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albecker   , 36

from Scarsdale

Xanax or Ativan: Which Is Better for Anxiety?


Human psychology is a complex process like human anatomy. Understanding human psychology or having knowledge about human persona is not at all an easy task or job it requires qualification as well as experience. Mental chaos or disorder is also termed a psychological problem or disorder. Many people at the current day scenario are facing a problem related to psychological or mental disarray. A survey conducted recently depicts the fact that approximately around sixty-five to seventy-five percent people are suffering from psychological disorders due to an array of reasons. Out of this percentage, certain people are facing serious issues and some are having lighter issues comparing to others. The survey also reveals the fact that out of these many cases have not received proper treatment yet.

According to a report published by WHO (World Health Organization)shows that in different European countries like Switzerland, Norway, as well as Iceland approximately around twenty-seven percent of people belonging to the age group of 20 to 65, has suffered or witnessed mental ailment or disorder in the past. The survey report also mentions the fact that around 83 million of human life all over the world are going through such problem or ailments. And this data depicts a high risk of human mental or psychological health in the coming years. But what is a psychological disorder or how will you detect a mental disorder?

How will you detect a psychological ailment?

You might be having the above-mentioned question revolving in your mind that how you will detect whether you are suffering from this type of disease or not. Let me solve your problem-

  1. If you fail toremain focus on your task.
  2. If you face prolonged anxiety
  3. If you are suffering from depression
  4. Frequent mood swings and also an eating disorder can be some of the symptoms.

How to treat a patient of mental ailment?

If you are facing mental ailment then surely you need to consult a doctor. Many patients suffering from psychological disorders are often treated by using medicines or pharmaceutical often termed as psychotropic drugs. Xanax and Ativan is a common genre of a drug provided to patients for treating psychological ailments. But you might not be aware of the medicines. Let us discuss about the drugs.

What is Xanax?

Xanax is also termed as alprazolam. This medicine is usually used to treat panic, anxiety, stress, feeling of uneasiness or dilemma as well as helplessness. It is basically used for interim or momentary cure to psychological symptoms.

What is Ativan?

Ativan is also termed or defined as lorazepam. This genre of medicine is typically used on patients suffering from disorders or ailments like depression, chronic anxiety or tension as well as sleeping disorders commonly known as insomnia. This drug is used for short tenure approximately for three to four months.

Basic differences between Ativan and Xanax.

Both the type of drugs is quite influential and actively helps to heal patients of mental illness. But there are certain differences that can be witnessed between either the form or type of drugs. Let us discuss the major differences.

i) Xanax is usually used for a short period to heal patients. Around three to four weeks time is required for healing through alprazolam.

Ativan is also used for a short-term relief purpose and it takes approximately two to three weeks for healing.

ii) The chances of healing through Ativan is more as this lorazepam drug leaves human body faster than its counterpart and so the side effects are less than Xanax.

iii) Ativan drug can be used for underage or below 18 years. Whereas, Xanax is prescribed to patients who are 18 years or more.

Though there are lots of side effects of these drugs still if we compare Ativan is more likely or can be said lorazepam is better to use for patients.

What are Osmotic Laxatives and How do they work?


People are getting more and more inclined towards a lifestyle that can cost them their health. Lifestyle changes such as increasing the amount of fiber in your diet, drinking plenty of water and working out the excess fat are simply a dream for many people to avoid constipation. However, the good news is that you have some other options as well. Laxatives are a type of medicine that can significantly help you to empty your bowels if you don't feel like going to the toilet. The best part is that these medicines are available without a prescription, over-the-counter from supermarket or pharmacies!

A brief profile of Osmotic Laxatives: There is a diverse range of Laxatives that can help you to treat your constipation and one of these is the Osmotic Laxatives. These include ingredients such as lactulose and polyethylene glycol that can help to soften your tools hence making them easier to pass by enhancing the amount of water in your bowels. There are several Osmotic Laxatives that you can use to treat constipation. One of these is Miralax that can be an effective medication for constipation management by increasing the content of molecules in the colon, hence drawing water into the stools for reducing constipation. Miralax basically works on the principle of attracting water and keeping it in your colon which would help to hydrate and soften your stools hence unblocking the entire intestinal structure without resulting in harsh gastrointestinal effects.

How do the Osmotic Laxatives work? Can you see the Word Osmosis in Osmotic Laxatives? If yes then, of course, the process is something concerned with the flow of water. What basic human Physiology says is that the solid wares and water pass through your intestine and eventually to the colon. Constipation occurs when the stool can't easily pass through the pathway causing you discomfort and pain, resulting in straining infrequent small tools. That's where Osmotic Laxatives like Miralax work. The osmotic laxative is elementarily small particles of sugar that promote the flow of water into the lumen of the colon through Osmosis using a concentration gradient.

What are the directions for use? Look how you will take the Laxatives depends on what kind of Osmotic Laxatives you have. Some of the products in this category are chewable, some are tablets, some are pre-mixed liquids while the others are powders e.g Miralax that you can mix into a proportion of 4-8 parts of a liquid before drinking. You can mix Miralax with almost any type of liquid like coffee, tea, water, juice etc. The effects are usually mild and transient and you can easily feel an increase in bowel movement frequency after the use if Osmotic Laxatives like Miralax.

Are there any side effects?Though the Osmotic Laxatives like

Miralax is generally well tolerated but they also have very few side effects like dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, diarrhoea, and cramping. Make sure to consult a doctor if you are already suffering from nausea or vomiting, abdominal pain or irritable bowel syndrome. If your constipation is not getting after a week or so of using Miralax then you should better rush to a doctor.

What is Adderall Used for Besides ADHD?


Adderall is a medication mainly made from a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. It is widely known for its use, that is, treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). It offsets ADHD by altering the levels of chemical substances in neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine.The medication falls into a class of stimulants which changes the normal functioning speed of a normal human brain. Apart from treating ADHD, Adderall is used for other functions.


Narcolepsy is a sleeping disorder generally attacking one in a thousand people in a population of an area. The disease features symptoms such as sleeping more than the required sleeping hours which is 6-7 hours of a day and at odd times of the day and sometimes causes hallucination.Not forgetting that it also results in cataplexy which can be a case of complete or partial loss of muscle control. Adderall offsets narcolepsy by increasing the brains activity and helping the individuals affected stay awake and reduces fatigue. For a specialist doctor giving prescriptions, the dose is usually taken in few doses before the dosage is increased momentarily and regulated to avoid it causing insomnia and help the patient achieve the best results possible


Since Adderall increases the normal brain functioning, it increases the attentiveness of an individual when they are in a class set up or meeting.This causes their ability to listen to the words, word by word, to increase and remember what they heard easily.Though this function is not prescribed, it is recommended that Adderall should be used in small quantity to avoid addiction.


For individuals with behavioral problems, Adderall may be a perfect medication as it increases brain stability and it causes an individual to have control over their emotion-induced behaviors such as anger issues and depression. Likewise, it is not a prescribed purpose but the dose should be regulated. It is an appropriate medication that will suit the needs of individuals who have trouble controlling behavioral issues which in the end at some point may cause interaction with people difficult and ruin healthy relationships.


Adderall also comes in handy in the organization of tasks especially for individuals who are tied down to too many tasks or projects. A dose of Adderall helps do away with the forgetfulness nature, hence, the individual always does the tasks in good time and completes without forgetting a single task. For this dose, it is not prescribed by a medical practitioner but should be taken in controlled amounts to avoid addiction which could cause brain damage.
In conclusion, Adderall medication is safe when the prescription is given by a certified medical agent.This is due to the side effects it has as well as withdrawal symptoms which include mood swings and severe depression which has often occurred in complete addiction situations to the Adderall medications. It is therefore advisable to seek proper guidance by individuals looking forward to using it as the medication can as well be used without giving the required results.

The Most Popular Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


Plastic surgery is usually used to improve the appearance of a person. That is why it is also called the method of body remodeling or cosmetic surgery. A person may not be happy with their body and may want to change it. There may also be unwanted wrinkles, fat deposits or loose skin on the body that you want to change. In all these cases, the solution is plastic surgery. Thanks to an experienced and experienced surgeon, plastic surgery can improve even the natural cutting of the human body from nature.

Read about cosmetic procedures types

Breast augmentation

One of the most frequently performed procedures of cosmetic surgery is breast augmentation procedure or breast implantation procedure. Breast implants are silicone sleeves filled with salt water or silicone gel, placed behind each breast, under the tissue of the breast or chest muscle. The procedure, which lasts only one or two hours, usually takes place under general anesthesia.

Women can opt for breast enlargement for various medical and aesthetic reasons. Breast augmentation allows women with small breasts or uneven growth to have fuller, more compact and proportional breasts.

The procedure can also be combined with other procedures, such as breast augmentation, to achieve even more satisfactory results.


Abdominoplasty, better known as abdominoplasty, helps to flatten and shape the stomach and waist, eliminating excess fat and skin.

The best candidates for abdominoplasty are those who have pockets of oily or loose skin that do not respond well to diet and exercise. Women whose skin and muscles have stretched during pregnancy are also ideal candidates for abdominoplasty.

The treatment lasts from two to five hours and can be performed under general or local anesthesia. The procedure will probably leave a permanent scar that stretches between the hips, although it should be minimal and low enough to be hidden by the bikini. The recovery time ranges from two weeks to several months. Thanks to a balanced diet and regular exercise, the results of the tummy are permanent.


Liposuction is a procedure usually performed to remove fat from around the abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, chin, cheeks, neck and shoulders. In the case of liposuction, local or general anesthesia may be used. Patients may expect the treatment to last from one hour to five hours, depending on the amount of fat removed.

Currently, the most popular procedure of plastic surgery across the globe, surgeons use different methods for liposuction. Some of these methods include ultrasound assisted lipectomy and vacuum lipectomy. In both methods, the liquid is injected into the treated area. Then a small incision is made and the small tube breaks the fat layer and sucks it.


In almost all types of plastic surgery, incisions are made discreetly in the folds of the skin or in the hairline or in places that are not well visible. This removes excess fat or skin, remodels muscles or strategically inserts the implant into the wound, and then gently sutures with fine stitches. Some of these points are absorbed by the body, and some can be removed after eight to ten days, leaving a better body to measure. The final structure depends on the skills of the surgeon, his experience and the applied method of plastic surgery.

Acupuncture Can Be Painless


Japanese-style acupuncturists and enthusiasts of traditional Japanese medicine believe there is an advantage to their style of practice compared with the original Chinese system of acupuncture. The Japanese have had more than 1,400 years to modify the method and into their own highly effective and refined system.

This is not to downgrade the Chinese style, but when such differences exist it is impossible not to draw upon comparisons during explanation. Both styles of acupuncture have seen vast benefits, from treating anxiety to diabetes.

The Chinese style is often described as intolerable to most Westerners because of its use of relatively large needles that are deeply inserted and strongly manipulated, often with electric stimulation.

A common fear keeping people away from acupuncture is that once the needles are in place they will be left alone, they will not be able to move and will feel “pinned” to the table. This is not true in Japanese acupuncture. The Japanese style is the polar opposite, with gentle techniques, shorter needle retention, a hands-on approach and attentiveness of the practitioner. 

People generally have needle phobias that stem from negative vaccination, blood draw or even tattoo experiences. Hypodermic needles involved in these procedures have a hole in the center for either giving a shot or drawing blood. Hypodermic needles are thick and not in the same category as acupuncture needles.

The acupuncture needle is filiform, solid, and much thinner. The standard Japanese needle is about as thick as a human hair. The Japanese needle is so fine that a plastic guide tube must be used to keep the needle straight or it would bend too much and be unable to effectively contact the skin. The thin Japanese needle is often not inserted into the skin but only momentarily contacts or rests on the skin while still achieving effective results.

Japanese techniques are directed at using a minimal amount of stimulation. The Japanese acupuncture motto is “Do not cause the patient any pain.”

Traditionally many acupuncture practitioners in Japan were blind, and as such developed extraordinary sensitivity to gently diagnose and treat the body. This hands-on and sensitive approach translates as a very pleasurable treatment experience for the patient. Currently, 30 percent of acupuncturists in Japan are blind.

What to Expect from a Japanese Acupuncture Treatment

Your first appointment lasts about 90 minutes, which includes a 30-minute consultation followed by a 60-minute treatment. During the consultation I review your health history, discuss your chief complaints and ask questions designed to help me understand your condition. Questions involve pain location, intensity and frequency; sleep patterns; bowel and urinary habits; diet; menstrual patterns; temperature; and head, ear, eye, sinus and allergy complaints.

I will also perform the ancient art of Japanese abdominal diagnosis, pulse diagnosis and meridian palpation at the beginning of each session. All of this detail helps me accurately diagnose your specific condition, called “pattern diagnosis.”

What this means is that “no one condition is treated the same for every patient.” You are unique, and so are the specific signs and symptoms (patterns) that make up your condition. In a nutshell, the cause of your headache, backache or any condition is unique and so too must be your treatment.