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mylittlebrains   , 27




my little brains

blehhh i should've followed my rule of staying away from any thomas beatie news. DAMN MY WEAKNESS. i cannot stand transphobic people. i mean they have to be pretty insecure in their gender identity to be so CRUEL about others who don't fit into traditional society's gender roles. i don't find what is SO WEIRD about a MAN (yes, a man) wanting a child with his wife so badly to do whatever he could to make it happen. she couldn't have babies but he biologically could. WHY NOT?! i wasn't aware that only women want children. oh wait, they don't. people are just bitter old hags who can't stand the happiness of people who beat odds to get their happiness, because they know they'll never have the strength to do the same. have fun stewing in your own bitterness til the day you die.

i work 2-8 today and then 9-6 tomorrow. TWO MORE DAYS TO GET THROUGH. then i have friday off. i have some errands to run but at night i'm going to see COLDPLAY! i don't know many of their songs but i do have a few that i like. hopefully i won't fall asleep, they have a tendency to do lots of slow songs. my attention span is so short.


placebo's new cd 'battle for the sun' came out yesterday and you all should get it. it's definitely different but i think it will grow on me. the album-titled single is REALLY REALLY GOOD though.

i'm going to do some treadmill before work.

blood_and_gold: i made $30-60 a day depending on how busy it was, and i work five days a week. MATH THAT UP. lately i've been averaging $10-30 a day HAHA. sad. but tips were better yesterday, i made $41

my little brains

tips have been sucking really badly at work :( like a whole one hundred dollar difference from what i used to make a week. it really sucks for me because i don't touch my paychecks at all, i only live off my tips.

and then i was really naughty and spent a lot of monies at forever 21 last night hahahahahaaa. after tomorrow when i buy the new placebo cd and seasons one and two of dexter, i am not spending any more money if i can help it. which shouldn't be too hard since i have really bad anxiety about spending money.

oh man i've gotten really addicted to whale wars. i hate paul the captain because he looks like he's drunk all the time with his disheveled hair and his "i don't even know where i am right now" look that he does whenever he's asked to make a decision of some sort. i hate both the peters (first and second mates) because they're tools. first mate peter is a fucking bitter piece of shit, reminds me of my uncle who is also a bitter piece of shit, with some serious like entitlement issues. second mate peter has a pubic facial hair. NEED I SAY MORE. i love benjamin potts and he is my boyfriend. he has a beard and dreads.


i need to run on my treadmill now. i've grown out of the majority of my pants so something needs to be done asap.


ps still no nose piercing, thinking of doing it next week. also thinking of getting my ears pierced again, but this time with a needle instead of a gun. depends on how much this is all going to cost.

we had tornado warnings last night. check that shit out.

my little brains

haven't written in a journal for a long timeee, but i get bored :/

i have today off from work. i need to go to the bank and deposit my check and tips then my sister and i are doing a little bit of shopping. hmmmm retail therapyyy

i really can't wait for july and the trip to ny.

hmm my birthday passed and i'm twenty-one now. life is pretty much the same. i got a really bad sinus infection/cold thing on memorial day, still kind of have it, which fucked my plans for getting my nose pierced as a bday present to myself. putting that one on a back shelf for a later day when my nose isn't a viral disaster area.

work is going okay. getting kind of annoyed with the large amount of dumbasses that come into the salon but that's the risk of leaving my house i guess.

i should get dressed and shit and put my face on. and make some lunch.

ps: rip george tiller