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ecigarettes   , 32

from Newburyport


A Closer Look at Electronic Cigarettes Safety


The safety of electronic cigarettes is a topic that has been hotly debated over the past few years, especially with the growing emergence of electronic cigarettes being marketed as a safe alternative to tobacco smoking. While there is not an overwhelming amount of evidence in favor of electronic cigarettes being 100% safe, it is clear that they are safer when compared to tobacco cigarettes. Learning more about what goes into individual e-liquid cartridges can help you to make up your own mind about whether or not to switchover to electronic cigarettes.

 Nicotine solution cartridges - what are they?

 Most electronic cigarettes have a detachable cartridge containing a solution that is consequently vaporized by an internal atomiser powered by a lithium ion battery. The liquid consists of water, propylene glycol, flavoring agents, and differing quantities of nicotine. When the electronic cigarette is dragged on, a vapor is produced and released through the mouthpiece. This vapor can then be inhaled into the smoker's lungs, delivering a hit of nicotine accompanied by a throat hit similar to tobacco smoke. The sensation of smoking an e cigarette is not the same as that of smoking a tobacco cigarette, particularly because the substance is vapor and not smoke - but it is similar enough to give the feeling that you are smoking.


Notable health organizations warn that electronic cigarettes should not be considered products that can help tobacco cigarette smokers to quit. However, independent reviews and observations lend credence to the possibility that e cigarettes could indeed be helping smokers significantly. Even if electronic cigarettes cannot be considered perfectly safe, there is little doubt that they are much safer than tobacco cigarettes, which contain numerous trace chemicals, carcinogens, and toxins like tar and carbon monoxide which have been known to be dangerous to human health and longevity.


Electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular throughout the world, and tobacco smokers are beginning to see them as safe alternatives. If you are interested in purchasing an electronic cigarette, make sure to research them carefully. There are numerous electronic cigarettes available for purchase and some of them feature superior manufacturing quality to others. Make sure to purchase electronic cigarettes that are reviewed favorably by many other e smokers, and you will likely avoid any possible health risks that could accompany smoking lower end e cigs. This is the safest way to approach smoking electronic cigarettes that may be of questionable safety.


The Best Tips of Saving Money with Electronic Cigarettes


Everyone is trying to find ways to maintain their lifestyles and save money at the same time.  If you are a smoker and are not ready to quit, choosing to buy electronic cigarettes is one way to save big.  If you are trying to quit, they are cheaper than the patch or prescription medicines, as well.


Depending on where you live will dictate the real savings.  If you consider that 5 E cigarette cartridges are the equivalent of 10 packs of cigarettes, the price difference is enormous.   For those who are trying to quit smoking, choosing the non-nicotine variety is healthier than the medicines with horrible side effects. 


Different Ways to Save Money using eCigarettes


Yes, there are several ways to save money! 


  • Substitute your regular cigarettes with electronic cigarettes


  • Alternate regular cigarettes with the cheapest eCigarettes – using the electronic variety at home, in the car or in public spaces where you cannot smoke


  • Substitute one of the delicious flavors available for a regular cigarette after meals or as a reward for a job well done


By diving into the eCigarette world slowly, you give yourself the opportunity to decide which brand, flavor or nicotine strength you really want. 


Quit Smoking and Save Money Doing It


One of the reasons people hesitate to use various methods of quitting is that the aids cost as much or more than the cigarettes. 


  • Electronic cigarettes are cheaper to use than nicotine patches


  • Getting coupons or a free eCigarette sample can save even more


  • Lower nicotine eCigarettes are safer and cheaper than prescription medicine aids


Quitting is not easy for anyone.  If you can quit using an aid that is both safer and cheaper than any other aid on the market, why not consider the option? 


For information how to save money with E cig, please check out the site http://ecig-reviews.net/e-cigarette-money-saving-tips/. This site even has selections for cigar and hookah smokers.  Their customer service is better than any other site around as they beep you with offers while you browse the site. 

Some More Reasons! Why Smokers Switching to Electric Cigarettes More than Ever


When you search online for news about the latest trends in smoking, you will get hit with a lot of commentary, news, and statistics about one of the latest crazes that has come to smoking tobacco, and that’s to use an electronic device that completely changes the game for the average smoker. Instead of getting tobacco leaves and lighting them up for that cool flavor rush, people are utilizing a concentrated liquid nicotine that has been laced with a variety of flavors and then vaporized to create an odorless and easy to smoke option. Electronic cigarettes are not exactly new, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have recently put out reports that the number of people using this option for leisure and for quitting the vice has doubled in the past couple of years. That’s right, the numbers are starting to creep into the millions and there seems to be no end in sight.


If you have yet to venture forward to try one of these options, the time is now to look into them, as they are truly something to behold. You’ll find that you will no longer have any of the stigmas that come along with smoking in general. In fact, consider some of the interesting components of e-cigarettes today.


  • No Smell– Forget the smell of the habit, you will have nothing to be afraid of. There is no residue, or smell that is left when utilizing this option as the vaporized aerosol delivery is impressive and leaves no major indication that you’ve been smoking at all.


  • Flavors– For those that are tired of the tar taste, there is a new hope. Flavors from fruit to chocolate are all available for those that venture forward to this latest craze and they are subtle enough to not overwhelm the senses.


  • Rechargeable batteries– Most of these e-cigarette options come with rechargeable batteries, which means that you can use the same device over and over again.


  • Replaceable Cartridges– The next big thing about this is the fact that you can change out the flavor cartridges and the cost is minimal compared to buying a pack of cigarettes. You’ll find that this is one of the biggest reasons why people go for this option as puffing away at the electronic option is far better than spending lots of money on pack after pack.


There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to smokers turning to e-cigarette options today and that’s something that is worth noting. The stigma that has been chasing those that choose to smoke is slowly starting to go away in favor of a new high tech option. While some medical professionals aren’t sure about the long-term effects, they will agree that that this is a far better road to travel down than the traditional method of delivering the experience to the body. Only time will tell how popular this option will get, but one thing is for sure, there seems to be no end in sight as to how popular this technology will become.


Ways To Refill Electronic Cigarettes With E-Liquid


When it comes to choosing the smoke free alternative, you will be glad to know that there are no limitations when it comes to variety. If you are looking to end that awful cigarette smoking habit, one of the best ways to succeed is move into the smoke free arena.

With electronic cigarettes, you still fuel your need to smoke but this time with a healthier alternative. There are various options when it comes to these cigarettes since different smokers have different preferences. While some will still want to smoke those with nicotine though in very limited amounts, others are more inclined to nicotine free cigarettes which are touted as the best electronic cigarette option

Choices Available

If you are worried about being limited when you quit smoking, you don’t need to. The variety in liquid refills should leave you awestruck and at odds on what you go for. You have various:


  • Flavors


  • Brands


  • Nicotine levels


  • Cartridge variety


When it comes to flavors, it will take you some time before you can actually determine the refill you will be using. This is because there are numerous of fruity flavors and this range from apple, vanilla, and pear to pineapple and many others. Besides fruity flavors, you can also go for flavors such as mint and tobacco to give you that real cigarette feel.

Since some or most of these e liquids contain nicotine, you can actually determine the strength levels and while some people will go for smooth or mild flavors, others may want to have a higher nicotine percentage.

You can also control vapor volume to get the best out of your smoke free experience. When it comes to your e-cigarette cartridges, you can choose to buy a refillable one or a disposable one. Find a good e-cig review site to identify what the best brands in the market are.

Supplies That Come With E Cigarettes

Unlike the traditional cigarette which you basically smoke then dispose, electronic cigarettes are quite different.

Below are some of the supplies that come with these nicotine alternatives:


  • E Cigarette kits


  • Chargers


  • E juice


  • Cartridges


  • Cartomizers


  • Amortizers


There are various kits available and if you are a beginner you can get yourself a beginner’s kit. These kits come with complete e cigarettes, refillable cartridges or juices and chargers. However if you already have some of these, you could simply buy e juices separately, as well as cartridges and chargers. Now the reason why you need the charger is because as is evident in the name these are electronic devices.

Smoke free liquid refills are inexpensive and as you already know smoking can be a very expensive habit. Electronic cigarettes are reusable and all you have to do is buy supplies such as e liquids or cartridges. Though these devices are not easily available in every corner you turn like cigarettes, they are also not scarce.

Electronic cigarettes and supplies are easily available in most stores and you can also find many online. You can get coupons and try out a free e cigarette sample of any brand.

Stay Away from Health Issues by Using Electronic Cigarettes

If you are a smoker then you know that the health effects can be bad.  Still, you may not be ready to quit.  Maybe, you’ve thought about using an electronic cigarette, but you don’t know why it would be better.


 Deciding to spend your money on regular cigarettes or choosing to buy electronic cigarettes is difficult for some people. After all, your local grocery store or quick stop may not stock the electronic alternatives. If you live in New York, you cannot buy them in any store.  Even if you are not trying to quit smoking, there are still other reasons to make the change.

Reasons to Swap Cigarettes for Electronic Cigarettes

For those who enjoy the social factors of smoking, here are a few reasons to make the swap:

  • No more stinky tobacco smell in your clothes, car or hair
  • Eliminate the tiny burn marks in your shirts, slacks or jackets from sparks
  • Can smoke indoors – which is especially nice when the temps are below freezing
  • End the second hand smoke issues around children

Some states consider second hand smoke - smoking - as legal neglect.  Regardless, no one really likes the smell of dead smoke in their house or on their hands.  Electronic cigarettes don’t leave that smell around you.     

Choosing the Right Electric Cigarette for you


If you have toyed with the idea of making the change to electronic cigarettes, you know that there are a lot of decisions to make.


  • What is the best eCigarette?
  • Where do you find the cheapest eCigarette?
  • Are they just as satisfying as regular cigarettes?


The best way to compare the good, bad or best in electronic cigarettes is to use trustworthy reviews. A good review will answer most of your questions.  If you read several, you will get the bigger picture. 


There is a very helpful site http://ecig-reviews.net/  where you can read e cigarette user reviews, see the latest vaping devices on the market. They discuss all the newest accessories and people that use electronic cigarettes can tell you why they switched.