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milesdrpp   , 73

from West New York


Web site monitors Tunisia?s new government

Are Your Web & Mobile Applications Fast Enough? Now You Can Find Out with Keynote Real User Perspect

5893438086429286598.jpg Al Bawsala went to court, arguing that the documents should be made available to everyone. In the meantime, she published them herself, verbatim, on Al Bawsala. So far, they are only available on our site, she said, smiling. Its crazy. Yahyaouis site, managed by young staffers funded by non-governmental organizations, also criticized assembly members who accept executive posts in the government, saying that writing the new constitution should take all their time. Al Bawsala wants to remind people that absenteeism of assembly members who also have an executive position is awful, the site complained. For Al Bawsala, we must struggle against the emergence of a political aristocracy that is unhealthy for a democracy. Because of her familys activism, Yahyaoui was forced to leave the country in the final Ben Ali years.

5893438085538882710.jpg Now You Can Find Out with Keynote Real User Perspect by Business Wirevia The Motley Fool Jun 19th 2013 8:21AM Updated Jun 19th 2013 9:20AM Are Your Web & Mobile Applications Fast Enough? Now You Can Find Out with Keynote Real User Perspective Keynote First to Integrate Real User Performance with Synthetic Performance Monitoring Keynote Real User Perspective from The Web & Mobile Measurement Leader Delivers Intelligent and Insightful Information About the Performance of Paths Real Users Take Through Mobile & Web Applications Keynote Makes It Easy to Collect, Analyze and Act on Application Performance Issues Gleaned Directly from Customers' Web and Mobile Browsers 100 Percent in the Cloud; No Hardware or Software Installation Required Browser Standards-Based JavaScript Tags Measure the Performance of Web Applications Across Modern Browsers, Network Connections and Geographies First Ever Integration of RUM (Real User Monitoring) With Clean-Room Synthetic Monitoring Delivers Immediate Visibility Into End User Experience SANTA CLARA, Calif.--( BUSINESS WIRE )-- Setting a new standard for Web and mobile performance measurement and monitoring, Keynote (NAS: KEYN ) , the global leader in Internet and mobile cloud testing & monitoring , today announced Keynote Real User Perspective , for monitoring the performance of real users on Web and mobile sites and applications. Keynote's entry into the Real User Monitoring (RUM) market underscores the growing importance for companies to better understand how actual users experience their desktop and mobile apps and websites in real-time. Real User Perspective is integrated with Keynote's market-leading Transaction Perspective Web monitoring service and allows Web operations teams to compare, contrast and correlate real user performance with synthetic transaction measurements to arrive at more accurate and better conclusions faster to fix performance problems when they occur. And they will. Recent studies show that downtime costs for a critical Web or mobile app mount quickly and can easily cost in the tens to hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars, per hour. Real User Perspective leverages a W3C compliant JavaScript tag, supported by Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer Browsers, among others, to measure real-time Web and mobile app performance across all geographies, browsers and connection speeds using a standards-based browser tag beaconing system.