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    If you think there is something better, there is not, not even eggs and bacon are so good.

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  5. Dude where are my options?

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candywrapper   , 19

from Given city is invalid.


schoolwork. and satisfaction.

finally. we got our report cards today. whew. i got pretty high grades, and im also an honor pupil in the second quarter(yay). but mom wasnt satisfied enough of my grades*sigh*. but dad is.

Me and Myself. Today. :)

okay. im just a girl that loves music and books. im an hohnor student in my school, too, and part of our own glee club. but lately, i've not been myself. it's just so hard, coping up with all the school work and the various production the choir is up to. but good thing, theres my friends. they always stand up for me when somebody is driving me nuts. and at least mom isnt bugging me. yay. 4.gif