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bfoskhm   , 27

from China


large temperature difference between morning and evening

we said of "travel", is a real meaning Shang of outdoor movement, is has may in field encountered rain, and Gale weather, has may camping of activities, if you for of activities more close limit, so charge clothing on more needs, charge clothing just a special clothing, more is a security of guarantee, this and speed dry clothing is completely different of, recommended you carry-on carrying a pieces charge clothing, and speed dry clothing in spring summer travel may everyone will essential.  nike free run 5.0 running shoes Quick-drying clothes is also called quick-drying clothes, is the essential clothing for outdoor activities in the summer, its main characteristic is dried quickly, saturated with perspiration can dry completely in half an hour, when after being wet, and in one or two hours to dry completely. Quick-drying clothes usually worn, wear quick-drying clothes after wearing underwear, but remember not

 to wear cotton underwear, sweat-absorbent cotton underwear but airtight, not easy to dry, outdoor sports underwear underwear for COOLMAX fabric quick dry function. At present, the most common fast-drying fabric with CoolMax, Scotchgard (3M), Teflon (Dupont company), Supplex (Dupont company), Pro-Dry, and Ciba, and Minlan Dry and the M.C.S (and anti-UV), HyperStretch, and Omni-Dry (Columbia company 30 UV index), the Dryflo ( LoweAlpine company), Ploartec Power Dry (Malden nike free run 3 womens running shoes Mills company), some other company will add other materials to speed drying, in order to play its special function, such as Rayosan UV Fiber, M.C.S, UV-Cut fiber,UV-Con-trol, can enhance the elastic StretchMaterials and so on. Carry a charge suit spring/summer travel is necessary if heavy rain, high winds, or a large temperature difference between morning and evening area, or the

 higher elevations of the mountain, assault suit was particularly important because charging clothing with professional waterproof, breathable, wind-proof, tear-proof, wear-resistant, Hardy character, speed-this is no ordinary clothes or clothes instead. Whether quick dry clothing or emergency clothing, must be performed by a professional outdoor sports equipment manufacturer, was no ordinary fair clothing manufacturers specializing in the outdoors in General, producing both clothing, so as long as you choose a good brand, authentic items from reliable sources, we can guarantee the quality. Emergency clothing buying guide in recent years, outdoor sports in China have flourished, and outdoor equipment, mountaineering, through these terms are acceptable to the public. The ancients said: 工欲善其事, its prerequisite in recent years, outdoor sports in

washing of the above mentioned standard were generally

main in domestic, and and Europe area sales, washing marked above General will has English, and French, and German, and Japanese, languages of description. Huizhou factory clothing in China, Korea, and Russia and other countries sell above the care label will have instructions in English, Korean, Russian and other languages, sold the goods in some countries must also meet local requirements, so the same clothes in different plant care label and the text might be different. 4, Backup  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens care label is currently available there is Viet Nam, and Thailand, Indonesia, India and other countries processing of garment, at a time when domestic sales, tend to care label sewn above (or with plastic "stick") was a Chinese care label, which after the washing of the above mentioned standard were generally not "Pack", he said. This is because China has provided, usually in domestic sales of the

 product must have instructions in Chinese, in Viet Nam, and Thailand, Indonesia, India and other countries after processing of clothing imports to China, first in a factory sewing (or plastic "stick") a care label with instructions in Chinese. Summary, is where the care label is not the same as, or the above text is not the same, this is not a critical factor in judging the true and false, to sum up, there is only one nike free run constant, that all the genuine use of primary care label is "edging", this is what judge clothes are a key factor for true and false. Types of lanyard with Rosi Fez as an example, clothes hanging rope because of the different clothes and different, but most are nylon, mostly grey, red, black color, and so on, and some also like the dress fabric material. Therefore, when everyone in the identification of true and false, don't always hold himself at the counter to buy a dress,

to identify other people's clothes, and himself is being genuine, don't like fakes, this too tenuous, first you must understand the different clothes using the lanyard is not the same.Quick dry clothing and emergency clothing spring/summer choice tips spring and summer season is a good season to travel, neither Alice nor the fake ass friends, even ordinary wage earners also hope in this outing of the season to go out for a walk. Experience nature is good, but, after all, is an outdoor game, the necessary outdoor gear is a must, as the apparel and equipment, and spring and summer travel, quick dry clothing and emergency clothing are indispensable, below, small, braid you select quick dry clothing and emergency clothing, provide a reference for your trip. Spring and summer travel, fast-drying many will as a fixture, but how about charging clothes? do you really need?Here,

shirt is generally on the left and right sides of the body

Currently Le Republika FES, and Colombia, international well-known brand using of are is this with package side of washing marked, this washing marked are is domestic joint venture of some manufacturers do out of, used abroad advanced of process equipment, processing equipment cost high, washing marked of cost also compared high, and do any washing marked are requirements provides authorized certificate, so imitation goods hard got this a with package side of washing marked, imitation  air jordan 6 retro uk goods basically are used of is cutting of washing marked, is no "package side" of that a, price cheap, for fraud.The thickness of the care label. Real thing the care label in general feel good to the touch (with felt and cloth pasted on both sides), because genuine care label is woven out of independently, so there will be more "pretty" feel. Fakes are often used is a single layer cut care

label, the texture is soft and thin. 2, and washing marked of location washing marked in clothes above of location, to different of clothes, where of location will not as, charge clothing General in body of left below and collar above (in 08 zhiqian many charge clothing of washing marked in body of left below, but 08 began, some charge clothing of washing marked also often appeared in led marked of following, if to air jordan 4 retro uk washing marked of location, judge charge clothing of true, not science). Zhuarong more general below the neckline, and some also in left or right side of the body (mostly on the left), quick dry shirt neckline, shirt is generally on the left and right sides of the body (on the left). 3 peak charge clothing, special circumstances (this charge clothes counters are primarily national sales, interested friends can reach the counter look), the same styles (AAJR), Color

respectively is red and grey match, gray and light gray match of, I in wrote this article articles of when found a strange of phenomenon, I carefully compared has this two pieces charge clothing, ash red of is Shanghai produced of, gray light gray of is Huizhou produced of, although is same of style, and goods, but using of washing marked vary, here of different is refers to washing marked above printing of text different, Huizhou produced of above unexpectedly appeared has Russian, this is I in Le Republika FES all washing marked above first times see, I also was is wonder, I after asked has Yong Yuan of some friends and Le Republika FES domestic agent Granville rich company of friends, obtained conclusions is different of factory processing of clothing because sales regional of changes, washing marked of text will vary, like Shanghai of factory processing of clothing

ensure a breathable waterproof as possible on the basis of

 infatuation with outdoors too, do not want to invest too much, this is a good choice. Usually best on a backpack, in case it rains again and put them on. 2, waterproof breathable select from common sense we can see that if ordinary materials make it waterproof, airtight, such as plastics, rubbers and breathable materials, such as cotton, and not waterproof. Charge both clad materials are both, but the balance between the expense of waterproof and breathable performance is limited, and  air jordan 3 retro uk we must not have too high expectations. In times of continuous climbing in general are boring, under continuous heavy rain, there is always wet. Water resistant:Emergency clothes fabrics ensure a breathable waterproof as possible on the basis of, but waterproof far better than plastic, rubber and other materials. Permeability testing method of steam can be used: pour half a cup of hot water in a

 Cup, clothing fabric cover charge on the Cup, or they can write a piece of the glass, if you see the heat coming through the fabric, or condensation of the moisture on the glass, then it was breathable. But beware, the permeability is different for different materials, there are both good and bad, test only qualitative evidence above is not completely airtight, but breathable performance of undetected. Emergency clothing buying guide Alice advice on how to identify the false air jordan 1 retro uk charge of charge clothes clothing is essential equipment for outdoor sports, a real assault suit, functionality is very powerful, with more and more people join the outdoor, assault and many types of clothing. However, currently on the market in buying when you charge clothing how to identify them? 1Scale appearance, washing and processing issues there are few people refer to care label, mostly just

about care label location (location is not critical), the real key is the care label of the process itself. Care label is described below. How identification charge clothing of true really goods of washing marked is has "package side" of, here refers to of "package side" is refers to washing marked long side has each a article "traces", this "traces" actually is washing marked woven process in the woven out of, really goods of washing marked is woven out of, not cutting of, really goods of washing marked are is alone of a a independent printing of of, everyone can from clothes above apart view see on knows has, then said short side, short side is woven out of, short side no cutting of traces, edge is sealed of, Fakes are cut out, so that true and false identification, key to read the care label has no edge, if there is in General to be genuine. Fake products using this technology at present very little.

of non-porous and hydrophilic molecular chain structure to

China have flourished, and outdoor equipment, mountaineering, through these terms are acceptable to the public. The ancients said: 工欲善其事, its prerequisite. There are a variety of outdoor gear, they can better enjoy outdoor fun in the wild. Both are hiking through, traveling or camping and leisure, are likely to experience bad weather, then if there is a charge clothing, will contribute to your outdoor  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk life considerably. Hardshell, has long been a Chinese nickname, I define it as ' wind and rain breathable functional coat '. Whether it is mountain climbing, hiking through, camping and leisure, both wind and frost sleet, it can give you a very good care. More and more friends now want to know hardshell, separately explained: first, theClassification to understand hardshell fabric, fabric must start with its speak up. No matter what is the name and look from material

properties can be divided into two basic categories: one is the EPTFE membrane of microporous materials, currently only the GTX, DENTIK, EVENT three. It waterproof breathable of function is in clothing of outside fabric Shang composite a layer micro hole film, which of micro hole than drops molecular small, and than gas molecular big, can in block rain of while volatile itself of Khan gas; another a is PU or nike mid blazer womens TPU coating (or complex film) of Pro water type fabric, except above three species, other all brand in using of are belongs to this category. Its function is to rely on waterproof layer of non-porous and hydrophilic molecular chain structure to achieve. Comparison of these two types of materials: advantage EPTFE fabric is waterproof, breathable performance are very good, especially at low temperature, stable performance under (mountain climbing are worn such clothes

when thanks to this characteristic), wide application range. Disadvantage is slightly less wash, the higher the price; PU fabric advantage is durability, cheap price. Disadvantage is the poor ventilation property, especially when the ambient temperature is low, due to the instability of the materials will result in lower air permeability, wide application range than the former. Feature segment, waterproof breathable fabrics can be divided into three broad categories: 1, under two laminating adhesive fabric: Outer fabric combined with a layer of waterproof and moisture permeable layer when making a costume needs to add a layer of lining on the inside to protect the waterproof and breathable membrane. Is characterized by relatively soft fabric, the scope is wide. 2,Three laminated rubber composite waterproof and breathable under layer fabric-fabric and composite layer lining, in the