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Celebrities Playing Hide And Seek With The Paparazzi!

8/20/2013 12:50 PM ET | Filed under: Photos! Who is that raven-haired celeb, you ask?? It might be hard to tell behind the strategically placed pillow, but it happens to be a rarely shy Katy Perry! Guess she wasn't up for a good roar after a long flight! LOLz!

Kim Kardashian to Join Five Other Celebrities Who Ate Their Placenta?

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Facebook is testing out a mobile feature for VIPs only according to AllThingsD The tool would make it easier for the famous to talk to fans through the social network Twitter is already very popular with celebrities and their handlers (CNN) -- Poor, poor celebrities. It's probably overwhelming to be famous and on Facebook. The volume of posts, comments, likes and mentions on any given day is vastly higher for well-known people than it is for mere mortals. web link Getting a grasp on the quick-moving chatter and knowing when to speak up takes effort. Facebook is working on a new mobile tool that would make it easier for the VIPs to slog through the noise and better communicate with their fans, according to a report from AllThingsD.

LFW 2013: Celebrities Walk For Manish Malhotra

Perhaps its because we dont have a royal family to fuss over and we regard celebrities as some kind of royalty. In the golden age of Hollywood there were certainly actors or singers that were worthy of the attention, but probably because they conducted themselves in a regal and appropriate kim kardashian photoshoot manner. Today everyone wants their chance at fame or at least the 15 minutes they believe theyre entitled to. This is probably what makes reality and game shows popular at least on the level of participation. Lines for an audition often go around the block just for their chance at furthering their career. Some even will audition every year for the same show. Too many times we become bombarded with contestants, judges and people in general who are just so annoying.


12 Celebrities Still Going Strong In Their 80s

Lara Dutta and Neha Dhupia however decided to wear western outfits and looked fab on the ramp. Here is a list of all the celebrities who graced the opening day of Lakme Fashion Week 2013 for Manish Malhotra. Celebrities kim kardashian shoe collection At Manish Malhotra's LFW Opening Show: LFW 2013: Celebrities Walk For Manish Malhotra 1/12 Jacqueline Fernandez The Sri Lankan beauty looked gorgeous in a bright pink coloured lehenga. The full-sleeve lehenga has golden work on it. LFW 2013: Celebrities Walk For Manish Malhotra 2/12 Nimrat Kaur Nimrat looks stunning in this printed light brown coloured sheer saree. It was teamed up with a golden sequin blouse and matching clutch.

Facebook plans private tool for celebrities

3. Mayim Bialik Like Alicia worldstarhiphop kim kardashian Silverstone the Blossom and Big Band Theory actress is another new age earth mother. She believes in the benefits of breast feeding and came under criticism for breast feeding her son until he was almost four years-old.she is also a proponent for mothers eating their own placenta. In a blog post, entitled Youre Not Gross, she talks about other actresses who have eaten their placenta and been slammed for it. She has done her own slamming of folks who are against the practice.

The 10 most annoying celebrities who should just go away

Michael Caine At age 80, Michael Caine doesn't seem like he's looking to end his career any time soon. Although Caine has been acting for six decades, he still wants to keep working and will be starring in three movies next year. Christopher Plummer Here's a man who hasn't let age hold him down. Plummer is the second oldest Oscar winner after Charlie Chaplin. Debbie Reynolds At 82, Reynolds published her tell all biography Unsinkable.