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nerospada883   , 32

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16 entries
Kiwigirl - 09/15/15 12:09 am


Hello nerospada883,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your KiwiBox Team

Kiwigirl - 09/15/14 12:19 am


Hello nerospada883,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your KiwiBox Team

Linda584 27 - 06/08/12 08:17 am


رأيت اسمي ليندا، بروفايلك واليوم أصبحت مهتمة لكم أود منكم للاتصال لي مع عنوان بريدي الالكتروني: lindamustafa23@yahoo.com
بحيث سأقدم لكم المزيد من التفاصيل الخاصة بي وصوري.

Mela23 28 - 12/09/11 01:57 pm


Hello. mela24real@yahoo.com My name is Miss Pamela, am happy to write to you, i like making new friends that is why i write you to your profile at kiwi.com, i hope you are fine, i will like you to send me a mail to my email ( mela24real@yahoo.com ) for me to know if you get my mail, so that i will tell you about me and a picture, i believe distance and color will not be a barrier, i hope to read from you as i wait for your mail, Pamela.
NatalieJanzFan 27 - 11/14/11 09:01 am



Hi, I'd like to introduce you to the music of Canadian artist NATALIE JANZ...ENJOY!! www.nataliejanz.com


Joylove 29 - 06/01/11 11:53 am


Hello My Love
Is my pleasure to contact you today,how are you,Hope fine,My name is joywillam,I went through your profile it seen interesting i will love to know you more better,(joywillam96@yahoo.com)
awaiting to hear from you,

Owlwings 28 - 06/01/11 03:07 am


Hi there! :]

ArtsyAlex 23 - 05/27/11 08:20 pm



ArtsyAlex 23 - 05/03/11 12:33 am


Love the art! Your attention to detail is wonderful! I am always amazed when someone can be that dedicated to every small stroke of a tool. What were the materials you used?

Blessedboo 29 - 03/11/11 03:19 pm


my Dear,
I am Miss Blessing.I came across your profile and became interested.So, if you wouldn't mind you can write me with (blessing4boo@yahoo.com) for more about me and also for me to be sending my picture's and also telling more about me.Thanks,
Miss Blessing.