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Cazgar 31


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I can't abide bad manners & it seems some people hav forgotten that this site is not run by robots, but by real people.Good manners cost nothing, so when asking questions of the staff or helpers, a please & thank you is not too much to ask.Remember this site is run for you to enjoy, so appreciate the time the staff spend on making it a fun place to be

ArtsyAlex 21


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I agree Arceli! The staff is great at kiwibox! :)

love the life you live, live the life you love.

Araceli92 22


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:) kiwibox is awesome!

Ps_ily 23


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LOL. Agreed.

Chibi_hitokiri 26


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How about if I ask nicely?

Games back please? I don't need points, I just want the games back <333

Purplestarss 21


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Post from Khayos 27 :
Good advice.I work front desk at a hotel. I'm more likely to go above and beyond for the people with good manners.If you're being rude, I'm not going to go out of my way for you. If you tip, I'll do back flips haha.
We need to cut Mike some slack especially if he is the only one running this site lol

Mike 37


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Susan and the rest of the posters are 100% correct. I do work my butt off on Kiwibox, it is the only thing i do for a living, and have been here since day one. that being said, everyones opinion and happiness is important, and everyone can voice their opinion, and we will listen. this site is for you guys, we are here to give you guys a fun safe place to relax and write and play.regarding money from advertising, the reality is that is how we make the money to keep the site alive and running for you guys, and to be able to send prizes and such. and the sad truth is that because of the bad economy and advertising taking a huge hit, we have actually had to let a lot of our staff go recently. you can probably notice this in the lack of new content (which Bianca and I are working to change with the help of some interns and old school writers from back in the day), and also site bugs (such as KiwiPoints the most obvious one), because we could not afford to keep the editors or programmers). so in terms of rolling in money, that is FAR from the truth.our coders are now in germany, so it has been a slow transition, which i appologize for. most of the site transitioned pretty smoothly, however there is some weird bug with the points, that was hard coded to our servers here, and the new technology people cant figure out how to make it work on their servers. and since this is some super technical stuff, not as easy as me going in there and flipping some switches, or this would have been fixed may 23rd, the day after it just know that i am on the case guys, and as people have said before, i will do something sweet for all the gamers, to make up for all the days the mean time, go explore the rest of the site, make some qbooks, journals, watch some videos, make some friends. and just smile huge and have fun.any problems send them to Susan, and know that we are working hard to fix the points issue, and we realize how important that is to all you guys.much love and aloha to all,mike

Susan 32


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Mike works his butt off - and I can't even attempt to express what he's done that goes completely unnoticed. We talk regularly - this site is his #1 priority, no doubt.

Cosasqueson 27


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Agreed with Susan. The comments on my profile include a *personal* message from Mike letting me know I should try to put a profile picture up again after I'd had trouble with it when 2.0 was new. Until you can point me to another site where you can expect that kind of attention from the person at the top, trevorsfrochick, I think you're being pretty unreasonable. Mike doesn't just work hard to make the site run smoothly, he's on here routinely letting people know what's going on, often personally. If you don't think the Kiwibox staff have been working to make the site run better, you've been ignoring their routine posts to the contrary.

Susan 32


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Actually trevorsfrochick - you're in no place to speak about how much they make versus how much the staff is paid. So unless you're sitting there in the main office and have first hand experience of all the EXPENSES as well, that comment is unnecessary. And secondly, "but I do think that when people complain the site should try and fix whatever is wrong/make it better." - Mike IS trying. It's not like he's sitting there giggling that people aren't happy. Unhappy people leave, clearly the opposite of what they want. He is trying.