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hokielush   , 28

from Houston


fashion contest, come join, task one up

I’ve decided to start a new fashion contest. I love doing them but most of the ones I join end up abandoned. This one will be kind of fast paced. Try to get the tasks done on time, but I understand that everyone gets busy sometimes. The person with the most points total at the end of the last task wins. I’ll also be choosing a personal favorite of each task and you’ll get 10 points for that. I don’t know how many tasks there will be exactly yet, but they’ll come every 3-5 days, or as soon as everybody gets them done.

[bgcolor=lime green][color=white]***Also, for this contest, you can use polyvore to do your tasks. It's really easy to use and it's pretty addicting. You definitely don't have to use it but it's fun to play around on. If you do use it, you can link directly to the whole picture but also include a link to the page.[/color][/bgcolor]

No real rules, just fill out this form and remember to subscribe![/color]

Journal URL:

[bgcolor=lime green][color=white]

Task 1 - ( /120)

Task 1 - ( /120)

Task 1 - ( /120)
Tasks are in a separate journal. The password is fc. Task 1 is up and due Monday, October 27.

Click here for task one