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lollypopkiss03 , 29

from victorville


Remember me?

Hi! I know its been quite awhile for me. Things have been pretty crazy. I found out in May that Mike is deploying to Kosovo and since its just been down hill. We went thru a very rough patch and seperated although it didnt last long and came very close to divorcing bc of just alot of junk and crap but ya know we've gotten better and I choose to believe him. Im trying to move forward. The boys are getting very big. Mikey will be 4 in October and starting school at the end of the month. Nicky is just into everything still and just a handful. They are really good though. Im preparing for Mike to leave in Nov. He will be in Northern Cali for a month and then from Dec to end of Jan he will be in Indiana and then going to Kosovo. He will be there till end of Nov 09. Its going to be very hard but Im sure Ill survive... I got to !! Im hoping to start cosemetology school in Jan and get my esthician license/ degree. We will see what happens. Things are pretty good now. Like i said it was rough there for a little while but now we are moving forward. Im healing.