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CynthiaMadison   , 37

from New York

Getting started in Forex trading: What you need to know


Forex trading can be at the same time simple and complicated. You buy currency at one price and sell it at a higher price to make profit. The FX market is available to anyone who wishes to earn money. Having a winning strategy can be complicated. Maybe so, but success in trading does not depend entirely on the system or the trading strategy that you use. Success is built upon your mindset and psychology. To put it simply, you are your only limit. If you are ready to start trading Forex full-time, keep on reading to discover how you can break into the market.

Understand the 4 key currency pairs

In the foreign exchange market, you deal with two currencies at the same time. Currencies are traded in pairs. The first currency in the pair represents the transaction currency, while the latter currency in the pair represents the settlement currency. The most traded pairs of currencies in the world are:


The aforementioned currencies are traded through a broker. USD/EUR accounts for about 30 per cent of the trading volume. When you start to trade Forex online, you will be overwhelmed by the number of currency pairs that are available through terminals like the MetaTrader4. Other pairs worth mentioning are AUD/USD, NZD/USD, and USD/CAD. A currency pair how much one currency is worth relative to another one. You deal at the bid if you sell the first-named currency and you are at the ask if you are buying it.

Select the best Forex platform

A Forex trading platform is a software program that enables you to access and interact with the market. Trading terminals are classified according to the application method – in other words, if they have been designed for desktop or mobile devices. FX platforms go the extra mile to provide trading signals and enhance the experience. There is a lot of competition regarding trading software. Choose the best Forex trading platform from the very beginning. One option that appeals to professional traders is MetaTrader4.

The software can be deployed by both traders and investors to open, close, and manage market positions via a financial mediator. You can count on MetaTrader4 Forex brokers. Brokers are reliable when it comes to helping you address challenges and problems, providing assistance at all hours. MetaTrader4 can be used to carry out trading operations or assess the financial markets. Besides the fact that this trading platform is highly stable, you enjoy a great many mobile apps. You are able to trade more than 200 assets. When you trade with MetaTrader4, you do not have to worry about third-party bridges. Do thorough research and read reviews of various brokerage firms.


Forex trading platforms like MetaTrader4 are free to use, meaning that you do not have to pay to use them. All you have to do is set up an account and start trading. Surely, there are many factors to take into account when deciding on a trading platform, such as regulations, markets offered, and customer service. If you cannot figure out which one to use, go for a reputable FX broker. Reliable brokers are connected to large banks and leading financial institutions.

Make your first trade

Determine what quote currency you are going to buy and dare to make your first trade. Your state of mind needs to be one of decisiveness and dedication. Second guessing or reflection are not allowed. With stocks, bonds, and similar financial products, you can speculate only in one direction, that is, up. Forex is a little bit different, in the sense that you can speculate up and down. In what follows, you will understand what it means to buy and sell.

  • Buy position: The value of the base currency will rise in comparison to the quote currency. For example, if you acquire USD/EUR, you have reason to believe that the price of the dollar will strengthen against that of the euro. You can hold the stock long, either because you have a low purchasing price or you do not want to enact capital gains tax.
  • Sell position: The value of the base currency will decrease compared to the quote currency. For instance, you are selling USD/EUR, you think the price of the dollar will weaken against that of the euro. The trade is executed immediately. If you are selling based on the supply, someone else buys based on the demand.

It is not important to focus on the results. As far as executing Forex trades is concerned, you have to pay attention to the plan. Make sure the execution is seamless. If you focus too much on the details, you risk making a mistake.

Keep a record of your mistakes

Putting what you have learned into practice is one thing and learning from your mistakes is a completely different thing. If you lose multiple trades in a row, a small amount of your capital will be lost. This is not something to worry about. However, some mistakes can turn out to be very costly. For instance, if you use too much margin, you can experience big losses. Margin is not free money and using too much of it is not recommendable, as you can end up in debt. It is a good idea to keep a record of your mistakes. This way, you will know what it is necessary to do to achieve desired profit and avoid loss.

Consider creating a Never Again folder on your computer. In this folder, you can record anything you consider to be of key importance. You can include failures, as well as successes. This will surely help you in the learning process. Every person experiences wins and losses. If are careful, your profit will cover the losses. Making mistakes does not stop you from being successful. Not learning from them is what prevents you from advancing. Take the time to improve your trading strategy. A record will help you understand your progression. Do not trade when you are angry or upset no matter what.

Decorating a luxury house – how to choose the perfect furniture


Furniture plays a vital role in determining if a house is considered luxurious or not. If you are the owner of an exclusive house then you can experiment with the multiple design styles available, but the trick is to make sure that they fit the aesthetics of the space. All luxury house homeowners want to have a unique property, so it is understandable that you are a little stressed out because you do not know what pieces to choose. This guide will help you find furniture items that match your style and your house’s design.

Play with the power of contrast

If you plan to decorate the living room you should play with contrasts to enhance the aesthetics of the space. Do you want to achieve that wow effect? It is simple, you should choose a colour palette for the room and use some contrasting textures, and colours to create a centre of attention. When you decorate a room, you should put yourself in the role of a painter, you work with a blank canvas, you have a white room you have to bring to life. You can keep the room white and add some colourful elements, some bright red pillows on the couch, an electric blue table, or other bold items that attract attention.

When you buy furniture you can easily play with the power of contrast, you can combine elements from different styles like classic and modern, you can choose items in contrasting colours, and the examples could continue. Work with contrasts if you want to add impact to your living room.

Place the luxury items in the middle of the room

When you pay great money for a piece, you want to display it, and the best way to do it is to offer it a central place. The most expensive item in the room is the protagonist in your design scheme; make sure all the other furniture pieces complement its beauty and features.

But you should also know that there are times when the price of the furniture is not the best determining factor. Only because you want to design your luxury house in a chic way, it does not mean that you have to pay a fortune for the furnishing. Check the items different brands sell, decide if the style fits your style, if it fits the style of the house, and if they are made from a high-quality material. Just because something is expensive, it does not mean it is also durable.

Mix aesthetics, comfort, and functionality

Luxurious spaces are more than rooms filled with expensive furniture. You need to create a balance when you install furniture to make the room feel comfortable. Using your creativity is not enough, you need to check multiple arrangements of furniture items to find the perfect one. If you want to drastically change the aesthetics of your exclusive home, you should decorate it with customised items. Mix materials, textures and colours to achieve the effect you feel happy with. Your personal touch will enhance the décor of the space so do not be afraid to pick some items by yourself, even if you collaborate with an interior designer.

Gold is a luxurious colour


Gold works great for multiple decorating styles. You can use gold details in a modern house, in a classic one and even in a minimalist one. Nowadays, gold is the star of the colours’ palette and it can be used for both decorations and furniture pieces. If you want to keep the interior design simple, but you want to add it a touch of elegance you can do it by placing a coffee table with golden legs, or some gold drapes.

If you want gold to be the star of a room keep everything on the minimalist line. The minimalist style main rule says that less is more, it applies the best to luxury houses.

Buy furniture according to a theme

If you work with a blank canvas, you have two options, you either choose a different theme for every room of the house, or decorate the entire space according to a single idea. You decide on the theme you prefer. Do you feel comfortable in a modern space? Do you like the minimalist look? What vibe do you think better matches your luxury house?

Once you know the theme of the house, you can narrow the options. You should choose furniture that matches the décor theme and sticks in the same colour scheme. If you do not know how to select furniture, it is always a good idea to hire an expert. They are in touch with the latest trends so they can present different designs that would suit your house. Keep in mind that decorating a kitchen does not work the same as decorating a living room, the items are different and so is the functionality.

Forex trading – why you should do it and how to get good at it

Forex trading has emerged as quite the appealing career in recent years, many individuals with some financial knowledge looking into the opportunities this market presents. The gains some traders have managed obtaining through this type of professional practice has determined others to look into this option themselves. If the topic has caught your interest, you might contemplate on the idea of becoming a trader, but may still need a bit of info to reach a decision. Is it worth looking into this career choice? What are the benefits brought to the table? And what exactly should you do to start pursuing forex trades? Because you need to get a few insights first, the following aspects might help you out:



Let’s start with the most obvious benefit here and that is the flexibility forex trades can provide. With no central exchange or regulation authority, unlike the stock exchange market, and 24/7 availability, you can benefit from exactly the level of freedom you desire. Forex trading can fit into your lifestyle better than any other job out there, this being the reason why so many investors actually look into this career in the first place. Flexible working that can come with amazing pay is what this type of trades actually offers.

The possibility of obtaining impressive monetary gains

When you are choosing a new professional direction, money naturally comes as the most relevant consideration, and that is where forex trading excels. While you might not get the appealing income you desire from the start, when you become an experienced trader, get more familiar with the market and start noticing the best opportunities when they arise, the financial prospects are more than attractive. Just by checking a regular forex forum, you can discover how many individuals have managed building their dream life and obtain impressive incomes through this particular field.


You don’t need to be an expert on the subject to know that entering the forex trading market involves low costs. Low fees are being charged by brokers, mainly due to the high volume of platforms that actually exist nowadays. This means, you are able to start small, without having to gather a large amount of money or worrying you are putting at risk your savings. The vast majority of the profits will be yours, and you will benefit from greater control than any other types of investments.

Recognize the relevance of preparation

Making money through trades is possible, and the gains involve can be higher than you have expected, but for the outcomes of your actions here to actually be the ones you expect, preparation is key. When you make the choice of becoming a trader, you need to start researching all the implications, to read news and articles on the industry and discover the methodology that you will need to learn. Recognizing the value and relevance of preparation is the initial step that has to be taken. Whether it’s visiting a forex traders forum and getting insights or reading the latest articles released on the subject, make it your priority to document yourself on this domain.

Get in the right mindset


It can be quite easy to be completely taken away by your first win, and to start spending all of your time and energy on making a next successful move. Winning can seem exciting, but it shouldn’t put you in the position of being certain your trading game is on point and starting to make rushed investments just because your previous ones have worked in your favor. It’s important to get in the right mindset, and to keep your risks to minimum. Until you actually develop a routine, a routine that you have carefully assessed and thought through, don’t spend all of your time frenetically seeking for a trade. Be aware of when taking a break is advised and instead of going at a fast pace, take baby steps in this direction, and the odds of losing money will decrease.

Put logic first

When a great opportunity arises, a trade possibility that can make you a fortune, you can be tempted to put all of your money in it and make choices based on emotion instead of logic. One golden rule here is that you should never invest more money than you could actually afford to lose. This way, you will not have to deal with unpleasant surprises, and put yourself in the position of losing all of your savings. Put logic first and come up with a maximum investment amount, an amount that you should try to never exceed, as promising as some scenarios might seem.

Patience and realistic expectations


Expecting to get rich overnight is something that will only lead to disappointments. If you want to get good at forex trading and actually make it your full time career, you will need to be equipped with quite a lot of patience and with a clear perspective on things. It might take some time until you actually see results, but once you get the hang of trading, once you find your ideal instrument and start making better decisions, the gains will appear. By simply being patient and keeping your goals and expectations to realistic level, you can go a long way in this domain.  

Becoming a forex trader might seem complicated, considering there are quite a few aspects that need to be thought through, analyzed, and that the financial market is always undergoing changes, but the promising prospects involved make this type of financial activity quite appealing. Considering the benefits that you may be able to access, choosing this path is certainly something to consider, when you are interested in building wealth. Now that you know a bit more information on the topic, and are aware of what are the recommended actions to take, you can reach a conclusion and decide whether this is the right professional activity for you or not.

Best Things to Do as A Family in and Around Staffordshire


Nestled in the heart of Britain, Staffordshire is one of those highly sought-after destinations in the Kingdom. The breath-taking scenery, combined with the thrilling adventures and mesmerizing history and local heritage make out of Staffordshire a celebrity for tourists around the world. Luckily, families are more than welcome here. The destination offers plenty of entertainment opportunities for people of all ages and from all social categories, of all social statuses. For families, particularly, Staffordshire is a gem destination, ready to entertain their small ones and have a break from their daily routines. Keep reading below to find out more about interesting and entertaining things to do in and around Staffordshire.

The Weston Park

Weston Park is one of the most welcoming places in the area. Situated on the A5 at Weston-under-Lizard, just 30 minutes from central Birmingham, the park is set in more than 1,000 acres. The main Hall is a 17th century building, included in the Grade I building categories. The estate has other several impressive features, like the Orangery, and the Stable block. All these buildings have impressive architectural features and the gardens have an intricate landscape. This makes Weston Park a perfect destination for families visiting with children of all ages.

The art collections available at Weston Park are generous. They feature portraits from the 17th and 20th century, including several rare portraits of the Ladies of the Wilbraham.

Beyond the house, families will find the gardens and a large park, that includes a small railway. Needless to say, this will turn out to be your small ones’ delight.

The Uttoxeter Racecourse

With a long history, the Uttoxeter racecourse has raced through some of the most important events of modern history. Although it was closed throughout the First World War and was fully requisitioned by the War Department during the Second World War, the racecourse is certainly a hot spot nearby Staffordshire that you have to visit. The racecourse can be found at Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8BD and your family will surely enjoy.

Alton Towers Resort


The Alton Towers Resort is a theme park resort located in Staffordshire, England. The theme park is operated by the Merlin Entertainment Group. The theme park includes a water park, mini golf complex and a spa. The location is full of history, being fist open to the public in the 1860s. Visitors will find the park open from mid-March to early-November. Some of the hotels found here are open throughout the year, however.

Statfold Barn Railway

The Statfold Barn Railway is a popular private railway nearby Tamworth in Staffordshire, England. Visitors will find here the most extensive collection of narrow-gauge historic steam, diesel and electronic locomotives from the UK and foreign countries. The railway is not yet open to de wide audience; however, it organises periodically some “Enthusiasts” days where the tracks and the locomotives are open to the public. During those days, charitable events are organised and the money raised is donated to the trust.

One of the most perfect destinations for family days out in Staffordshire, the Statfold Barn Railway is also featuring a garden railway. Here families can relax and admire the beautifully landscaped lake and garden.

For visitors coming here with their children, they will find various workshops and driver experiences. The driver experiences are open to the public all year round. All visitors interested in driving a steam engine will be fully instructed by a professional instructor, they will be briefed on safety matters and will be provided with plenty of resourceful and insightful information. Needless to say, this is the type of activity that your whole family will enjoy!

Gladstone Pottery Museum

The Gladstone Pottery Museum is a working museum, located in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. The Museum is included in the European Route of International Heritage and is one of the few working museums in the area. The establishment dates back from the time of the Industrial Revolution, in the 18th century and is a medium-sized, coal-fired pottery, typical to the area. The museum’s kilns are protected, being part of the conservation area. The establishment allows all visitors to explore the bottle kilns and other exhibits and explore the whole process of pottery-making.

Visiting this museum will be a great opportunity to teach your children something about the industrial revolution and the intricate skill of pottery-making.

Ancient High House


The Ancient High House is an Elizabethan townhouse located on the main street in Stafford, build around 1595. The house was built from local oak and the original timer carry to this day the carpenter’s marks. Being such an intricate piece of history, whenever you end up in Stafford, you can have a look at this beautifully-preserved relic of those times. The Ancient High House is believed to be one of the largest timber-framed town houses in England. It is also considered to be one of the finest Tudor buildings across England.

National Memorial Arboretum

The site of the National Memorial Arboretum is nestled nearby the National Forrest in Staffordshire. The site is featuring over 33 memorials and military and civilian associations are represented in thought-provoking manners all across the site. The Arboretum is hosting the Armed Forces Memorial, dedicated to all who have been lost on duty during service, from the end of the Second World War to this Day. Visitors will find coffee shops, restaurants and gift shops. This is a great way to teach your children more about the armed forces of the UK and the continuous struggles of those fighting against terrorist acts in the modern-day UK.

The Arboretum is open on a daily basis, from 9am to 5 pm, excepting the Christmas Day.

Unsurprisingly, families will find plenty of things to do in and around Staffordshire. Whenever you feel like your family needs a little more time together, make sure to hop on the car and surf the neighbouring areas. You will find plenty of things to do as a family.

Are you a good candidate for rhinoplasty?


Do you have bad breath? Are you experiencing frequent headaches? The cause that leads to these problems can be your nose. The persons who are experiencing nasal obstructions are often dealing with multiple symptoms, and part of them are surprising for this condition. The best way to solve these problems is to have a rhinoplasty. Actually, rhinoplasty is the most common cosmetic enhancement people are having, some of them for medical reasons, and some of them for aesthetic reasons. If other procedures are common among women or men, this one is common among both genders. This type of procedure changes the features, size and shape of the nose and it affects your overall appearance.

Sometimes, people refer to it as a nose job, and it can be both surgical and non-surgical. However, before contacting a doctor to book the procedure, you should first ask yourself if you are a good candidate for having it.

You are experiencing breathing problems

The main reason why people are considering having a rhinoplasty is that they have breathing problems. Sometimes they are caused by the injuries they experienced, other times the nasal structure they have from birth obstructs their airways, it does not matter the type of the obstruction, it matters that they need to get back to breathing normally, and the only solution is to have this procedure. If you are dealing with this type of problem, you will need a septoplasty, a surgical procedure that corrects the structural deformities within the nose, and helps you breathe better.

You feel insecure and embarrassed

The persons, who are born with a nose shape they are not happy about, often feel insecure and embarrassed, and they are constantly self-conscious about the problem. Sometimes the size of the nose is the one that makes them feel insecure, because they consider that it dominates their face, and people cannot focus on their other features. Other times the nose is off-centre or crooked, or the tip is bulbous or upturned. These are multiple cases when a person can feel embarrassed by the way, their nose looks, and they want to have a rhinoplasty to fix the issue. If you have one of the problems from above, or you do not like the way your nostrils flare or you have a prominent bump on the bridge of the nose, you should contact an aesthetician and ask for their advice. A well-performed procedure can help you have an attractive appearance, and can make you forget about your nose.


The nose is one of the main features that influence the symmetry of the face. Sometimes people have no problems with the nose itself, but with the fact that their face does not look symmetric. In this situation, you may not need a surgical procedure; the doctor can help you achieve symmetry with a non-surgery cosmetic procedure.

You want to improve your appearance, but you do not want perfection

When planning to have a rhinoplasty, being it surgical or non-surgical, it is advisable to have reasonable expectations. The procedure will definitely improve your appearance, but it will not help you achieve the perfect face or nose. It will definitely improve your look, and it will be close to perfection. However, you should be cautious when you plan an enhancement, because sometimes people have the tendency to exaggerate with the number of cosmetic procedures they have, and they end up altering their look.

You are done growing

Rhinoplasty is one of the procedures common among youngsters, because they want to solve their self-confidence problems. If you are a teenager, it is advisable to wait until you are done growing, before having a surgical procedure. Doctors state that the facial symmetry and anatomy change during the teenage years, and when you will be done growing, you may notice that your appearance looks great the way it is, and you do not need the procedure, after all.

You take pictures from a certain angle

When your friends are taking pictures from an angle, you consider unflattering, do you cover your face with your hands? Sometimes the persons who are self-conscious about the way their nose looks prefer to turn their head a certain way, or they take pictures only from a certain angle, because they consider that it is not flattering from them to have a different position. If you will have a non surgical rhinoplasty in Birmingham you can fix the problem, and you will not have to live your entire life feeling afraid that your friends will take pictures when you do not pay attention to the angle. The results of the procedure will help you gain confidence, and you will hold your head high when you will have a group picture.

You had an injury to the nose


If you have experienced a blow to the nose, then there are great chances it to become deformed. If you did not pay attention to the way, your nose healed when it was broken, it can experience permanent changes, and you may not be happy with the way it looks after the accident. If the deformities are minimum you can fix them with the help of non cosmetic surgery in Birmingham, but if they are serious, you will probably need a surgical procedure.

If your nose became crooked after the accident, it can disturb the symmetry of your face or it can draw negative attention. People do not know that you have experienced an accident; you are living in a society where the physical appearance is on great focus. If you have confidence issues because of the way your nose looks, you should not have second thoughts before booking an appointment to the aesthetician.            

If you had an injury to your nose, and it ended up with a crooked bridge then the tip of your nose may not be aligned with the centre of the face or mouth, and it can also be noticeable in photos. Sometimes, the result of the injury are bumps in the nose, they can disturb its normal shape, if they are severely pronounced.

No matter what the reason behind the decision is, you have all the right to enhance your appearance, and you should look for a specialist to do it.