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radhamohansingh   , 35

from Kelly Usa


How to make Windows 10 run faster?

Windows 10 is optimised for computers with lower resources in a variety of ways. Still, if you need to increase the efficiency of Windows 10, there are a few hacks and there are a few options which you can use in order to ensure that you are able to increase the speed of Windows 10 so that you can easily increase your efficiency and reduce your working time as well.


1. Avoid transparency effects:

Transparency effects while they may be looking good but you need to understand that it takes a lot of graphic power as well as processing power as well. That is why, you need to avoid these effects and you need to disable these effects.

The easiest way to disable these effects is as follows:

1. You need to right click on the desktop and you have to choose the option to personalise.

2. You hve to choose colors.

3. You have to disable the option to “make start, taskbar, and action Centre transparent”.

Disabling this option would ensure that the transparent effects get entirely minimised and therefore the processing power which was required for these effects is free as well.

2. Disable auto start-up programs:

Whenever you are installing new software, it is possible that the software may choose to automatically to open it whenever you are starting the windows. This takes a lot of processing power and you would not even know that the software is running unless and until you decide to use the software. Make sure you get rid of errors such as 0x80004005 so that you can improve the user experience.

In order to disable this, you need to ensure that you do not choose every software to run at the start.

In order to disable the software from starting at the launch of Windows, you have to follow the following procedure.

1. You have to right click the start button.

2. You have to choose the task manager option.

3. You have to select the start-up option.

4. You have to highlight the programs which you want to disable at start-up and then you have to click disable.

This would ensure that the programs do not start at the launch of Windows and therefore the memory which was earlier used by these programs is free as well.

3. Close unnecessary processes:

Many a times, when we are using software and when we minimise the software or even click the close button at the right top screen of the software, the software is just minimised and the software does not close down. Such software takes up a lot of memory as well and therefore you have to make sure that this kind of software are actually close to rather than just minimised. 

In order to detect such processes and in order to end such processes, you have to follow the procedure which we would be stating below.

1. You have to right click the start button:

2. You have to choose the task manager option.

3. You have to click the services option.

4. You have to choose the specific process which you are speaking about and then you have to click the stop button.

This would ensure that all the processes which are not necessary but which were running in the background are closed and that particular memory is free as well.

So, if you really want to make Windows 10 run faster, you have to opt for these 3 steps which we have highlighted above as those would ensure that you are able to optimise the working of Windows and you are able to minimise the unnecessary memory which was being used by these processes which were unwarranted.