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shellmile8   , 27

from Anchorage


Traffic Promotion: 5 Latest Trends To Drive Targeted Web Traffic

Let's see why building your website content is important. First of all, search engines rank sites based on the relevance of the sites' contents. Further, if you want to convert your traffic into your loyal subscribers, what do you need to have to first attract them? That's right, your website content. If your site content is not informative or of good quality in the first place, it'll be tough if not impossible, to get more traffic to your website, let alone getting those traffic to give you their email address or subscribe to your newsletter. Not only that, if you update your website content regularly, it tends to attract more people to bookmark your websites. That's some of the ways on how to increase website traffic the easy way.

CLASSIFIEDS - Another tried and true method of traffic generation. Classified ads appear everywhere. Just look at any magazine's back section and you will likely find at least a few pages for classified ads. People reading those publications search those ads to find topics they are in need of. These can be targeted to online and offline publications which means you can gain a good foothold in many households with a single classified campaign.

Targeting the right keywords is extremely crucial for attracting interest based visitors resulting in more leads and conversions. Utilize the targeted keyword reports to find out the top performing keywords, the geographical locations and the range of your visits. From the traffic overview section you can check the top performing keywords. List these keywords and use them as title tags and ALT tags. You can also infuse these keywords in your content and try experimenting with low performing web pages.

Web traffic building is the process of building "traffic", or visitors, to your website. Without using proper web traffic building techniques, you'll have a tough time getting anyone except your mom to visit your website.

Imagine spending over $100 a month buying traffic to your site with a low conversion rate, wondering why this just isn't working. Then you decide that you would finally like to invest that money in better more proven methods of promotion, AdWords for example, I mean, your spending your money on traffic anyway?


A good example of this was when, the Vision of Britain Through Time site, which containing information taken from the 1901 UK census, was advertised on numerous TV programmes it causing such a stir of interest that the site had to be taken down until alternative arrangements were made to allow the site to cope with the extreme volumes of new traffic.

Why not take the risk out of online marketing by selling guaranteed hits? Banner exchanges only guarantee that other people will see your banner - not actually visit your site. That's actual visitors, not banner impressions or emails. Wouldn't you like to have thousands of potential customers looking at your website, ready to buy your product or service?

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