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philipcarr11   , 45

from Charleston


Hada Labo Tokyo, Popular Japanese Skin Care, Arrives In U.s.

Skin-care spa treatment plan; Shot in the arm for tequila bar; Christmas at The Westin Tokyo

Hada Labo Tokyo is aa new generation of lightweight, deeply hydrating, anti-aging skin care promising a beautifully radiant and youthful complexion. The linefeatures super hyaluronic acid, which the company touts as apowerfulcombination of three types of hyaluronic acid for multi-layer, long-lasting moisture to effectively restore and strengthen skins natural hydrating ability that depletes with age and sun exposure. Hada Labo Tokyo is among a handful of Japanese skin care ranges tolaunch in the U.S. non-prestige market and is sold at select retailers including all 550 Ulta stores nationwide and at Drugstore.com. Productsare Skin Plumping Gel Cream (has thehighest concentration of super hyaluronic acid in the line); Anti-Aging Hydrator; Replenishing Hydrator (lthis is the product thats sold every 2 seconds in Japan); Hydrating Facial Cleanser; and Protecting Day Lotion SPF 18.Prices range from $11.99 to $24.99. After extensive consumer research, we have found that the quest for the perfect skin care product is always on womens minds.
visit http://newsok.com/hada-labo-tokyo-popular-japanese-skin-care-arrives-in-u.s./article/3898373

5941420078791061768.jpg A special crumble (4,600) will be offered in a pot so customers can cook it in a microwave at home, and top it with the berries and sour cream that come with it. Orders must be made by 6 p.m. on Dec. 18, and can be picked up between Dec. 20 and 25 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. only at the shop. The hotel is also offering restaurant, spa and accommodation Christmas plans. From 6 p.m.
visit http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2013/10/31/travel/skin-care-spa-treatment-plan-shot-in-the-arm-for-tequila-bar-christmas-at-the-westin-tokyo/