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n3rdgurl   , 19

from Cleveland

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Registered since: 01/04/2012 3 years, 10 months
Last profile update: 01/04/2012 1,425 days ago
Logins: 3 logins 0 this week
Session time: 34 minutes 0 this week
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Personal data

Relationship status: Single
Children: Don't have – don't want
Nationality: African
Languages: Spanish, English, Other
Education: Not graduated yet
Employment: Seeking work
Occupation: Not applicable
Smoker: No
singing, dancing, making people laugh, all sports cept basketball
Favourite music:
all kinds cept screamo
Favourite movies:
action, romance, comedy, violent
TV series:
family guy, everybody hates chris, shake it up, and ferb
Favourite books:
all have to be interesting
Favourite food:
ummm porkchops
alll cept basket ball i lov foot ball
Vacation of your dreams:
I want to go to california
I'm a fan of:
Bruno Mars Chris Brown And Kris Collins
I'm here, because: i am bored