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EdenRobe   , 26

from Artesia Wells
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Kiwigirl - 11/02/17, 12:24 am


Hello EdenRobe,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your kiwibox Team

EdenRobe 26 - 08/04/17, 11:47 am


1. Do not leave your home starving. You should have some light snack before having a lunch if you have missed out on breakfast. A fruit, a glass of fruit juice or carrot juice might go a long way in keeping you full till lunch along with avoiding craving for junk food.

2. Do not get tempted by treats and store them out of sight. This will prevent you from getting tempted to eat them.

3. Drink lots of water or lemon juice. Lemon juice has proven weight loss qualities and can help in reducing weight quickly. Lemon juice acts as detoxifier and purifies body of all its toxins along with fat thus leading to rapid weight loss. Drinking water also purifies blood and body along with providing essential mineral and vitamins. It also keeps digestive system well lubricated.

4. Plan a schedule for eating meals and stick to it. This will regulate food intake and calories along with keeping metabolism rate optimum. This will also avoid binge eating which leads to increase in weight. Also, eat at home as far as possible because you have control over what you eat. Eating at other places like friend’s house, restaurants etc. can lead to increase intake of calorie leading to increase in weight.

5. Avoid alcohol as it contributes lots of calorie leading to excess weight. It can lead to other complications of health too. Due to hangovers resulting from excess alcohol intake, craving for food increases leading to eating high carb food. This can nullify any weight loss program. Thus, for decrease of weight rapidly, it is advisable to avoid alcohol. This is the reason why most doctors recommend HCG Drops which can kill your hunger and it leads to fast weight loss.

6. Eat meals in slow and steady manner. This will lead to easy digestion and this helps brain to send signal to body that it is full. Eating fast and gobbling food prevents brain from doing this function and leads to excess eating leading to increase in weight.

7. Keep tab on how you cook food. Avoid frying and encourage roasting, boiling, grilling as this does not add any calories to the food along with retaining all the nutrients. Frying adds oil to the food thus leading to increase in weight. If at all oil has to be used, use light and good oil like sesame, olive oil for cooking food.

8. Eat only when you are hungry and do not get influenced by taste or the occasion. Just because food is tasty does not mean that you ought to eat it. This decision should be left to body and when brain gives signal to body that it is hungry then is the time to eat. This will help in quick weight reduction.

9. Follow at least one exercise form and do it regularly. You can choose from running, walking, swimming, cycling etc. This will tone up your body along with reducing weight rapidly due to fast expending of calories. Keep changing exercises regularly to maintain interest in exercises. Start slowing and continue it till the ideal weight is attained.

Feel free to checkout this Phen375 pills review on fast weight loss.  It is one of the most sold weight product in US market.

EdenRobe 26 - 07/25/17, 01:28 am


Should you be new to working away or you do not have much work out space at home, you might want to consider adjustable dumbbells. These dumb bells permit you to perform a variety of exercises with no need for several dumbbell sets. Here's how these adjustable weights can help you:

Save Cash and Space

The first thing adjustable dumbbells will certainly do is save you money. You won't need various sets of dumbbells lying around your home gym. You might want to get started on out with a couple of light adaptable dumbbells that allow you to add more discs later, if you're on a tight budget. A pair of adjustable hand weights uses up the minimum of space - great if you are in a tiny apartment.

Add or Lower Pounds as You Require it

Several adjustable dumbbells have a dial system lets you modify the weight adjustments. These are usually more expensive than solid clod sets. You may turn the dials to modify the weights for more level of resistance as you get more powerful. Other types have a slider mechanism that sets the weight.

You Will not likely Outgrow Adjustable Weights

With solid dumbbells you quickly outgrow the weight and it becomes a weight you just don't use any more. Once you have adaptable dumbbells you'll never grow out of them because you can add weight as you need it. You may change the resistance to suit your health and fitness level.

Adaptable dumbbells good to own and they have an advantage over solid dumb bells. You'll save money and you will have more room to work away in. Consider adjustable dumb bells or dumbbell sets - otherwise stick to regular iron plates which are a lot cheaper.
best adjustable dumbbells

What dumbbell exercises can one perform?

There are many of dope exercises that can be done with free weights or dumbbells. These kinds of exercise will help you tone your muscles and you could us light weights or heavy weights all of it will depend on after your preferences and what you want to do with them. Here are a few basic exercises with dumb bells you should try.

Make Press

This is certainly a basic exercise that everyone should do. Stand up and place two dumbbells near your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Subsequent raise the dumbbells until your elbows almost locking mechanism above your head and take the weight back down again. Do several sales reps of 8-12.

Seated Press

This is the same should press as the standing one except you can use a seat to aid your back. Increase the dumbbells over your head until the hand almost lock and then back down again. You can have someone help you if the weight commences to get heavy.

Lateral Raise

Hold a dumbbell in each palm in front of the hips with your hands facing each other. Following you want to increase the dumbbells to your sides until the biceps and triceps are almost parallel to the ground and then lower them back down again and repeat. Make an effort to keep your biceps and triceps as straight as possible when you are undertaking this exercise.

Upright Series

Stand up and place one dumbbell in each hand make them in front of your legs. Raise both arms until they are almost seite an seite to the ground and then lower the weight back down again. May jerk your back as you raise the hand weights; just do the activity slowly.

Bench Press

Lay on a bench and hold two dumbbells at chest level with your palms facing your ft. Raise the weights until the elbows are almost locked and then lower them back down and rest for a few of seconds before doing the exercise again. Ensure you breathe in and away slowly as you lift up the weight up. This kind of is among the finest dumbbell exercises you can do and great for building power. You can also use a bar if you need for this one and bulkier weights.

EdenRobe 26 - 07/23/17, 10:59 am


The eyelashes can surely add to our looks. When it comes to women, lash styling is one thing that they often do. However, there are instances that folks lose their the eyelashes and when it can do happen it can surely make someone really depressed.

Burning off one's eyelashes can actually be a hard thing but that does not imply that there is no fix for your problem.

Eyelash loss has many reasons and causes and believe it or not, stress is one major factor that can cause you to lose your important eyelashes. Basically, your eyelashes commence to become skinny and often fall away in clumps. It would be best that if you see these symptoms you directly check with a medical expert and seek for medical advice.

Eyelashes really do grow and just like any kind of hair. It also has phases. Eyelash expansion can be summarized into three phases.

Anagen - This phase last about 45 days and it is the initial step in eye lash growth.
Catagen - In this phase the enlargement of your eyelashes has stopped. However, it is not yet ready to fall out.
Telogen - This is the previous phase. Basically, this stage is the resting period when it comes to the growth of your eyelashes. The eyelashes fundamentally stay for about 75 days in addition to time comes out. With this stage, it is very easy to lose an eyelash. This is why we need to be careful in styling our the eyelashes or applying any pressure in this phase.

One more factor that also influences ones eyelashes   is his or her nutritional consumption. Having the right diet and proper nutrition is an important part of having healthy hair such as your eyelash. Maintaining while not having to translates to healthy sexy eyelashes. Have a balanced diet and you could also indulge in taking multivitamins and food supplements.

One question though, how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back "Do eyelashes grow back if they are accidentally ripped out? To incorporate, do they get removed if We are removing my wimpernfärbung? " I think that you women out there can relate to this question, in particular when you are styling and accidentally taken the curler out with your eyelashes in it. Actually, the answer to that is yes they can still grow. Nevertheless, it is best that we study first the equipment used for hair styling and the chemicals utilized in the make-up. You must be sure that the chemicals present in the make-up do not harm and influence the growth of your eyelashes.

Eyelashes really increase back as long as you know how to manage them. It could take about a week or even months which totally will depend on what phase you already know your eye lash. Nonetheless, although answer is yes, caring for them is essential.

EdenRobe 26 - 06/17/17, 06:21 am


Crickets: The Other Live Trap

Several years ago We got turned on to using live bait. Ahead of that time I got used worms. Yes viruses are live bait too, but the regarding live bait is much more compared to a crawler on a hook. Minnows, crawdads, and crickets are also a major part of live trap fishing. I've enjoyed using each type, but crickets were my first enterprise into the "other-world" of live bait fishing.

An excellent friend of mine, Ben, first showed me how to use crickets when stream fishing for bass. I was Trout angling the Silver Fork away side of Kyburz, Washington dc. The water was operating and the scenery exceptional. Our plan was to hop boulders from up above and fish our way down stream. 1st on the agenda was my introduction to using crickets as a connect.

Tom grabbed a dark cricket out of the cricket cage and said, "You just run the hook under the collar". What? Was this crickinfo wearing a coat or something? I found that just behind the mind of the cricket is something that looks like a collar. The technique is to gently guide your hook under the collar and your other side of the training collar without killing the crickinfo. It is actually much easier than it may sound.

Next I gone for a fishing bobber and was quickly adjusted by Tom. No Bobber of course, if My spouse and i needed, only the least heavy of your sinker. The idea was to cast on the rushing water and let the cricket drift down stream. I researched by cricket teacher as he gently flipped his line onto the drinking water and the cricket sailed down the creek. In that case he was gone. Seafood on!

Since then We have learned that many people use crickets for a variety of other fish including Panfish and Breen.cricketers point This system is different from the one I used my first day. Various people use a bobber or a float with a #6, #8, or #10 hook. Then they put a lightweight divided shot about 6 ins from the cricket. The idea is to let the cricket slowly and naturally descend through the water. As with Panfish, you will try several times and may modify your bobber depth until you find the right spot.

I have discovered that fish like variety in their diet, just like we do. Live bait is obviously preferred by fish over artificial and in addition they can strike at it aggressively. So feel free to explore a live bait option to earthworms. Crickets: The other live bait.

EdenRobe 26 - 06/15/17, 01:19 am


Also known as the Inca Peanut, the Sacha Inchi is native to the Peruvian Amazon jungle and the natives of this tangled area have used it since time immemorial. In comparison to the oils of all the oilseeds used in the world, for human consumption, Sacha Inchi is the richest in unsaturated fatty acids, reaching up to 93.6%. Most of its composition is Omega 3 giving it its fabulous capabilities.

What is Sacha Inchi Oil?

Sacha Inchi oil is an oil obtained from the processing of the seeds of the same name. Its use goes back hundreds of years, by indigenous people like the Incas. This oil contains nutritious principles that give you virtues to treat different metabolic diseases like lowering cholesterol. In this article, you can see what the properties that allow you to fight against cholesterol.

From the sacha inchi seeds, different products are obtained, such as oil, edible pasta, soft drinks, snacks, etc.

While all these byproducts contain all their nutritional virtues, the oil contains a high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids (93%). 3omega3.it It is considered that this oil is the most omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 contains. Taking this information into account, sacha inchi oil helps to fight against cholesterol, lowering it naturally.


Distribution of Unsaturated Fatty Acids

48.60% are omega 3 fatty acids.

36.80% correspond to omega 6 acids.

8.28% are of omega 9 acids.

In addition, it is the oil that contains the lowest percentage of saturated fatty acids (6.39%)

From these compounds, it can be affirmed that sacha inchi oil acts against cholesterol, through different mechanisms.

Mode of action of sacha oil inchi against cholesterol

Its content in unsaturated fatty acids increases levels of good cholesterol or HDL, which improves blood circulation and reduces platelet aggregation in the arterial walls.

It reduces the synthesis of bad cholesterol or LDL, which favors the blood circulation and decreases the probability of formation of atheroma plaques on the internal wall of the arteries.

It contains antioxidant substances that reduce adipose tissue and derive free fatty acids into the cell for energy.

Although the oil of sacha inchi is very old, our western culture is only now beginning to know its virtues and health benefits and to treat metabolic diseases like cholesterol or high triglycerides.

This is the natural power of Sacha Inchi for the benefit of health that it is essential to include it in our meals since it favors the proper development and functioning of both the nervous system and the brain as it is rich in Essential Fatty Acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

These oils, being absorbed and assimilated by our organism, favor the increase and agility of the different brain functions that are closely linked to memory, intelligence and reasoning. In addition, this prodigious functional food stimulates the strengthening of the defense system, favors the better functioning of the digestive system and fortifies the bones and the bone system in general.

Kiwigirl - 11/02/16, 01:11 am


Hello EdenRobe,

we wish you all the best to your birthday!

Greetings from your kiwibox Team