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fudduchand   , 24

from Delhi


Instagram tricks to get free Followers and Likes

Instagram celebrates 400 million active users monthly. With more than 1.2 billion likes a day, the fashion social network in 2016 offers plenty of opportunities for people like you. Therefore I have decided to explain several tricks to get Instagram followers and enhance the functionality of the network in relation to our business.

If you have a private account and other business or blog you may be interested to read my old post on " How to have two accounts Instagram ".

If you are an addict Instagramer you have wondered why a photo can get more likes another with little differences... Well, there are many factors that influence from the message that transmits your photo, to the time the public. Here are several tricks to get followers and likes on Instagram Instagram.

How to get followers before posting photos on Instagram

Yes, you can get followers as well. It's a technique that few know and has very good results.

To get followers, you must inform them that you exist, and one of the most effective ways to do this is following them you to:

  1. Open Instagram
  2. Click Lupa ()
  3. Write a hashtag related to your profile
  4. Open the photo that catches attention
  5. Click on the number of followers
  6. Follow all users who have given to that photo Like

So, you will to meet active users of Instagram that have already Like a similar photos to which you are going to go up and will get more followers . Get used to do this once or twice a day, before posting your next picture.

The potential InstagramDirect

Do your photos are really good? If you have good content and you know you'll like, thanks to InstagramDirect you can share your photos with specific users to reach a larger audience.

There are many accounts that simply are dedicated to promoting other Instagram accounts. For example @promote_covers promotes musicians who are not able to make themselves known but are really good.

To use this trick, answers these questions:

  • What do you do best?
  • Are your pictures to it?
  • Do you know of pages that can promote yourself?

More Likes on Instagram with this Trick

When I discovered the trick that you will learn now, I realized that the most important thing to get Likes on Instagram was be known among users of social network.

Therefore, if you want more Likes, which must first do is tell other users who've arrived. Once you know, enter your profile to see who you are, see how many followers you have and give to your photos like.

The best instagram trick to get free likes and followers is just a click away !

Share the photo when you publish

Share photo by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Whatsapp is a little trick to get more likes on Instagram .

In the best case, the photos appear in public profiles of your followers for one or two hours maximum, then are forgotten because no one "low" both. Depending on the total number of profiles that follow your followers, probably you not come to that. Therefore, send the photo you posted to other friends or followers will make your likes grow and get what you're looking.

Tricks to publish correctly in Instagram

  • Upload photos with clarity and brightness : It is known that images light more clearly and get a 24% higher than other dark likes.
  • Do not overload funds : Images with more space at the bottom get a 29% higher than other less likes depth.
  • Dominant Color : Images with blue dominant color get a 24% higher than likes others in predominantly red.
  • Number of colors : Images with a single dominant color offer 17% higher than likes than others in multiple colors abound.
  • Saturation : Images with low saturation offer 18% highest compared to other likes using more vibrant colors.
  • Texture : Texture Images offer 79% higher than likes others who have not.

Here we go, the Instagram tricks to get followers  you should evaluate are:

  1. The first tip is obvious but many of us do not appreciate the opportunity offered. When a user newly registered in the social network has the opportunity to follow the last followers Instagram profile, so occasionally you can do the following:
    1. Open your Instagram application and click the Scan tab.
    2. Click on the magnifying glass and search for "Instagram" without quotes.
    3. Open the first user, Instagram, and click on "Continue" and later in " a fan ". Thus, you appear first on the list when users register.
  2. Download an application that automatically generate the tags. It may be useful TagsForLikes application for free (in AppStore ) or TagsForLikes Pro with a cost of 0.99 euros ( AppStore or Google Play ).
  3. Access Statigram and analyze ourselves our photos and know what our fans like. With Statigram you can know what is the picture that has more likes or comment further.
  4. Join a community . For example Instagrammers  provides content search for users looking beyond the application.
  5. Participates in contests : Some users with millions of followers organize contests and prizes, participating in their communities as well as in the previous point, may turn out to be a game for you.

Another great article on how to view private profile in instagram

The best hashtags to get followers

Instagram shows how many times a hashtag has been used previously.

  • Hashtag widely used: If you use a tag with millions of results, probably your photo be forgotten seconds after publishing. However, if you are lucky that at that time there are few similar publications, you will have the opportunity to be seen by many users. For example:#like #love #smile etc...
  • Hashtag underused: Conversely, if you publish a tag underused, your photo will remain in the top search results for longer but are less users see. The positive thing about using this type of hashtags is the audience you are addressing a specific audience is related to that topic, so you're more likely to get them to open your profile to make you like or follow you .For example: #vienesaldeltayflipas .


Pokemon Go Tips - great overview

We have countless tips on Pokémon Go compiled for you. The game wrapped, like no other before. It shows you the world as you have never seen: Full of small, sweet Pokémon that you will catch all. It is not for nothing "Gotta catch 'em all!" This assistance to Pokémon Go make you successful in the hunt and tell you many secrets from the world of small Pokémon.Ranging from important tips about server outages to more battery power is everything here that you need to know.

Pokémon Go Tips - Play Better! 

The Pokémon Eevee Go can become a Sparky, Aquana or Flareon.

Here's a little trick on how you can further develop into a significantly more powerful Pokémon of your choice, the very popular and ultra-cuddly Evoli only by means of a specific name.

What are the Pokémon Go team?

In Pokémon Go there the usual three teams of Pokémon universe: Blue (wisdom), Red (Valour) and yellow (intuition). Once your Pokémon Trainer has reached level 5 and you enter an arena, you have you decide on a team. Which is only once regardless. The best way you judge you but by your friends.

How to find the Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Where her Pokémon takes, is only to a certain degree random, there are certain places and landscapes where some types of Pokémon just show up more frequently than others. So like dragon and fairy Pokémon sights, Psycho-Pokémon like hanging around hospitals and so on.To catch you is quite simple, you need a Pokeball - these you can find at everywhere distributed blue Pokestops - and so you throw on the Pokémon that he can catch him. Did you succeed, you get a new mini-monsters for your collection. Here an extensive overview,which hide the various Pokémon species:

What moves there ever in Pokemon Go? Now, 151 pocket monsters are there currently and what these are, to what class they belong and who is strongly against whom, that you see in the large overview:


Incidentally, you must not necessarily start with the usual three starter Pokémon. You can also with the yellow celebrity itself, Pikachu, get started. 

If you are in despair or take a look at the want, what the community drives during Pokémon searches so, there is an overview of the options you have, to find means of cards the monster: 

The mean footprints in Pokémon Go

Employed rustling degree and footprints everywhere, but what that means only? Here you learn, read how their traces that can lead you to new Pokémon, right. Moreover, what is going on, if you always see only three footprints and never otherwise.

Pokémon Go - get activate and use Lockmodule

With the Lockmodulen you can almost farms Pokémon, if you do everything right. So you can get the most out of the 30 minutes you will find everything you need to know about Lockmodule:

How to catch rare Pokémon?

Rare Pokémon appear in exotic locations, but also dependent on your trainer level. So just keep collecting experience points and rises the level ladder, so that show around you more exciting Pokémon.

Each manager level you also get a few items, the higher the level, the more worthwhile. Here you learn how many experience points you need and what you get when: 

Of course, it is also helpful to know which Pokemon there at all, and which of them are rare or even downright legendary. Here you will find an overview of the rarity of the Pokémon in Pokémon Go:

Development and evolution of Pokémon

Pokémon are all cute, but some do not always remain quite cute. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you get your evolved little monsters in large monsters and what you need to know to about the sweets.

How to earn in Pokémon Go eggs and incubates them out?

Eggs in Pokémon Go are a very unconventional surprise Sweet: If you have an egg, then that's what comes out, depending on how far you have to wear it. For a 2-kilometer-egg, just a normal Pokémon will hatch. In five kilometers you will receive a rare specimen and from tens of kilometers there are to admire some truly rare specimens.

Here's a little trick: If you have a turntable, then puts the phone on this and let him run with 33 turns. The game counts this as "Running" and so 10 kilometers come together relatively quickly, even if you just have something else to do than endless walks.

How do I find out which one is the strongest Pokemon?

Not an easy question, because the displayed values ​​reveal only half. Here we show you a way you can determine for each of your Pokémon, how strong it will be time and how close it is to the optimum for his way off. And if you do not prefer to cancel the trouble of Hochlevelns for another little monster should:

The most important objects and items in Pokémon Go

There are numerous articles and items in Pokémon Go that you make life easier and catch the Pokémon and here you'll find some tips on how to get them. Some have to buy one, but others can also be good erheischen so, because if one knows where. So here to Lockmodulen everything Bliss eggs, Master Balls, smoke and more.

What are Pokémon Go stardust and sweets?


Pokémon Go has two types of Pokémon "feed", stardust and sweets. Stardust and a few sweets do you need to level up a Pokémon. Many candies are hand needed to start the evolution and development of the Pokémon in a better variant. You gain stardust, if you catch Pokémon and give Dr. Willow. The dust is always the same, while the sweets always belong to certain Pokémon. So you need Charmander sweets to level up a Charmander or develop.This makes the evolution of rare Pokémon of course not easy, but it does stop.

How Pokémon Go Pokestops farms?

Pokestops are everywhere distributed blue rotating cube on the map. On each of them you get a few - sometimes more, sometimes less - rare items and Poké Balls. Once used, a Pokestop takes 5 to 15 minutes, in order to be filled again. In order to farm a Pokestop her so simply stops there and load every fifteen minutes to stop rotating or - much better - it looks to you the card and look for you a route out, which is circular and will take you back to 15 minutes or more again leading to the first stop. In big cities, this can sometimes be a very simple houses Bock, sometimes you have may involve also public transport to graze as many Pokestops. fifa 17 coin generator

How does the Pokémon Go Arena and the fights?

Arenas are in Pokemon Go hack for free pokecoins and pokeballs to the place where ye rise directly against other players and their Pokémon. There are everywhere distributed points that are initially gray. Once a player of a team conquered this point, he gets the color of the team. Now the player can (and others of the same team) put in Pokémon as a defender, the other players must defeat only to conquer the arena. If you keep an arena about 20 hours, gets her Pokémünzen with which you can buy useful things, which makes them very desirable locations, the arenas of course.

Can you get Pokecoins without real money?

Pokécoins you get really only if their real money invested, only to buy beautiful items, but there are also a couple of ways, so to come to coins.

First of all: forget the web pages that give promise coins you that you turn your data one projects. Best yet with password and account number. Is clear! These people just want this data and will give you safe no coins for that. Do not fall purely on it!

Instead, try, best with friends (hence the team choice at the beginning is already not important at all) to conquer arenas and keep, because every 20 hours brings an arena for every defender 10 Pokémünzen. astuce fifa 17

What medals are available in Pokémon Go?

No match without some sort of trophies or achievements, in Pokémon Go hack hot these achievements medals. Your they deserve, if you have certain milestones achieved in the game, for example, visit a certain number of Pokéstops or collect certain types of Pokémon.There are countless of medals and they are not even sure all known.

Pokemon Go Tips - More Information

 Server outages and other disturbances game

What if times nothing works? The server of Pokémon Go like not respond to me, and there are dozens of other uncertainties of Monster Catcher life that have nothing to do with your skill. Here an extensive help on all error messages, server faults and what it still so indicates unsightly things otherwise:

How to upload Pokémon Go down to iOS and Android?

Pokémon Go can be had for the two major mobile phone systems, Google's Android and Apple's iOS for iPhones. For Android you need a device that version 4.4 or later of the operating system has run. Also it can not hurt to have a fast processor. Your still does not need luxury phone, devices around the 150 Euro are the entry level that you need for Pokémon Go, here, for example, the HTC Desire 626G, which costs 145 euro at Amazon.de

For Apple, it must be a device that iOS 8.0 or later can run, that would be all 5 from the iPhone 4s, iPod touch generation, iPad 2, iPad Mini. However, it should be clearly newer devices to have fun, because here, the more processor power, the device has, the faster Pokémon Go. Everything from the iPhone 5s, which costs about 330 euros at Amazon.de should be well equipped to hunt little monsters.

To complete the installation you need to make you stop worrying, you need to download any APKs set Zealand accounts or even jailbreak devices, it just goes in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store and upload there Pokémon Go down.

Pokémon Go: Accessories and Pokémon Go Plus

Important things like Selfie sticks, with which one can slide the phone closer to Pokémon and battery packs, with which hunting is longer, are very helpful. The highlight is the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, by means of which do not always have to use your mobile phone to fast times abzufarmen the Pokestops.

Is there Pokémon Go Cheats?

Pokémon Go is a free to play game, that is, can that you download and play the game for free. But there are payment systems to speed up some stuff - you can buy Pokéballs, potions and the like. In such games, there are no real cheats, super mario run hack would the system contrary, you so keep the tips here to move forward. 

Can you buy Pokémon and exchange?

Certain Pokémon to buy directly, is not possible and would probably remain so. That would run counter to the sense of the game. However, it should soon be possible that their Pokémon can trade with other players, which will make the collection of course much easier.We will keep you up to date.