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albecker   , 36

from Scarsdale

Whats's The New Genre of Gaming?


Blockchain is changing the Internet and starting to bear fruit via new crypto-currency games. Sure you've heard of CryptoKitties. 

CryptoKitties were great in 2017, but had lots of complications with slow payments. Move aside CryptoKitties! There are new dogs on the block: Coin Dogs has arrived.

Imagine a game where you can make cryptocurrencies while you sleep. Imagine being at work and checking your phone to see new payments deposited into your crypto wallet.

In Coin Dogs you race and breed crypto dogs for fun and profit using one of the top 8 cryptocurrencies. Race your dogs on autopilot day and night against other virtual dogs. When other players breed your dogs, you get passive income to your wallet.

You are an entrepreneur. You are a digital tycoon magnate and the money you earn is not make-believe. Breed your dogs for speed. Breed them for profit. You can also buy them outfits and accessories to make them more attractive than your competitor's dogs. 

You aren't breeding Bambi. You are breeding your own digital Hercules that is the only one of its kind. No exaggeration. You become your own genetic engineer as you explore 6 trillion genetic possibilities to create the most powerful crypto racing dog in the game. 100% unique one that no one else has.

Coin Dogs micro-payments are run through the cryptocurrency Litecoin. Litecoin is a globally established digital currency that's known for its speed, transactional security, and stability. It has tiny fees guarantee no friction and incentivize players to breed, race, and trade dogs frequently. Coin Dogs also employs off-chain storage to facilitate problem-free transactions.

Coin Dogs offers

Entertainment: Players may choose from more than 20 dog breeds with unique character traits. Breeding Coin Dogs allows for 6+ trillion DNA possibilities, introducing scarcity among unique dog breeds. These dogs become priced collector items which can be rented to other players for breeding, and they can be optimized for better racing performance in worldwide races.

Ability to make money: Coin Dogs allows players to earn money by winning races, renting dogsfor breeding purposes, and trading dogs. Players can become successful in just about any or all of these game aspects, and the element of chance allows for plenty of entertainment value in the unpredictability of every race.

Investment opportunities: Coin Dogs offers investors and players the chance to share in the success of the overall game via Coin Dogs tokens (CDS). CDS tokens represent ownership share and give the holder voting rights and dividends from the game's profits. Players can earn CDS the more they play the game. CDS token holders have the opportunity for dividends.

Addictive and unique game play

Coin Dogs' game play provides a unique combination in the cryptocurrency gaming space.

The chance to breed unique dogs with special characteristics introduces an element of scarcity, which raises the perceived price of those collectible dogs. As a result of the interactive social nature of the game, various breeds may end up desirable by players.

Coin Dogs' racetrack aspect is the first of its kind in cryptocurrency gaming. Players can enter their dogs in races with a Litecoin entry payment, and the fastest dogs in each race earn profits. Characteristics like temper, DNA, experience, and age affect a dog's racing performance.

With a player-to-player game, the social element is a key factor in people's entertainment and profitability. The Coin Dogs platform enables users to display their best dogs for social capital, breeding, and reputation interest.

How to start

During Coin Dogs' slow rollout, players can join the game with special signup codes. These codes must be sent from an existing player in order to slowly grow the user base.

To find out more here's the link virtual pet game COIN DOGS

Digital marketing, what are the options?


Everyone wants to be successful in their career. They want to get the best out of themselves, become advanced in their field and to be rewarded with their own successful businesses.

Being a digital marketer isn't just about writing a good article or a good introduction to your website, being a digital marketer involves a wide range of skills, from the design of the website to the interaction with clients, and the simplicity in providing your product.


Being a successful marketer varies from one field to another, although the end goal is always to end up top of the search engine results, and to get your website promoted naturally instead of paying a lot of money indefinitely. Of course there will be costs involved, but these costs are lower than the monthly costs involved in advertising. Good digital marketing will save your money over time.

Being a content writer, if you provide the best content, writing with an attractive tone will depend on the demographic or the age of people you deal with. You will need to target the main selling point of your business with an easy, informative and illustrative way that will let the reader get attracted to the tone and understand the key selling points that you want them to consider.

Being a social media advertiser is one of the most valuable ways of digital marketing there is online, because its separated into many sections and provide a lot of control over who sees your ads and when.

Social media marketing is really sensitive because of the huge number of posts and events and comments and likes crowding out people's feeds every day, it can be really hard to attract your customers and to stand out.

You have to study your audiences, who's going to interact with you, their age, their interests and the places they live in depending on the quality and price of your product, all of these are ways to study the social media market and social media platforms make it easy to reach this level of studying your audiences.

Making a feasibility study to your market survey is really the best thing you want to do to get success when it comes to your digital marketing, whether in social media or other aspects of digital marketing. Your web design is also very important as it's the ground level of everything you are trying to achieve. If your website is bland or boring, or worse – broken, all your digital marketing attempts will be for nothing. Reading web design related books, articles and guides will help you to make the most of your website.

Starting your ads is the last part of your digital marketing, campaign, but continue to make an your plans and studies and analyse the data and feedback you receive. Attract your audiences and let them have interaction with your product, because more interaction means a greater reach in regards to the amount of people that see your ads and social media posts.

Continuing to improve your website design is one of the important parts of the whole campaign, if your website attracted your customer, they'll visit you more, keep the website simple with easy interaction methods to keep your customers coming back.


How to choose SEO Company in Bangkok


Without proper SEO services, it is really difficult to reach the ladder of success. Today, we can't think of a company without proper SEO services because it is through their services that a company can be at the top. There are thousands of agencies and firms located all over the world. Their main aim and objective are to help every company get better ranking in the search engines. Though almost all the agencies claim that they provide organic SEO services, but few companies do so. It is your responsibility to find out which company or SEO provider can provide you with the best services.

There is an overwhelming increase in this trend, and one should be aware of tips on SEO Company in Bangkok offering a great graphic design with the lowest costs possible.
First, always prefer an SEO company that is capable of working for more hours in a week, or perhaps 24 hours a day if possible. The team designated for your website's makeover and traffic building should provide reliable and competent web designs and other assigned tasks. You should be able to ensure that they will optimize your online business to many search engines online, so as to build a traffic that will drive in countless customers and potential buyers. A good company always does the job on time and does not require further instructions to help you with optimizing and link building.

Second, testimonials and recommendations concerning the company should be carefully assessed so that you can rest assured that it delivers only high-quality SEO services. To do this, you need to browse the internet for any feedbacks related to the company. In addition to this, you can also ask your friends or acquaintances who know the company or had one that worked for their website before. See if you can check the working history in the company's website online. If you cannot find any, you can simply ask the staff to provide their service records so you can track how they did during their previous assignments for other website owners.

Third, make sure that the company or design agency is one of those that offer practical and affordable service package. The best outcome for the staff must not be the sole basis for choosing the suitable website designer You should also pay particular attention to your own budget. Remember that most of the SEO service competitors today have increased their rates since the past few months, but there are still those who can convey pleasant traffic build up. All you need to find is patience in searching the Internet for such companies, and you will indubitably come across with the one you are looking for

Lastly, test the quality of your potential SEO services provided by means of asking the staff to check up on your website, and suggest ways to improve the traffic and give your online shop a nice and full makeover. Always remember that the staff should be able to assist you 24 hours a day so that if you have any troubles, the SEO Company in Bangkok consultant will support you accordingly. If you like their suggestions, then you are on your way to hiring the web design company as your enthusiastic graphic designer.

So, start with your search for SEO Company in Bangkok today only and hopefully, you will get in touch with a reliable provider soon. You can also ask your colleagues and friends to help you out in finding a reliable provider who can serve your business properly.

How to Choose an Electric Shaver


Electric shavers have become so popular these days as they offer convenience and ease of use. But selecting the best electric shaver can be a challenge to you as there are plenty of choices that you can find. Below shows some of the factors to look at when looking for a top electric shaver.

1. Ease of use and convenience. A top electric shaver is one that has ease of use and provides convenience to its user while it eliminates the need of creams and foams so that you can save time.

2. Safety of use The top electric shavers for you are those products that reduce nicks and cuts and minimizes the maintenance efforts.

3. The type of electric shaver. Selecting the best electric shaver can be a challenge as your choices are overwhelming. To select the razor that is best for you is to understand the different types of electric razors and how they function. There are two basic kinds of electric razor that you can easily find. One type is the razor that follows a straight pattern and the other types are the razor that moves in circles while shaving. Electric shaver that follows straight pattern provides as much as clean shave that you need and these can the best for men who need to shave every day.

Electric razor that moves in circles w has rotary blades that are capable of shaving different types of facial hair. Razors that belong to this type are highly effective in eliminating longer and thicker facial hair. However, it is not only the type that you have to consider when shopping.

4. The cost of various electric shavers. You have to understand that price of electric razor varies from one another, and it depends upon your preference if you want to pay high for a razor that offers exceptional features or for a product the offers average shaving ability but cost low. The average price of an electric range deprnfing on the features and brand, the grater the features the higher the cost. A higher cost guarantees a high quality of the electric shaver.

5. The features of the electric shaver. Another way to determine the best electric shaver is to know the features of the razor. Just like when you shop other products, you have to identify the product features and specifications so that your investment will have a grand value. The best electric shaver can be those razors that are rechargeable and not those operated by batteries. While battery operated razors are nice they are more convenient to use when travelling. Rechargeable razors can be the best electric shaver as you can use them any time of the day as long as it is fully charged.

6. The Brand of the electric shaver. There are plenty electric shaver brands out there and you can even shop them via online. You can visit the right website and look for a top electric shaver for you This can give you the opportunity to save time, effort, and money.

How teens can cash in this summer cleaning offices


Summer holidays are always long and with nothing to keep you busy, it can be boring. Keep yourself busy and resourceful by looking for a job but how can you do so? There are various jobs teenagers can do to cash in some money; you can think of a full-time or part-time job. I prefer part-time jobs since you'll have some hours to do your things.

Part-time jobs can be a great way for teens to earn extra-cash for spending. These jobs can help them save-up for college or even buy a car for themselves. However, there are various standard jobs such as baby-sitting, retail and restaurant jobs and apart from these, there are specialized jobs available in different areas but you have to think outside the box. Most preferably a job that is unique to your area.

House cleaning is a task or job that any responsible teenager can do. There are some elderly people as well as people with busy schedule who have little time spared for cleaning their houses. These people tend to hire someone to come and clean their houses. This is a great opportunity and you can make some significant amount of money by just cleaning houses. In addition, you can gather additional clients through referral if you are doing a superb job.

Cleaning offices

You have the idea but how good can you put it to earn extra cash? Yes, you have settled on house cleaning but you need to expand your area of specialization, apart from house cleaning, office cleaning can be a great part-time job to earn extra money. Generally, cleaning doesn't sound like fun but in those areas where good help has proven to be hard to find can be your opportunity to fetch some spending cash.

To possibly find yourself good places, you can check out on professional offices, local schools, churches, maid services and day cares to see if you there is anyone who needs help with any basic cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming or even more specific jobs such as window washing. Often, most places or people won't be searching for daily cleaning, therefore, with this job; you'll be working probably for 6-10 hours or even fewer per week

How to find Office leaning job

One of the best ways to find a job is through networking. This is a great resource to find a job that is, before everyone else. You can start by telling people who are close to you like your family members, pastor and teachers. Often, cleaning jobs are advertised in traditional ways. However, to be ahead of others, you can talk to office and day-care managers about how and where they normally advertise their cleaning job vacancies. However, of you have a resume them you even stand big opportunities since many big companies such as hotels tend to keep files for people seeking cleaning jobs for up-to a year so that at all times, they have a pool of prospective employees to pull from

Creating a Cleaning Job

Depending on where you come from, it's easy to start a cleaning business or job. You can market yourself by making and hanging up flyers or choose the traditional way of spreading the word around ;let's say, the town to inform people that you'll be doing private household and office cleaning.

Create a price list based on time spent in cleaning a specific area then just multiply that time by the minimum wag. And lastly, diversify; offer specific services such as organizing basements and closets including trips to drop-off unused items in donation bins. These specific tasks are disliked by many house-owners including attic cleaning. Teens are likely to be paid based on the job done instead of each hour worked; therefore teens should price their job properly.


If you settle on cleaning, diversify yout task to get fetch more cash for yourself. Apart from house cleaning, look for house cleaning and with good resume, you are likely to be called even in future if need be However, when it comes to lookin for summer work for teens, with cleaning services, you are more likely to find many customers. Try to diversify on your tasks and focus on jobs that often people or homeowners dislike like organizing and cleaning basements, attics and closets.