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Its been like a year huh

Man, its been awhile since Ive gotten on this site. Soo much has changed on this site. I cant even figure it out. But I found my journal page and Im here. Mike and I were able to move forward from our difficult summer. I still have my days where I am confused and hurt by everything that happened. I still feel at times that I wasnt told the whole truth about it. But even with feeling that way I still dont want to be with anyone else, I still love him deeply and so I move forward from it. In feb we celebrated 5 years being married by renewing our vows and commitments and having a 2nd wedding. We had wanted to do this for the longest time since we had only had a small court house ceremony the first time around. We had it at my church and I got to wear the big prety dress. It was a snowflake theme and it was just beautiful. After everything we went thru it really felt good to be able to do that again. Mike ended up not having to deploy. He stayed back on "rear-d" and continues to work on the Honor Guard team at Riverside National Cemetary. Our boys are now almost 5 and 2 and a half. Mikey started kindergarten (he did head start last year) and has already been student of the month and gets to have lunch with his principal. Nicky is... always going to be Nicky. He can be cool calm and quiet one second and the very next bouncing off the walls getting into things and making me crazy. Hes def the ring leader out of the 2. Bc his birthday is in Jan he still has 2 years b4 he can start any kind of school unless its like a daycare. Which is fine bc I still wont be working for awhile. As a matter of fact Im pregnant again. This was a HUGE surprise for me. Im only 24 and didnt intend on having this many kids. I was actually in process of finding a DR to tie up my tubes since not all will do it with my age. I had come off birth control bc it was suggested that I see how well I handled periods with out the extra hormones bc provided and we were using protection and being careful to not "do it" when I was ovulating but it still happened. I guess its just meant to be? I find out tuesday what I am having. I would love to have a girl, however with the way this family is Im pretty sure its going to be another boy. Everything else in my life pretty much remains the same. My mother an sister and father are still going around in circles. He no longer lives with them and shes pretty much grown a little back bone and doesnt let him just come around whenever or give him money. Hes supposedly trying to get his life together but none of us believe that. My mother still talks of moving out here. Now she says shes going to come around tax time.. when she has the money to move. Idk I doubt that will ever happen and I dot think I really care anymore either. Ive gotten used to life with out my own family and just having Mikes. It would be kind of strange to have to share holidays and what not. But were good. So thats all that matters. Me the boys the baby and Mike are all good. Now Im just waiting on him to get home. He had to go to Camp San Luis Obsibo today for a phyiscal and what nots and my kids are spending the weekend with grandma and Im totally bored out of my mind.
I have myspace, facebook and twitter if you wanted to keep up with me there.. but I think I might try to come back here again and blog. I stopped blogging last year when Mike and I went thru everything and its weird.. like I dont know how anymore. I got to the point where I didnt know what to say anymore and I didnt kno what I was thinking and I was tired of thinking.. But here are some pics that you may have missed in my absence.. may? more like have bc Im lazy and forgetful

I have no idea why he made this face lol

Nicky @ 2 years and 8 months old

Mikey 16 days away from 5 years old and getting his first award in school

facebook u can find me under Christian Marcelletta or twitter kristchun

Remember me?

Hi! I know its been quite awhile for me. Things have been pretty crazy. I found out in May that Mike is deploying to Kosovo and since its just been down hill. We went thru a very rough patch and seperated although it didnt last long and came very close to divorcing bc of just alot of junk and crap but ya know we've gotten better and I choose to believe him. Im trying to move forward. The boys are getting very big. Mikey will be 4 in October and starting school at the end of the month. Nicky is just into everything still and just a handful. They are really good though. Im preparing for Mike to leave in Nov. He will be in Northern Cali for a month and then from Dec to end of Jan he will be in Indiana and then going to Kosovo. He will be there till end of Nov 09. Its going to be very hard but Im sure Ill survive... I got to !! Im hoping to start cosemetology school in Jan and get my esthician license/ degree. We will see what happens. Things are pretty good now. Like i said it was rough there for a little while but now we are moving forward. Im healing.

Pics of my xmas my kiddos my puppy and my woes

Im not really sure what the heck I clicked but I lost my entry. God does that suck. And I was almost done. Geeze. Ok well I guess Ill go ahead and put up the pics first seeing as how thats what I was doing anyways. I will do the journal entry later.

This is our Dog Snowflake. Shes almost 3 months old. She was born 9-22 shes a terrier mix. We think with poodle we arent sure neither is the momma owner.

They are already best friends

These are my decorations and my tree

This is my dining room you can see all the dec's that Mikeys made for me

& this is a close up of my fav thing. My oil burning gingerbread house that kathy got me last year. it even is gingerbread scented! so yummy! Can you see the smoke coming out of the chimney?

This is mine and teh boys holiday photo. Daddy couldnt be in it bc he had to take the pic of course.

Nicky examining the ornaments

My little reindeer

Brotherly love

Mikey making decorations fro Grandmas house and ours

So things are going good. Basically the same. Last night we went to the store and on the way there, I seen a street of houses that were literally so lit up that they had to have been able to be seen from space. I swear. I cannot wait to post the pics of that! Its crazy there were at the least 10 houses maybe 15 that all were Deco'd out and lit the eff up. It was insane. Mikey enjoyed seeing those and so did Nick. Nicky was doing his usual I hate life cry bc his car seat exsist and he stopped as soon as we got over there and as soon as he didnt see lights anymore he started back. It was beautiful to though. I cant imagine there electric bill. Hell my reg bill is 75 bucks so Im barely running my lights! In fact let me go turn some off now. The boys have both had there breakfast and played. Nicky is now taking his nap and Mikey is watching a movie. After that we may do some crafts or something. I really need to change the frogs water I still havent done it and I need to change the guineas cage. That reminds me.

Im still waiting on Mike to make up his mind. He was at the point where he wanted to just go and do it. And then he was like idk again. I understand it all. I mean its a hard decsion to make. This unit he is in now is really good. They are nothing like what he expeirenced in Ft. Benning. He doesnt want that to change and end up with a bunch of idiots or assholes. And I get that. The AGR job we wont find out about till Feb and now the Honor Guard has let us know that they have 90 days to increase there numbers or they will have to let ppl go bc they are $850 grand in hole. My thinking of course is they would let the 2 new guys go first and then some of the part time. Thats just how Id think ya know. But I guess waiting till Feb to find out about the AGR spot going ahead and going to AIT with Nat'l Guard isnt so bad. The 90 days will almost be up and hed know if they have increased any and hopefully wed get the process done and finished. The only thing is Mike AIT will go over his orders for Honor guard so when he gets back if he doesnt have the AGR spot then we'd be out of a job unless the Honor Guard was able to take him back. Until Mike did get the papers situated and he got off to where ever hed be stationed. Mike is considering keeping this job and bla bla whatever. If he goes to AIT hed keep this job when he went active is what I mean. Its confusing. I dont want to be like Look Just Do This. This is his career and hed never make me choose like that. I know what seems like would be best for our family at this point. Just go active now. He wants to do it anyways bc he wants to go career and there is really no retirement if he did 20 years with the guard at least with the army theres a decent retirement. Its all so confusing. Also a concern of mine (this is what made me think of all that that I just typed now we are back to the guinea) If Mike does AIT with the Nat'l Guard we will not get paid BAH so we will be able to have orders to get out of our lease. Which is great bc I hate the area. I dont feel safe esp safe enough to be here alone for almost 6 weeks straight. But Id have to get rid of my guinea pig. Im prolly going to have to get rid of her anyways bc I dont if she could handle a move an being in a car being bounced around that long. Doesnt seem right esp with how timid she is. There would be NO room for her at my inlaws which is where Id end up staying. But also Im not sure if she would let me keep my dog. She has made it clear she doesnt want another dog around and when we lived with them before and we had our dog from GA she didnt want him around either. MY dog wears a diaper. (I dont want her peeing and pooping and the kids getting into it. Plus we cant have pets so she cant go outside till the office closes since we are right next to it so we take her out in the AM and as soon as they leave) She doesnt have accidents in the house bc of this. She tells me when she has to go in the evenings shes a small little lap dog she she wont be in the way and I can keep her from the other dogs by putting her in my room. But my point is I refuse to loose my dog. I will not do it. I love my little dog. We finally have a dog (if she will stop chewing on my chair right now lol) that fits into our family that likes us and Mikey is super attatched already. I just wont. Whatever. Now if Mike joined the ARMY and went to AIT we would get housing still. We wouldnt have to get out of the lease till it was time for us to move to Mikes new base. Now I dont like being here but if I have to and Im paying for it I will and Ill suck it up. I can spend a few days at a time with my dog down there and not be living there ya know? So Idk. Im still stuck that I need to let him decide on his own even if I want to scream HELLO! lol. This is his career not mine. Im still torn that we will be leaving the only family we have. There will not ever be anyone to watch the kids unless we pay a sitter and then how do you know who to trust? You can go thru an agency sure but how do you know its ok? Grr. But whatever.

Now that Im done complaining I really have nothing else to say lol. Im so excited for friday. I am going to my first SAHM Playdate with the boys. We are meeting at the mall here and going to see santa and all hang out. That should be fun. Plus sat we are going to see if Joe will watch Mikey while Mike Nicky and I go Christmas shopping. Im still not decided what to get the boys. They each get one more single gift a few stocking stuffers and one maybe two joint gifts and def a few outfits. Nicky almost has nothing winter wise to wear! Its also time for me to start thinking about Nicky 1st bday party. The 23rd it will be one month exactly away. Thats crazy. It doesnt seem real. Anyways. For family we will get my MIL and FIL something hopefully a joint gift if we can think of something good. Jeff and Tasha since there having a baby together now qualify for one joint gift and joey something. We can send Melissa and Aaron something later when we have more money and the Same with my sister and mom even though hopefully those boots will still be onsale and they will have them in there size. In that case Ill get them now and just ship later. Im not getting steven anything bc I dont even know if he is going to show up. No one has heard from him in 3 months. He came over washed his car and then left didnt say a word to anyone. So whatever. I feel bad for kathy and joe that he can be like that. I just dont get it. My mother and I have been thru hell and back and I still show her the respect to check on her let her know we are ok. And even through it all I cant see myself never talking to her again shes my mom. Just bc they dont agree with stevens lifestyle doesnt mean he should act the way he does. And its not the gay part theres a problem with. Its the complete disreguard for rules and laws the carelessness and just not caring. sigh
Tomorrow I have wic and Im going to be spending the day with kathy. At laest some of it. Im going to try to get them to finally come over an eat this chicken I have to cook. Im also going to make some potatoe soup. I think. I have like 10 lbs of potatoes Ive got to do something with!
Ok gonna go Ive written enough. Kisses![/bg]

maybe moving soon

Its been awhile I suppose. I keep telling myself that I need to get on here more, but I just never do. Lets see whats new with us? Everything is always a constant roller coaster for us of course. I dont know if when that will ever change. And it always has to do with money. Its strange. The military screwed us over with a loop hole and telling us one thing but doing another and lieing. But whats new? Thats what our goverment does. And we are about to get even deeper involved. Mikes orders with the honor guard end March 31st so we want to be prepared. We wont find out about the active duty guard position till feb now so mike just asked his NCO if he would set up and sign the release forms so that mike can just go active duty army.He thankfully said yes. So here we go. We are starting the process. Mike isnt sure if he wants to keep the job he has now. He hasnt even been trained yet so the option is open for him to change jobs. He is considering a few. Diver, firefighter and what he is now electrician. Who knows what he will pick. Im leary of the diver school bc its 9 months long :( Wed be apart for a long time. But I mean if thats what he wants to do I am not going to keep him from it no matter how long it takes. So who knows when I will be out of here but it could be as soon as this coming spring or fall. While he is gone I do want to go home for a little bit. If for some reason we arent being paid BAH I will go home for a few months. If we are it will only be a few weeks. So thats whats coming up for us.
I am getting ready for christmas. I have my place all decorated and such. Weve baked cookies and all. Christmas isnt going to be very full, but I suppose now is the time to start teaching that anyways. This is not about presents. I m ean they have a few things and they really dont need alot anyways. Ive got 200 bucks to do christmas with for the whole family. Dollar store here i come lol I wish theyd just do a secret santa swap that be so much easier on us all. But of course kathy will have none of it.
Mikey is ok, he has a little attitude problem I know its the age but I also know that it is his surroundings. alot of what he does is what his uncle says/ does. The move will help that I hope. Nicky is good. Still not walking and hes almost 11 months old. Its a big change from mikey. But I have to remember all kids are different. Nicky does some things that mikey didnt do such as constantly all day babble lol
So anyways thats whats up here! OH WAIT we got a cute little puppy finally a dog that is fitting in with us and perfectly Ill have to post pics soon take care everyone

Hi its me, Neighboorhood Shootings Military woes and the kids of course

Hey yall! I bet you werent expecting me to pop back in till next month huh? Well Im here. Lets see whats new in the house of lollypops? Um our guniea pig hates us. He or she cant quite figure that out, doesnt want to be socialable (sp) Im told the fix for that is to get him a companion. Sigh. More poop to clean. Oh well.

So um lets see, the boys are the boys. Nicky has 2 teeth an more are vigorously trying to come in, which makes for alot of diapers. Mikey is just Mikey. Theres really not a direct way to describe him. He is still so smart it amazes me, but I just wish hed eat his veggies. We have always fought over food.

Mike is good. We are still working on the Active Guard spot. Hopefully it comes in soon. He was supposed to get a promotion, he has been at his rank a year an a half but bc hes only been back enlisted 6 months its requriing alot of paperwork and waivers to get it going. They say we should have it by next month though, Im not getting my hopes up. The gracious military pay system has made this month hard. At first they were telling us wed have our housing pay on the 15th, sadly that didnt happen instead what they did was not pay us at all and say wed get reg pay on the 19th. Fat chance bc they changed that again an we arent getting paid till the 21st :( that also pushed back our back pay for our housing till possibly Dec 15th and they arent even sure if thats going to happen. We may have to postpone christmas a few weeks. Thankfully the boys do not understand dates yet. That really annoys me.

In other news the wonderful apartment we are living had a shooting on Monday. Yes you read right a shooting. Right next to our building. And surprisingly enough to me, not one person acted shocked. I know we always hear sirens and low flying choppers but I didnt think it was that bad. It was a freaking drive by! And this isnt LA no where near LA! I had heard Mo Val was bad but wow. Get this. It took 20 minutes for the cops and emts to get here! We arent out in the sticks! In mid to late october a drunk driver ran into our building and knocked the stairs off a neighbors apartment balcony to. Mike is seeing if he can get orders to move. I cant take the kids out to even play its to dangerous. If we cant move I def wont be able to stay here the 6 weeks that Mike is going to MO for training. No way. i dont want to live with ppl but I dont want to be in danger and I feel in danger. This was in broad daylight! At noon and no one was in panic mode no one was shocked every one was calm its freaky.!
What else do I have to say? Oh Saturday I am making a thanksgiving dinner for the inlaws and us they are coming over. I cant wait this will be the first time we did something like that. Ive cooked turkeys with mike before but never for anyone but us! And we get to keep the left overs!!! On thanksgiving day we will go to san diego to see Mikes grandparents like usual. Thats an all day thing. We are planning to go to Knotts Berry Farm on the 21st when we finally get paid. There admission is free to service members and veterans and one guest till the 22nd and up to 6 other ppl get in for 12 bucks we are hoping the inlaws will come but if not we are gonna see if the kids can just stay with them and just me and mike go. Like a date :) Im hoping the later is what works out haha we nevr do that!
So anyways Im gonna run nick is about to wake up and Mikey wants to go ride his atv but Im to scared to take them out so Ive got to come up with an activity or Mikeys going to be on my butt about the christmas tree. He would have had me put it up last week if I had let him, Hes crazy funny like that