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annajohnson   , 33

from Concord Chevron Usa Inc

What to expect during 31 weeks of pregnancy

Once you touch 31 weeks of pregnancy your baby hump moves. You may feel that you are under the collar as well.  The baby is going to measure around 31 inches and in terms of weights should be around 3 and half pounds. In terms of size it would be the size of a coconut and the pace of growth would be on the steady side. The foetus is more of the size of a baby in terms of size. They are going to kick you in a manner that you will feel the baby move. There would be more distinctive patterns of movement if the baby does happen  to sleep over a long stretch of time as well. At this point of time a lot of fat does go on to accumulate under the skin. It does point to the fact that the pancreas along with the digestive system of your little one is functioning.

The brain of your baby is developing at the same time. You can compare it to the speed of light as fast as ever. In fact connection between the individual nerve cells is established as well. Just as you are preparing for the arrival of the new born baby, so too the baby is practicing inside to cope up with the challenges of the outside world as well.

In case if you do feel the muscles of your uterus in a tight position then do not rush to the hospital straight away. First and find out more with a contraction timer online. This would give you an idea on what to expect in the first place. In fact a baby contraction timer would be of a lot of importance as well. You can be in a position to identify the true from the false ones. The false ones are going to prepare you for the big real thing. They do occur at regular intervals and they are irregular in nature. There are some other symptoms that you need to keep an eye on

Shortness of breath

You could find yourself in a situation where shortness of breath does occur. Once again all this would be due to pregnancy as well. Here the uterus goes on to push the internal organs. Then the lungs feel crowded and they are not in a position to breathe as well. Being short of breath is not a great feeling during the course of pregnancy. But be aware of the fact that it would fade on its own once you are over with pregnancy. This could be the case when the baby is going to drop into the pelvis for delivery. It is suggested that you sleep on the left side in order to reduce the pain.

Backaches or headaches

Both of these symptoms are common during the course of pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy or the figure would be the main reason for these changes occurring at this point of time. You need to keep a track of this.

Wear Lapel Pins to Show Support for Your Favorite Teams

Sports have the capability of uniting nations and continents. We grew up watching different sports. Many people develop liking to a certain sports team. We love to show our support to our favorite teams. We dance with joy when they win and cry when they lose. Winning and losing is a part and past of the game. One day our team is going to win and one day they will lose. But the one thing that will stay constant is the passion and support for the team.

 Also, it is important for the teams to take care of their supporters. We see a lot of teams distributing team accessories and T-shirts among the fans for free. Fans come to the ground everyday wearing these accessories to support their team. For any team, fans are the most important.

I know a lot of fanatics who love to wear the crest of their teams on their shirts and T-shirts all the time. It gives them a sense of pride. But, doing so is not possible all the time. That is why for a sports team, it would be wonderful to present their fans with sports lapel pins with the crest of the team printed on it. In this way, a person can wear the crest of his or her favorite team anytime and anywhere he or she wants it.

 Lapel pins are a small thing but it can have a huge impact on the fans. It has the ability to infuse a sense of pride among the fans. Now, I know a lot of fans who are involved with the team only when there is a match. Otherwise, they are not interested in the team. But there are fans who want to be with the team in every situation. They like to feel that they are an integral part of the team. Lapel pins are a great thing for them.

 But, arranging so many lapel pins can be a tough task. To ease up the job, there are websites who are providing customized lapel pins for many sports teams including soccer, baseball, basketball, and football. So, as a sports fan, these pins are a must-have for you. Also, if you are a member of the team or a coaching staff or a member of the administration, in order to build engagement with the fans, you should get these pins and distribute them among the fans. To know more about the sports lapel pins click here.

Why is Landscaping Important to your Home?

A home is not complete without a well-landscaped yard. It is a delightful sight to see and enables you to feel a sense of exclusivity making you the envy of the whole neighborhood. It not only adds aesthetics to your home but it has also its share of benefits.

Benefits of Landscaping

For economic reasons, landscaping increases the value of your home and makes your home more attractive to prospective buyers in case you want to sell it. With landscaping Peel, it shortens the time that the property is on the market. It can also help reduce your cooling and heating costs.

When it comes to health reasons, landscaping can create a healthier home because it filters the pollutants and provides cleaner air. When you have a garden to tend to, it will promote an active lifestyle to your family and keeps them fit. It can also help you and your family de-stress because landscaping creates a beautiful sight.

You can help the environment with landscaping Peel because it reduced the storm water runoff, which helps reduce the local flooding. Plants can also help in controlling temperature extremes which means that it can help you stay cooler in the summer and can add warmth during the winter.

If you worry about erosion in your place, according to Leader Landscape Construction, a carefully executed landscaping can help reduce the loss of soil into the waterways. It can also maintain the fertility of the soil with the reduction in soil degradation and evaporation.

Landscaping can also contribute to the social well-being of the members of the community. Landscaping can create a green buffer zone between homes that increase the livability of the community. It makes it more appealing and helps create harmony between homeowners.

Another factor why landscaping is important is it can help reduce local noise and heat. Friction between neighbors often esteems from too much noise and heat. With landscaping, it can buffer the noise and help decrease in temperature.

When you have a carefully planned landscaping like the one provided by Leader Landscape Construction, you will have an appealing environment that is good for entertaining and relaxation. You can have your weekend barbeques or fun-filled family get together in your home.

With a very creative deck and a gorgeous execution of greeneries, you have created a community that has to increase its livability in this competitive world of high-density developments.

If you are planning to have a good landscaping for your home, do it now and contact your local landscaping contractor like the one in Peel, Leader Landscape Construction. A good landscaping plan the route into your home with walkways that keep the mud and water away from your house.

If you added a porch in your added space, it will add space to your house. Coupled with a carefully executed landscape, you will have a perfects setting for social occasions with family and friends. A newly constructed home is the perfect time for landscaping, it is like an empty canvas that is waiting for the painter to have a free rein and show his artistic ability.

Three Tips to Know Before Traveling to Paris

Paris is considered one of the most enchanting cities in the world, but some people find they don't have the experience they were expecting once they land in the city. Fortunately, the following tips will arm you with some essential travel knowledge and help ensure that the time you spend in Paris is enjoyable.

1) Pickpockets Are Very Active in Paris.

Many individuals think they know how to keep themselves from being a victim of pickpocketing, but pickpockets in Paris know precisely what to look for and who makes for an easy target. In Paris, it is best not to flash your money, fancy cameras, cellphones, or other electronic devices around, as this is a good way to make yourself known to pickpockets. If you are carrying a wallet, you should never carry it in your back pocket. Pickpockets work fast and often in groups, so while you are distracted by someone who "accidentally" spilled mustard on your shirt, another person will "bump" you from behind and take your wallet while you're cleaning up.

David Peinsipp, Cooley LLP corporate partner and avid traveler, says, "A great way to stay safe and in control of your money and credit cards is by wearing a money belt." This travel tool can be safely and comfortably worn under your shirt and often has easy-access compartments for things that you may need throughout the day like cash or credit cards. Additionally, many people find that traveling with a bag or backpack that has locking mechanisms also works well; just be sure to keep your bag in front of you, as some pickpockets have been known to slash bags while tourists are distracted.

2) Learn French Phrases.

While many Parisians do speak some English, many consider it rude to start a conversation in English. A simple hello in French can go a long way towards making a Parisian person more likely to be genial.  It is advisable to start a conversation in French before asking if it would be possible to speak English.

You may encounter individuals who either do not speak English or don't wish to, so be prepared by having some key phrases memorized so that you aren't at a loss for what to say. "Cell phones have translation apps now that you use during your visit," suggests David Peinsipp. Don't be afraid to ask for a moment to use your phone. It is good to remember that you are in a foreign country that sees many tourists throughout the year, so being polite by learning some of their native language will both help you navigate the city easier. It also may help the locals to be more comfortable helping you as well.

3) Don't Dress Like a Tourist.

Paris is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, and as soon as you step off the plane, you will probably be able to tell the difference between native Parisians and tourists. Instead of packing your sandals, cargo pants, and polo shirts, consider that sticking out when traveling can contribute to making your more visible to pickpockets and thieves. You may find that if you dress too casually, you won't be allowed into certain restaurants or places of interest.

In Paris, many of the famous cathedrals and churches won't let tourists in if they aren't dressed appropriately (shoulders cannot be showing for ladies in religious buildings and often men and women in shorts will not be allowed in). Don't miss out on seeing the sites when in Paris by making sure you dress appropriately.

While you might not know what the current fashion trends are in Paris, black is always in fashion, and you can dress up a look with scarves or a nice pair of shoes. In Paris, dress to impress and you may find that the locals treat you with more respect, especially when you seem to respect and observe their fashion customs. You don't have to dress in couture, but do dress respectfully and leave the sandals, oversized shirts with slogans, and baseball hats at home.

While Paris can be a fun and exciting city, it is also a place that sees millions of tourists per year and not everyone finds that they enjoy the city. Generally, the more you know before you travel to Paris, the more fun you will be able to have. With these three tips, you can be one step ahead of the other visitors as you manage to navigate the city more like a local and less like a tourist.

3 Activities to do with New Friends

When we were younger, making friends seemed like an enjoyable and easy task. When we weren’t wrapped up on whether we were making a good impression or if someone liked us, broaching a stranger and becoming fast-friends seemed like one of the easiest things to do in the entire world. Now, as adults, some of us can find ourselves lacking in confidence when looking for new people to join ranks with.

Of course, making friends is not as terrifying as you think. The best thing to do when meeting new people is to be yourself. Then, if they like you, you know you’re onto something that’s likely to blossom, rather than fizz out into nothing. When it comes to keeping new friends, you need to be persistent, but not too persistent and get personal. After all, friends tell each other everything, and the beauty of new friends is that they haven’t heard your stories before.

If you’ve found yourself with new friends and are wondering what to do that could strengthen your budding friendship, then this article is going to divulge some of the best activities to do together.

1.      Make a ‘Friend Date’

There’s nothing new and unusual about meeting up for coffee, a meal, or for a few drinks; this has remained a popular tradition because it allows friends to wine, dine and talk with minimal distractions. While a movie can be great fun every now and then, friends are great for being able to talk about other people, relationships, and even work, all while in a social environment.

However, if you’re looking to spend time with new friends, you may want to put a twist on an already tried and tested means of quality time.

Go to a brewery, vineyard or distillery. Pubs, bars and clubs are all good fun in their own right, but if you want to try something different, why not book a couple of spaces on a brewery, vineyard or distillery tour? Doing so means you and your new friends can enjoy good drink, all while getting to know one another. What’s more, when it comes to enjoying a few drinks, you and your friends don’t need to worry about hangovers. Nowadays you can get IVs sent to your homes so that you can withstand the worse hangovers, while you detox your body from the night before. Companies such as Reset IV can help you overcome the morning after, 24/7.

Make dinner together. Going out for food is a great bonding experience, but frequently eating out can be bad for the waistline and bank account if you’re not too careful. There’s nothing worse than burning out too fast, too early, meaning you can’t enjoy the rest of the month with your friends. Therefore, to avoid this from happening, invite some new friends over to your home, so that you can cook together (or for them), and host a dinner party.

2.      Bond Over Common Interests

You get on for a reason, so make sure you bond over these common interests. For instance, if you’re a gamer and into comic books or anime, then play such games together, lend one another books, and even attend events such as Comic-Con with each other. The same logic applies to if you like the same band (concerts) or sports (support the same team).

3.      Go Big or Go Home – Book a Vacation

While you may need to know someone for at least a couple of months before broaching the subject of going abroad with one another, this idea shouldn’t be taken entirely off the table. If you’re a fan of travel, and so is your new friend, what’s stopping you from booking a couple of plane tickets away somewhere with them? While this is an expensive activity, if you don’t have many commitments at home, you could log in one day with your friend and see what the cheapest flights are in a couple of days’ time.