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dudleycut7   , 44

from Anchorage


Exclusive. Garment Racks How do I get

5901491563145310886.jpg My best friend Sally told me about the Prince Hanger site and how great the clothes hangers were.

I must admit I was skeptical. But I still went to have a look and I ought to say I was surprised. I live in a reasonably small apartment and something of my main challenges has always been where to hang, stack and store my clothes. I like my clothes and I don't mind spending several extra dollars to purchase stylish and attractive shirts, suits and pants.

So I visited Prince Hanger not necessarily too sure what I would find - except of course that Sally said the the clothes hangers were out with this world.

What I absolutely failed to expect was how trendy these hangers are. I bought the Deluxe Pants & Shelf Hanger and I love it. How can you love a clothes hanger? Well here was one thing for me. Because my Pants and suits and shirts are typical now nicely organised and hung properly and also, since I love my clothes, my bedroom moved from being untidy to being super well organised. And having my clothes hanging is nearly like a piece of art to me.

It's like a bonus for me personally. I get to find out my clothes properly hung and displayed daily. My regret is my bedroom is only big enough for just one hanger. And needless to say more hangers will mean more beautiful clothes!

Whoever designed theses hangers should get a medal. I am so happy that I have inked what my buddy Sally did: I have told others about Prince Hanger.

To me within my appratment this kind of seemingly straight forward item being a clothing rack has brought me such happiness. It is right what folks say concerning the simple things in daily life. I never imagined I would recommend a clothes hanger to anyone - but all hangers are not the same.