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tomato5slime   , 34

from Monument Valley


Drink Driving - Do you know the Penalties?

We all know that it must be illegal to drive when we have consumed excessive alcoholic beverages and we are "on the limit" or unfit to get. But even most persistent of motorists might misjudge their consumption of alcohol and discover them selves facing significant consequences.

Defending "drink driving" prosecutions is really a complicated area and anyone seriously interested in steering clear of the loss of a traveling permit would be wise to participate the services of professional road traffic offence lawyers.

What are the offences and penalties?

Offences include being in charge of, traveling or attempting to push a vehicle once the proportion of alcoholic beverages in your breathing, blood or urine exceeds the prescribed limit. Or faltering to supply a specimen of breath. Penalties will vary but can consist of 10 fees points a driving ban lasting from six months to three years and feasible imprisonment.

What can be done to reduce the penalty?

A Drink Driver Consciousness Program may be offered to motorists found guilty of an offence of driving (or attempting to drive) while above the lawful restrict or failing to supply a specimen. Successful completion of this program allows a reduction of 1/4 in the period of disqualification.

Other opportunities, based on the case, consist of:

Defending the allegation

Minimize the consequences

Disagree "special factors"

Defending the allegation

Driving over the prescribed limit: Defence might be made for a variety of factors such as:

I had been not traveling

I ingested alcoholic beverages after driving

I had been not traveling on the road or any other public location

Reliability of breathing check equipment

Longevity of specimen (blood/urine) testing


Failure to follow statutory procedure e.g. obtaining two specimens of urine

Malfunction to produce agreed upon certificate

Drunk in Charge: In addition to the defences previously mentioned a statutory defense for an allegation for being drunk in charge may also be made. This requires you to demonstrate there was no likelihood of you driving whilst the percentage of alcohol within your breath, blood or urine, exceeded the legal limit. If you decided to sleep in your car, or your vehicle was immobile, for example, this could be relevant.

Failure to Provide a Specimen: This offence is only dedicated in which a person fails to supply a specimen without affordable excuse. A reasonable reason might be because of a variety of relevant medical conditions where medical evidence is going to be required.Sometimes, defending a control of drink driving may not be feasible. It may be possible to minimise the severity of the penalty especially the length of the disqualification, however. An expert road traffic offence lawyer will be required who will attend court and speak for your benefit. They are going to also assist you get ready supporting documents and letters from affected events like your company, your lover or other people which may be negatively affected.


Sometimes, defending a control of drink driving may not be possible. It may be possible to minimise the severity of the penalty especially the length of the disqualification, however. A specialist road traffic offence solicitor is going to be required who can attend court and talk on your behalf. They are going to also assist you get ready assisting documents and letters from impacted parties such as your company, your partner or other people which may be adversely impacted. In mitigating an offence we do not merely go to court and speak on your own

Special Reasons Not To Disqualify

"Special Factors" in drink driving instances can be asserted where there are conditions in relationship with the commission payment of your offence, that are unique or uncommon and that the magistrates should consider account of when imposing any duration of disqualfication. Typical examples of unique factors include:

• Traveling in desperate situations

• Moving your vehicle a brief distance

• Laced beverages

• Medicine

How We Can Help

We deal with a large number of people who end up charged with drink driving. Our objective is to resolve and try these matters as painlessly as is possible. In certain conditions, it is possible to avoid disqualification for drink driving. A recent client was arrested right behind the tire of his car whilst in a car park and responsible for driving under the influence, facing a period of 12 months disqualification. After test he was discovered responsible instead of being drunk in charge of a vehicle and received 10 fees points and a great.

Additionally it is possible to ask the court to create a drink push rehab decrease. In other words, the period of disqualification can be reduced by up to 25% if the driver attends a drink driving rehabilitation course. This really is subject to the discretion from the court and needs the handling of an skilled lawyer. Read on keepmylicence.com about one such situation.