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Mikeys 2nd Birthday and a few pics


Taking Candles

Blowing out candles

Spider Man Atv

All the toys

Booboo Head

Mikey and Mommy in Vegas

Here is what he got!
From us: Big bag of Mega Blocks, ATV, Bed, Bed Set, Go Deigo Go Tennis Shoes, 5 outfits (including a shirt that reads I do all my own stunts in honor of the other night) Tee ball thingy, Go Deigo Go walkie talkie, and bath toy set, Remote control dump truck, Nemo Ball cap, and his bed set, and a HUGE robot that talks and stuff
Grandparents: Scooter, Helmet, pair of jeans 2 shirts ( When the going gets tough I go to Grandma and Grampas & Thats is Im calling grandma) 2 belts and Elmo Hoodie Supermans PJ's Superman hat and sit and spin, Jacket/Coat
Jeff & leslie: Fishing set bath toys and Bubble bath maker thingy
Madi Elyssa & lance: Singing Spider man
Phil Pat & eddie: Tool Box full of pretend tools
Great Gramma in FL sent a 50$ savings bond
Aunt Melissa (mikes sister in NY) sent a Vtech thingy that u write on that teaches u how to draw shapes numbers and letters

The party overall was great! Mike Mikey and I had fun. I loved doing this for him. It was of course at Chuck E Cheese. There were a few times I wanted to scream bc people were not well things werent going my way and I wasnt incharge. My mother in law of course was, but whatever. IT was a good birthday. and I am happy for my little rascal.

He also went to the DR got some medicine for his cough which is just sinus drainage she gave him a iron supplement because he's a bit anemic. He is still under weight for his age at 26 lbs, but he is in the 83% for height now at 34 1/2 inches. He got his flu shot and his Hep A he goes back in a month for another dose. And hes very healthy! His head is healing no more bleeding. And everything with his is good!

I had to take Mike up to Tehachapi yesterday so I ended up missing work and Mikey was supposed to go to school but he spent the night with Grandma so he didnt have to make that long drive and she didnt take him. He was doing his cough so hard he throws up thing and so she kept him out. It was a looong drive 127.3 miles (I had to clock it for pay purposes we get a mileage check a few times a month) We left at 8 and didnt get up there till 1030 and then I didnt get home till noon. Then I went to Kathys for Chicken Noodle soup and Ginger bread cake. I went ahead and spent the night there so that it was less driving. But I will go home with Mikey tonight. I also got great news yesterday that I can quit my job. November 1st Mikes insurance becomes effective. And my pregnancy will be covered! The lady said if we dont get the cards by the end of the 1st week to give her a call and she will give us all the information. Im excited. After realizing I only bring in 0-60 bucks a week its a relief that I can finally be a stay at home Mommy again. Only thing that has gone wrong was, with everything going on I forgot to send in my time card in, I went ahead an sent it today and called the lady but she hasnt called back yet. Ill call her after in a few again to see what we can do to get me my check asap. I really need it for gas and stuff ya know? And thats that. So I leave you with one of my favorite pics from his bday. Him hugging Chuck E. Kisses to all!

Happy birthday Mikey your 2 so here is ur first head contusion!

2 years ago today, I was in 18 hrs of labor, no food, no getting up out of bed, no peeing no drinking. Oxygen mask on my face, my you know what doing things I never realized it could do. Epideral in my back, IV's in my arm. Kinda scared. Kinda mad. Kinda happy but very anxious. Finally at 7:20pm a life was born. A life that I had never ever imagined would touch me or affect me the way it has. 7lb 15.7 oz 20 inch long baby boy, words could never describe that feeling of immense emotion. All the pain, the suffering the long nights of being uncomfortable, at that moment it all was nothing compared to the feelings I had for that little life. My little mikey with is inch long hair and Jackie Chan baby looking face. And then my life as mom begun. I dont think theres ever been a day I wanted out. Ive been frustrated and Ive been at wits end. Hospital trips and Drs visits shots surgeries ear infections and even now most recently a busted open head. Being scared shitless. Its all been a great ride. My little bity baby that I held for the first time and almost threw up on. Hes 2 years old now. Hes a strong minded little boy. Hes smarter then any other child Ive ever met and hes so beautiful. And I am so happy Ive been such a great mom so far.

Last night, my wonderful little 2 year old thought it would be fun to end his 2nd year and begin his 3rd with a bang! He climbed into the computer chair like we always tell him not to do. Playing around not wanting his diaper changed I guess I dont really know, He fell with the chair trying to get down and hit his head on the seat of a kitchen chair. I was right there doing the dishes and Mike was right there getting the baby wipes and diapers off the table. I hear buddy get down and then the chair start to fall and see Mike trying to catch him, bring Mikey up, him screaming bloody murder and hold his head with blood dripping down. Mikey of course begins smearing it around and makes it look entirely worse then it was. With me it as all a feeling of Christian STAY CALM and wanting to scream but not being able to and wanting to puke, and trying to figure out what we needed to do. Immeditaly Mike tells me to stay calm and get something to wipe his head off with so we can see it, and I protest no Hospital now. We wipe up his head and get him to stop crying so much. We know that head wounds typically bleed more and him being upset is only making it even worse. We get him to lay down because remember this all started because he needed a diaper change and we obviously cannot keep him in poop. I am realizing at this point Kid really does need to go to the hospital because it is about a half an inch long cut and fairly deep. He is of course very alert and taking this like a big boy saying Bad Chair and I fall. We get him to the hopital and I notice it always takes longer when you need to be somewhere right then. The whole visit was pretty quick considering how many people were in the ER. We stand in line and see the 3rd window become available walk over there and the girl tell us we need to go to window 1. Walk over there and they tell us to go to the back of the line. We try to explain and they do not care. But luckily the lady in behind us told us we could have our spot back. Thank God and bless that woman, there are nice people still in this world. We get up there tell her whats wrong and we told to wait by ER door 5 within 15 mintues I think they called him up we had only been there maybe a half hour in total. They look at his head decided that he doesnt need stitches that DERMABOND will work just fine. Mikey was a big boy the whole time throughout the cleaning, and only started crying when we layed him back to use the glue. We had to hold him extremely still and he didnt to much like that. But even after he was a good boy and thanked the DR and gave him 5. The DR couldnt believe how good he was and told us what a good job we were doing as parents. And then took us to the insurance part for discharge that is what took forever. Now we got in about 6 and didnt get out of there till 830 maybe a little bit later. But wow it was annoying to be sitting there waiting that long to be freaking discharged. All worth it though. My poor little baby. Then we took him to target and he slept the hole time pretty much in daddys arms. We got him his clothes and a few last birthday gifts. Ate Mcdonalds and were in bed by 11. Late night. I hate having to see my baby hurt like that. And the fact that we were right there makes it that much more real that no matter what we do something are just un preventable.

He woke up in a good mood though. I got out his birthday boy crown and we got him dressed Gave him his Brand New Go Diego GO shoes because some birthday gifts are not meant for a party and took me to work and Mike took him to school. I am getting off at 1 today. Mikey has his Dr's appointment at 230, there we will talk to the DR more about his head maybe she can clean it a little bit more. It still bleed a little bit after the glue jsut because they do that I guess, the ER dr said to expect that. But its still kinda gross looking. I was gonna do my gluclose test today but Im not sure if I can hold off on eating that long because well I am not supposed to have sweets and thats all I have for lunch is like fruit and such. So I will go saturday to get it done and then we will go to the pumpkin patch. We wanted to go yesterday but his head thing happened like as soon as we got home. I was getting dishes done for dinner. Oh well least my wittle baby is ok. His party is tonight at 8, so after all that we need to get his presents wrapped still and get a camera and some film for the camcorder. So its gonna be all good tonight. I will take pics but Im not sure how many will be digital. You'll probably have to wait till I get them developed later in the week. But Ill get a few!


Crazy preggie Vegas weekend. And a picture

Vegas was flipping crazy. The most unorganized chaotic city Ive ever been to in my entire life! From the traffic to pedstrians assuming the right of way, it was wow. We stayed at the Stratosphere, visted Circus Circus and Caesars Palace. We didnt do much because the Stratosphere is at the VERY end of the strip and kinda spaced away from the other news more expensive and celebrity hot spots. Its not such a pretty city either. Reminded me of how I felt about Hollywood when I first seen it. Its kind of dirty in the day but at least at night the lights make it look so Glam. Kathy and Joe treated us like they always do. We are cool until someone else comes about... and As soon as Jeff got there we were shit again. I hate that and I really dont understand it. At least when my mom fucks up you can tell in her face that she knows, with them they just do not get or see it. We got there about 430 friday but after making it to the hotel through traffic and actually finding Kathy, it was about 630. We chilled out in the room while they went and did there thing with registaring for there tournanment and then we all went to dinner. After dinner I got ready all glammed up ;) and Joey baby sat Mikey in the room for a few hours. I thought that it would all be ok but when we got back at 1130 Joey was asleep!! Now Idk if I am just being a prude or not but it pissed me off. Mikey was asleep sure but what if he had woken up? I really just dont think that was a very mature or smart thing for him to do. But whatever. The next day we all got up and Joey went to Arcade/Mall thing and we got ready and decided that we were gonna take Mikey and Joey to circus circus to see there shows and play in there arcade and theme park thingy. On the way up to the Mall we seen a fat guy with blonde/ white hair and I joked to mike that it was Don Vito (turns out it was! My father in law met up with him an asked him, he was also with Steve O or so they say) We got Joey and went off to Circus Circus walked a mile it seems and finally got up to there Midway and let Joey play games. He won Mikey a few stuffed animals and one really really big dog thats almost as tall as me and is actually wider then I am, and I am pregnant! Mikey played an easy fishing game and got a prize and then got his arms painted. Supposed to be his face but that didnt work so oh well. He got what was supposed to be a nemo on one arm and a sea horse on the other. Totally cute. Then we watched a tight rope act and ate lunch and headed to the other part where the rides are. Mike and Joey played in there arcade and we walked what felt like a few more miles to the car and went back to nap in the room. Mikey got in maybe a half an hr nap and then Jeff and his troll of a girl friend show up her loud ass mouth wakes Mikey up and they all leave and go down to the bar to play slots and drink and Joey goes back up to the mall/ arcade. I told mike to go ahead and go with them bc his dad invited him and I thought them getting some father son male bonding was the intention. So after maybe an hour of crabby but wont go back to sleep Mikey, Mike comes back up saying that he didnt feel very welcome. They were basically ignoring him so he just left. Thats how it always seems though when someone else is around. They call us another hour or so later for us to meet them at the yucky buffet again for dinner. The Stratosphere is a decently nice hotel/ casino not at all to smokey pretty layout and such but the buffet sucks, and we had been to it the previous night when they had all seafood. But whatever over dinner we try to figure out what kathy and joe are doing. They had intended to take us to the old strip or at least said they would bc it was something we could all do including the baby. But... nope. They were meeting Jeff and Leslie again at the bar. (now Im thinking well what happened to family outings or you guys watching mikey so we could actually go out and not just sit in a casino for a few hours, and we are also getting mad at this drop and fuck us bc jeff and the troll are here.) So we went back up to the room. But whatever gives me time to get ready and we will see what happens. Leslie bless her heart gave me a beautiful dress that I went ahead and wore and I looked gorgeous in it. I did my make up and such Kathy finally comes up saying she is taking the baby to the mall thing to go shopping with her and Joey and that Jeff and Leslie are waiting on us at the bar... Way to volunteer us for things that mean nothing to me since I cant freaking drink!!!!! But whatev's I got a virgin margerita and boy did I get awful looks from people I guess they couldnt tell it wasnt real. Leslie was drunk and so excited I wore the dress and talked about how she wanted to go out and do something an Jeff was a complete asshole to her because they didnt have money to do this or that and he was just rude to her. It doesnt cost money to walk with her down the strip and walk in the casinos and look at there stuff. But she wanted to go change and go do something so we said wed wait down in the casino for them and theyd call us when they were done. Like 30 minutes later no call, I call Kathy to see how the baby is and joey says they are getting dessert to come see them. So we finish our game and go there and low and behold the whole family is eating ice cream and no one ever bothered to invite us. The only way we knew was because I called to check on mikey. That really hurt and even then the table they got didnt fit us so we had to sit at a seperate table next to them. I really think it hurt mike bc he made the comment funny this is how it really feels ya know us on the outside looking in at them. We decided we were just gonna go out at this point, and then Leslie tells me that Her and Kathy are going to the top of the Stratosphere for drinks. They picked yet again something I cant do bc the elvator up to the top is super fast and heart patients and pregnant women and people under a certain height are not allowed on it. And there are just to many stairs for me to even attempt to go up. So now Im left ok so you are doing that Jeff and Joe are gonna drink at the bar I am sure and who is gonna watch Mikey? Joey? I think not, not after him going to sleep and then besides he doesnt want to have to watch him 2 nights in a row just so we can go out. What was really the purpose of them inviting us? What was all that spend time together do this or that we can take turns watching Mikey? From what we see its us and Joey watching Mikey and Us taking Joey places. IDK what happened but Jeff finally said he would take her up there to the top and so then Kathy said shed watch the baby and we should go to Caesars palace. Joe seemed huffy like he had other plans but we got to leave. By then it was like 11 or so. So drove down the strip bc it was waaaaaaaaay to far of a walk I put on my pants under my dress and changed shoes. My thighs were rubbing together bc I didnt have on shorts or anything and I was getting like a rug burn and I was not walking in my boots. We planned to see the statues in Caesars and then go see the fountain at the bellagio. Yah Caesars is freaking huge. We signed up for there rewards program, so hopefully we will get some coupons from time to time on there hotel rates we played on a few of there machines with 20 bucks each, we walked around omg I think I walked 3 miles between the Forum Shops and going back to the garage! By then it was 1 so we went back to the room and went to bed. Woke up to the sound of a very noisy 14 year old taking bath and a 48 year old blasting the TV. We started packing up to get on the road, but had to wait because Kathy took it upon herself to take Mikeys Duck "D" and wash it. Of course that took a good hour of listening to whinning for the damn thing. We asked if they wanted to go to breakfast with us before we left they said no at first then yes so we waited for them to finish there laundry(ammenity of the hotel free washing room) and then they tell us no they arent going with us!! And then as we go to leave Joey complains hes hungry so they say they are so we have to wait another hour for them to be ready to leave. Then they tell us to jUst meet them at stateline and to pick where wed eat. Ok but how do we let you know? She kinda gets a attitude look on her face hands me her cell and says call us when you get there. So we head out. Call em up let them know THEY pick Whiskey Petes which Is the SMOKEIST NASIEST one of the 3 there. Whatever. We managed to stay out of smoke the entire weekend!!! But of course well I have no say here. We eat deal with attitude bc we tried to pay the bill and then go home. The drive wasnt so bad. Made it home by 430 I think we left stateline at noon. Little ruff patches of traffic here and there but over all nice and Mikey thankfully slept the whole time, he was exhausted bc he went to bed at 8 and slept straight thru till 530 got in the bed with us and slept another hour and didnt want to wake up. But h was in a good mood. Despite what seems like a drama filled weekend. I really really did enjoy myself. I Think I over did it with all the walking as I am still a tad sore. But it was nice. Mike and I laffed so much and had a blast talking and being together. We made plans that next time we come out we need to see if we can come alone maybe get them to watch the kids at there house for the weekend. Its worth a shot. We definetly want to come when I am in better shape and can walk alot We want rewards cards for every hotel just because. And we also decided that a boat wedding in february with 2 kids under 5 is not a good idea. So in 2009 we will go to vegas and remarry or renew our vows or whatever. It will be perfect. Now we just got to pick a dress a chapel and who to invite and where to do the after dinner. Pretty sure we will be staying at the Rio though, its nice but not as expensive as caesars. ;)

And that was my weekend. Ill post pics probably at the end of the week. I have to develop my film and Mikeys birthday is tommorow. I would just rather wait till I have them all ya know? Ok kisses sorry that was so long!

we took this at the arcade in the stratosphere on saturday morning. ITs kinda big sorry


1 40 hr full weeks pay 305 dollars
1 weeks full time day care 140 dollars
1 weeks worth of gas filling up 2x's at or near 50 bucks each 100 dollars

What I actually get to save 65 dollars
What I save on a week where I have a Drs appointment or I miss a day? NOTHING!

I am finally realizing what my next 3 months of working is worth. It kinda sucks. Im working for the sole purpose of my medical insurance at this point. 65 dollars is nothing. And Im finally at peace knowing that when I do quit we will be able to handle it. But of course that has to wait. Ill keep working until I have to stop. But wow it was just surprising when I finally added it all up. My checks still save money, but technically its not my money we are saving its Mikes.

Things are going well. Im trying to get through the day, so that I can go and get my hair cut and get the clothes and such washed and buy a pair of pants a shirt and a dress. I want something to wear when I go to Vegas this weekend. Then Im going back down to Kathys for the night because Mike is out of town. He will be home in the morning though and we will leave about 1230 to head up to Vegas.

This morning started out crappy I was late to work and all but it gotten better, mainly because I see Mikes pay check on hold and its going to be available tommorrow and its finally right and its 1652$!!! Which is just wow an great! I love that! And thats why Im able to use my check today to get something to wear. I needed some clothes but I wasnt gonna buy any till I was sure we could afford it and whew we are now! Im excited ! lol

Mikeys bday is soon it makes me sad. Very very sad. But Ill deal. We are going to the pumpkin patch either monday after work or tuesday b4 the party, not sure which yet. I have to get his presents all wrapped up and stuff. But I can do that sunday night.

The couches didnt come. Jeff said that he couldnt get the truck so they are sitting in Kathys garage. Doesnt bother me any, do what you do. Not my problem [:)] lol

thats about it I thought Id drop by for a hello kisses!

Starting to feel anxious and unprepared for birth

Only 98 Days to go!
Hi Guys! How are you all? I hope that your weekend was great! And long lasting. Here it was not. The weekend goes by so fast. Especially when you are doing things. Like we were. Friday night Kathy and Joe bought a new living room and dinning room set. Like always when they get new furniture we get it. So we spent saturday arranging for the new furniture. It wont be here till Wednesday night though. Well, we got the Dinning room set last night. We were supposed to be selling the sectional couch that we have now and splitting the profit with Kathy, but Jeff my brother in law decided that in Febuary he is getting his own place (thank god) and that he wants one of the couches. He of course cant say which because well he doesnt care, and I of course cannot choose. So for now we are putting the "new" set in our apartment to give us more room and Jeff is renting out a storage unit. When the time comes for us all to move in Febuary since no one can make up there mind which set they want, the person that has the larger living room will get the large Sectional and the smaller gets the smaller Couch Love Seat Combo. Unless I decided b4 then which one I want. So thats all done. I now have a place to put mikeys toys and my desk is out of the way in the dining room along with the table. You can look at my myspace blog for pics of the living room sets here I dont want to flood this entry and make it huge and it is alot of work. Later I might post a pic journal for all that. IDK. You might have to be logged into myspace to see it though so if u dont have myspace Im sorry My Myspace Blog Tonight will be the first night we all sit down to dinner together at the table. Thats gonna be pretty neat I think. Im glad dinner wont be spent us in front of the TV and now we can try to attempt teaching Mikey some manners.
Oh Friday I got my boots Click Here to See Them
Mikey really likes his bed although he doesnt want to sleep in it. However we did get him to fall asleep in it and stay in it all night last night. But it took Mike sitting down beside the bed laying his head down on it and acting like he was asleep to. Baby steps though. He had a fun weekend. Quite a few tantrums but thats to be expected at his age. He has a stuffy nose and a bad cough, Im pretty sure the cough is a result of sinus drainage as well as what he is coughing up. I am giving him childrens tylenol cold with the ok from the DR. He goes in on next tuesday (17th & his bday) for his flu shot (which Idk about giving him) and his 2 year old check up. So if its not better by then she will prescribe him something. He is talking SOOO damn much. I mean constant and immatating every word he possibly can. Hes a good boy.

I need to schedule a hospital tour and decide if I want birthing classes or not. They are 100 bucks and I dont know if I actually have time for them or not. Really I dont. So much planning that I need to start doing. Ok well not really. But I feel like there is more I should be doing and I cant help but want to have Mike more invovled in this birth I guess being that I dont have a really close friend or family member thats gonna help me thru it and lets face it. Mike was useless but Mikey birth was different. I hate even had said that but I cant say it anywhere else he will find it! And he didnt really help me all he did was stand there or sleep! I want to be coached like in the movies damnit! I need to talk to him about that though huh? I need to get some books to movtivate him at least esp if we cant get a class. Well my first set of copies is done so I have to go start the machine back up. Kisses Ill write again tommorow I promise