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lollypopkiss03 , 29

from victorville


Hi its me, Neighboorhood Shootings Military woes and the kids of course

Hey yall! I bet you werent expecting me to pop back in till next month huh? Well Im here. Lets see whats new in the house of lollypops? Um our guniea pig hates us. He or she cant quite figure that out, doesnt want to be socialable (sp) Im told the fix for that is to get him a companion. Sigh. More poop to clean. Oh well.

So um lets see, the boys are the boys. Nicky has 2 teeth an more are vigorously trying to come in, which makes for alot of diapers. Mikey is just Mikey. Theres really not a direct way to describe him. He is still so smart it amazes me, but I just wish hed eat his veggies. We have always fought over food.

Mike is good. We are still working on the Active Guard spot. Hopefully it comes in soon. He was supposed to get a promotion, he has been at his rank a year an a half but bc hes only been back enlisted 6 months its requriing alot of paperwork and waivers to get it going. They say we should have it by next month though, Im not getting my hopes up. The gracious military pay system has made this month hard. At first they were telling us wed have our housing pay on the 15th, sadly that didnt happen instead what they did was not pay us at all and say wed get reg pay on the 19th. Fat chance bc they changed that again an we arent getting paid till the 21st :( that also pushed back our back pay for our housing till possibly Dec 15th and they arent even sure if thats going to happen. We may have to postpone christmas a few weeks. Thankfully the boys do not understand dates yet. That really annoys me.

In other news the wonderful apartment we are living had a shooting on Monday. Yes you read right a shooting. Right next to our building. And surprisingly enough to me, not one person acted shocked. I know we always hear sirens and low flying choppers but I didnt think it was that bad. It was a freaking drive by! And this isnt LA no where near LA! I had heard Mo Val was bad but wow. Get this. It took 20 minutes for the cops and emts to get here! We arent out in the sticks! In mid to late october a drunk driver ran into our building and knocked the stairs off a neighbors apartment balcony to. Mike is seeing if he can get orders to move. I cant take the kids out to even play its to dangerous. If we cant move I def wont be able to stay here the 6 weeks that Mike is going to MO for training. No way. i dont want to live with ppl but I dont want to be in danger and I feel in danger. This was in broad daylight! At noon and no one was in panic mode no one was shocked every one was calm its freaky.!
What else do I have to say? Oh Saturday I am making a thanksgiving dinner for the inlaws and us they are coming over. I cant wait this will be the first time we did something like that. Ive cooked turkeys with mike before but never for anyone but us! And we get to keep the left overs!!! On thanksgiving day we will go to san diego to see Mikes grandparents like usual. Thats an all day thing. We are planning to go to Knotts Berry Farm on the 21st when we finally get paid. There admission is free to service members and veterans and one guest till the 22nd and up to 6 other ppl get in for 12 bucks we are hoping the inlaws will come but if not we are gonna see if the kids can just stay with them and just me and mike go. Like a date :) Im hoping the later is what works out haha we nevr do that!
So anyways Im gonna run nick is about to wake up and Mikey wants to go ride his atv but Im to scared to take them out so Ive got to come up with an activity or Mikeys going to be on my butt about the christmas tree. He would have had me put it up last week if I had let him, Hes crazy funny like that