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joeyeddie42   , 34

from Waterbury State of Vermont


EZ Fundraising

We must always get wiser as fundraisers, considering that before long we will not have people or donors to give support to our endeavors. I don't know whether you've observed, but lots of people are just not as delighted any more to contact friends and family to give support to their causes. A reason for this is, the rejection. Frequently this is from selling incorrect products as well as having too too many events every year but most of all not providing bonuses. And so this all comes from launching with the wrong products, hosting lots of fundraising events in a year and last of all not giving your participants with an incentive.

Kudos to those groups which do provide perks, however, many of them are not giving advancement incentives. See, nearly all groups will provide the highest producer the best gift and then follow that up with presents for those second, third and 4th place high sellers. But what about everybody else that kicked butt? Let's now look at all of the other people that worked as hard. Productive fund-raising programs nowadays are designed to award every person that hits a specific target goals. Plus as people reach top goals everyone at that point will get a gift also. This is a method of getting all of your supporters enthusiastic about their work.

If you want additional info regarding fund raising ideas take a look at this site: School Fundraising Ideas