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Hey there

I dont even Remeber the last time I wrote. I know its been awhile. So lets see whats going on here.

Mikey is now 3 years old. That doesnt seem real to me. It really doesnt seem like its been 3 years since I had him at all. Hes 28 lbs (Im told very underweight but all the guys in the fam are smaller Im not worried) Over 3 ft tall. He makes me very proud. Hes so smart hears and takes in everything like always.
Nicky is 9 months old, crawling with 2 teeth. Hes babbling all the time and super fast. He can pull up on almost anything and walk along side things as long as he has a good grip. Hes a chunker but I wont find out his weight till the end of the month.
Mikey and Nicky are the same. The getting along thing is going great on Nickys end. He tries to interact and play with Mikey, copies Mikey and chases after him. He thinks Mikey is the funniest thing on earth. Mikey does well most of the time which is an improvment. He plays a little to rough does a few mean things intentionally doesnt want to share most of his toys. Ive had Mikey go thru and re pick out the baby toys that the baby can play with and those are the share toys they play together with. And I try to tell Mikey if he doesnt want brother messing with the other toys to keep them up and put them away. That doesnt work well. Someone needs to re listen to the clean up song. OVer all I think hes adjusted more in the last month then he did the whole other 8 months weve had Nicky. Being on our own really helps.

We moved in here Oct 1st. The apartments cute. Small. But cute. Its nice being on our own again. Mike is in the honor guard for 6 months. He should be getting a promotion at drill this weekend. After he gets it, hes going to work on getting into recruiting. Thats what he says he wants to do now so that he can remain here in cali and be active duty nat'l guard. If he cannot get into that he will tranfer over to reg army and go active. I didnt want to stay in this apartment for a year if we had gotten orders we could move but whatever. Its all good

Mikey turned 3 on the 17th. We had a small party on the day of his bday where I cooked dinner and made a cake and had a few presents his grandparents came over. Then on the 27th we had a party at the inlaws with a jumper and her friends and more family. It was nice. The booger is so lucky and always gets so much stuff. But thats ok that just means I can take the older still new toys and donate them to the recent fire victims. (Which we have been safe from all except the severly bad air quality) Thats if I can find a place taking the donations. Everyone wants money or new toys. I realize everyone wants new stuff to but these littls kids affected have nothing now Im sure they dont mind some used toys. Well whatever. So he also got a guinea pig for his birthday. Its more like my guinea pig, but we say its his.

So yea what else to say? Im not really sure. That pretty much updates yall. Im gonna give you some pics :) arent I nice lol. My camera is now broken though so this will be the last Im able to use sigh.

2 little teeth

Brothers playing

See what I mean they can get a little rough

Just us

So its been a few days... ok more then a few days. Sigh. Life is just busy with the boys. Nothing else much is going on. We've been to sea world and done a charity walk for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of LA but thats about it. Mikes gig with the guard is done on friday. Monday he starts the honor guard. (thats the soldiers that do ceremonies and funerals) Its a 6 month deal. So we get full housing and stuff. After that Mike goes active. In Feb he will go and do his MOS training and be certified and shiz. For the mean time though we got an apartment. We dont move in till next wednesday though. Counting down the days of this slow slow week. The boys are doing good growing. They are handfuls. Nicky is crawling and now pulling up. Now that he can do those tihngs I cannot get him to sit still. He eats like a little piggy to. Sigh. Thats ok though. They are both very healthy. And now that we will have our own place things will go back to normal I assume with Mikey his attitude and his non exsistant schedule. Well he has a day time schedule but it doesnt matter what I do he wont follow the night time one. As soon as its time for dinner all bets are off. I cannot wait to be able to do things how and when I want and for the boys to have a room again. And to be alone again. Theres not much else to say. Oh wait there is. Haha we have 2 cars now. Um we got a 03 grand am. Plus we have our 00 Mountaineer still so thats pretty cool. Well thats about it. I hope ur all well.

woop woop

I have not been keeping up. I thought I had... at least I had thought I had done an entry in Sept... I guess not.
Things here are the same. Still trying to figure out where to go from here. There are a few options on the table for Mike when his duty is over on the 30th or 31st whatever it is for sept... There is a SGT who told Mike that he should apply at this pest control place. Im not sure if mike said he worked there or if he just had pull over who gets hired... Then there is working with the air force on base. Thats a garuntee. But the job only last as long as funding continues. I guess thats ok as a last resort. We only really need something till hopefully Jan... Dec. 14th Mike can start his paper work to go active but it can take up to 90 days and thats if its approved. But if Mike gets a good job thats gonna last he is willing to wait to go active till after he gets his SGT rank. which could be over a year away. Another option is Mike signed up for the anti terrorish task for. Its not really terrorism Im not sure why its called that but its the nat. gaurd engineers working on that huge fence between us an mexico, or nat. gaurd doing border control, OR nat. gaurd doing like drug stuff. Like raids and things like that. Hed really like to do this. But that can take some time to. He has to put in for it and then wait and make sure his pt scores are high enough and he doesnt have a pt test until the drill in oct. Honestly Id like him to just try and work at the pest control place. It sound pretty solid and garunteed its 40 grand a year which isnt so bad AT ALL. He can do that till the task force goes thru (if it does theres and issue with the previous discharge even though we were told that couldnt be looked at anymore) or till he goes active. Im still leary of the task force bc it could be dangerous plus if hes going to stay nat. gaurd he needs to get MOS certified and that is still a waiting list which is frustrating. Feb 4th to March 12th. Then theres also the possibility of him doing honor gaurd. Honor Gaurd is when the soliders do events and also do funerals. Thats garunteed 6 months and he can take the time off to do his MOS training in FEB I also think thats a good idea. Im letting him make the choice though bc this is his career. But sigh. Idk. Im just tired of waiting I just want to fast forward till things are ok agian. But cant always get what you want and then so much would be missed out on.

Nicky started crawling on Sept 1st. Hes so cute. But now I cant seem to leave him on my bed for naps. Which sucks bc he wont go to sleep unless I lay down with him. Hes crawled off the bed like 3 times now. It bites. Mikey is getting more and more stingy now that Nicky is crawling. He wont let nick near his stuff. Sigh. But thats how siblings are I guess. I try to teach him to share. Thats all I can do. OH and I dyed my hair blonde. It didnt turn out perfect BUT it is super cute. Ill have to post pics one day soon. Im just to lazy to go get them off photobucket right now. LOL

Yea one entry a week this month!

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I try to remind myself everyday that things could be worse, and that even though our lives are not so great, at least we have each other. At least we do have some where to stay and someone to help support us, when we have no money or jobs and are on the verge of loosing everything. Sigh.

But thats ok. This week has been alright. My brother in law Steven and I left wednesday night to go to Fresno to see his friend and we were going to stop by San Jose and see mine, but after a long night at a truck stop with no sleep and freaked out he decided just to go see my friend. The family is not very happy, neither am I for that matter, with Stevens choice to stay at the truck stop and refusal to let me drive us where we had planned to go. Mike is so mad its not even funny. But the important thing is we came out of it safely even though I did not think we would. 2 men stood a few feet away from our car for several hours just staring. At one point one of the men parked his car next to me. I took pics with my camera phone and they saw and walked away finally. I sent the pics to my email just in case ya know. I was so freaked out (steven was sleeping) that I figured if I went missing they knew I had the phone if I took pics theyd see that on my bill and they could get the pics off my email. You couldnt see anything very well but I know police have programs and equipment to enhance images. I was just really scared. But I did get to see my friend Tina on thrusday. We hung out at her work and had lunch and then had dinner and a movie with her before heading home. We left there at 8 and didnt get home till almost 3 am. Very long drive.

The boys are doing good. Nicky is almost crawling. He gets on all fours now on his own and moves his legs but not his arms so he falls. He is 7 months old now. Thats very crazy to think soon he will be one. Mikey is well as always. Hes so smart and continuing to advance. Tina has been helping me find preschool work books and things to start teaching him more. Now if he had more then 5 minutes attention span.

We found out Mike does have to wait till Dec 12th to start processing for active army. We had hoped we wouldnt have to wait for the 6 month period to end. But we will. So Im not sure what we are going to do. Mike is working with the guard this month. Aug 20- Sept 30th. We are gonna get about 5 grand for that so I will prepare Mikeys birthday with that. Otherwise we couldnt do it. I think we will just have it at the park (weather permitting it should though bc it never rains) Ill also go ahead and get halloween costumes to while I can. I absolutly need to find work. After Mike gets done in sept we are just screwed till something else works out. But as I said in the begining I try really hard to focus on what we do have rather then what we dont or what we might loose. Somedays its very hard. Somedays I get really down. But we will pull through I suppose we always do.
GTG Time for lunch :) Kisses and hugs to all of you and your babies :)
Here are the pics of me and my friend


Hi there

Sigh, this up and down roller coaster is not working for me. Its not even a roller coaster its like we start to go up and crash back down again. We cant get this coaster started or maybe we are stuck up side down in a loop.
Mikes looking for work. Its not really working. He might be doing a month of duty of gaurd. That will help. They pushed his training back to Feb 1st. The day before our wedding anni. Hes trying to get over to active duty. That would help. I just dont want him to miss our important days or birthdays. But if he must what can I say.
Living with the inlaws is ok. Granted we have it good for whats going on and I am so thankful that I have them but I just cant keep on like this. No certianty no control.
I just want to have a normal little family. Our own place. Our own rules. It would be best if he went active. Least then we could get away at our duty station for awhile. Get life back on track. It will just be hard. No family. No one to watch the kids ever. No going out just us ever. But thats life. Ya know whatever. Im really trying to remain positive. Sometimes it gets really hard.
Joe found some pics of mikes army graduation. Im going to upload them soon. There so cute. He looks so young!
Gonna go. Kisses