is the method I promote.

Bernard: Thanks very much real-time.