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Biggest Loser

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Babe09 31


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Biggest Loser is a exercise show on tv that helps people to drop weight and change there lives.

Cassidydarren 25


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Arnoldflores 24


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How To Lose Weight In 10 Days?


Kyle Leon

Arnoldflores 24


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Post from Babe09 31 :
Biggest Loser is a exercise show on tv that helps people to drop weight and change there lives.

Yes absolutly right and i share another link helps people to drop weight without any side effect woth 100% Money back guarantee visit famous fitness trainer Kyle Leon official webpage drop your weight gurantee.


Klauren2 25


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I really like watching this show too... I don't know why, maybe I just like watching people fight really hard and meeting some long awaked goals.

Dustysgurl4eva 31


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I like this show and watching all the people progress each week. It motivates me to want to lose weight as well and follow along. The tapes help sometimes too. But it's hard to stick to something if you don't have a buddy saystem. Hope this show comes back on Tv again.

R3an1mat0r 28


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I like the concept of this show which is to promote weightloss, but at the same time, it seems to make it like a gimick. Weightloss is pretty serious for health so making it a gameshow makes it seem less important. In general, try to lose weight if you're really heavy. It'll help you live a longer and generally higher quality life.

Hedi01 30


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Ps_ily 23


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Celticknot56 31


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I auditioned for this when they came to Charlotte a few months ago.  I got past the 1st level of auditions but during level 2 I wasn't past the minimum weight limit