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lollypopkiss03 , 29

from victorville

so its friday

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TasteMySkittle : ooh the fruit flavor

well today is friday and its spirit day at carver high the controversial carver spencer game is tonight its the season opener wow big whoop dee
sorry for my lack of school spirit but we do win every year they are not in need of my confidence are they
i miss my so called boy friend its been exactly one week and one day since he left for that hick-ville of a state montana
and its been 2 weeks and 1 day since ive gotten laid
life sucks dont it
thats all for now
maybe more in a minute but i have so got to think straight its still kinda early i havent got used to getting up at 6 in the morning for a teenage Day camp hell of idiots
well im back danananananana
any ways i cant figure out how to edit my member profile arent i so sad yes i know but thats just me sad a very depressing person i should be one of the many dumb people in this world who should be sent to
montana alll dumb people should be fenced of in montana that way i can be with neil and get laid
no sex isnt all i talk about its just most of it
i love the way it feels when a thick well let me stop you dont wanna hear that do you
or do you any way let me surf the web some more i need a typing break im not very good with these long nails thanks to la nails at peachtree for the hook up and um no hearts are not gay derek you are
well thats it for to day i am gonna have to be gone for three day be cause i am lame and dont have inernet at home onlyat school well i guess thats it go carver oh yeah if any one cares my granddad is on his death bed keep me in your prayeres as i travel to the atl to visit him in the morning
god bess have a good day yall god bless
mines at the top again
man im just plaing around waiting for the bell to go to algebra 2
aight yall signing off peace

august 29th 2002

ok so today is the beginnig big deal im at school right now and i cant stop thinking of this past summer
alright i miss neil thats my nain worry i havent heard fom him a week now and that really suck because
well i am in need of some physical therapy if you get what i am saying its been 2 weeks since i last had sex i think thats a world record for me i have to go six months though if i am going to stay tru to him man life is such a bitch at times aint it
till later

ps iyou guys were wondering how i look like bs same hair cut and every thing