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luyanlin   , 28

from New London


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Episode 11 Min Joon Chung Yi cruel refusal contained harmful Beijing shot again
Song Yi Min Joon in the study saw the glass house is shown on the figure,louis vuitton store she pulled out a cell phone Jizhongshengzhi pretend and allow only phone, the ultimate success of danger. Iraq called Yun Chung called security, suddenly there was a knock on the door claiming to be security people, Chung Yi hear this man's voice and the sound of their own doctor in the hospital is injected sleeping pills, she was the first not allowed to open the door so that later really security up, Chung Yi conjecture has been verified. Song Yi Min Jun safety very worried, call him, Min Joon heard strangers into their homes, very worried about the safety of Iraqi song, he immediately back to the apartment.
Min Joon suddenly collapsed, Chung Yi taking care of him. Prosecutors attacked the murderer left the scene Park Min Joon under pen frame, the police began to investigate this pen. Jing-hui started by that mysterious phone carrier Virgin suspicious, he asked the sister thing missing from the side of the parents,louis vuitton diaper the parents said that knowledge. Song Yi Min Jun as cooking, Min Jun wake up does not appreciate, went straight back to his home. Ode to keep Iranian gas, but went to his house, the world suddenly visited the United States, Chung Yi Min Joon was shut. Shi Min Chun Mei asked his brother before the accident was not with him about, and asked him to think there is nothing suspicious persons, Min Jun Jing knew contained dry, but he did not want to arouse his suspicions, did not disclose to the world of beauty.
Song Yi Min Joon along to the supermarket, deliberately to please him, Min Jun behave frosty. Jing-hui came to the company, he would like to take out carrier Virgin look up his office has no evidence, but contains all the cabinets in Beijing were locked. Iranian president Chung Hung told myself love to Min Jun, we encouraged her to confession again. Min Jun fishing trips, Chung Yi insist to go along. Both the lake and setting up tents, Chung Yi mood, Min Joon suddenly took her very seriously told her he did not like her, everything he has done in Iraq are pathetic song, Song said he did not believe Iraq on Jun Min yourself a little goodwill are not, and turned to leave. Min Hui Chun King calls him to send home Chung Yi, Hui Yi Chung King told her feelings at the moment is the 15 years they have been refused a sad experience.
Chung Yi shout of a home, drunk, she hit 19 phone to Min Jun, Min Jun doorstep still shouting, I hope he accepts himself sober the next day just to kill Iraqi tribute yourself. Min Hui Chun King reminded Beijing contained a problem,louis viutton bags asking him to protect Iraqi song. Hui Jing find their sister-in-law of the passport carrier Beijing room contained Jing said sister-in-law went to the British argument proved unfounded. Upload Song Yi Jing find mom, proposed to set up a one to praise the Iraqi people broker, Chung Yi mother readily agreed, in fact, this is contained in the Beijing conspiracy. Police found the pen owner had died two years ago, has interrupted a clue, in fact sensitive pen before Jun buy with that identity, no wonder the police do not check out. Jing Hui said the United States and the world know that he can not give the United States the world of love, and therefore can not continue to make friends with her, this will only delay the world of beauty.
Shi Mei Chung Iraq came home, she hinted he knew Christmas Song Yi who rescued her, and that individuals around Iraq in the song. U-Min Joon hand ready to cross the road, suddenly a black car coming, he knocked to the ground...

Episode 12 Min Joon dying in a car accident the count things difficult for the United States and the World Song Yi
Passers-by found lying on the ground Min Jun, call the emergency phone, you can wait until the doctor arrived at the scene, Min Jun actually mysteriously vanished. Chung Yi Shi US wanted to tell her that the man was rescued Jun Min, Song Yi has interrupted her, Chung Yi said that now that the man who is no longer important, she will not be for the cost of energy, but also do not want to break the current calm life. Yi Min Joon Chung to call, send text messages, Min Chun did not reply. Ode to go next door to knock on the door in Iraq, found blood on the door, she pressed the password entered, was lying in a pool of blood Jun Min. British herd came to Min Joon simple dressing for a moment, he advised Iraq and Min Joon Chung keep their distance, they can not be together.
Beijing men to load Min Jun He reported that there is no death, suddenly disappeared, Hui Jing aside heard the news. Min Jun, lying in bed,louis vuitton tote mm he had a really good dream, a dream that he and Chung Yi day and night relative, living a simple and happy life. Hui Min Jing Jun to view the situation encountered in Iraq stairwell squatting Chung, Chung Yi haggard look made him very distressed. Chung Chung mother happened to the Iraqi people in Iraq sent a brokerage contract that contained Hui Jing Jing ill-wishers, called Ode to Iraq not to sign. Ode police came to understand the situation in Iraq, the Iraqi population from Chung Han Yu-ra learned the secret contacts in Beijing is contained.
Hui Jing Jing peep contained phone password, you want to see the contents of his cell phone, the carrier Beijing suddenly pushed open the door, Hui Jing hurriedly had an excuse to leave. Min Joon change your password, Chung Yi can only speak to him through a monitor, separated by a wall, each of whom tears. Pak prosecutors finally discharged, the World US mom overheard Han Yu-ra is homicide news, she reminded the world Maison eluting suspects Iran is likely to do something to keep his World US position. World US filming a movie, she recommended to the Director Chung Yi to play with women.
Min Joon find someone look at the house, ready to sell apartments, Chung Yi happened to meet, she said the house deliberately bad, scared off showings. Police looking for carrier Virgin conversation, he denied that he and Han Yu-ra had intercourse. Min Jun met with load in Beijing, he said he can promise the requirements contained in Beijing, Beijing close hand as long as the carrier, the carrier Beijing sneer a bit, louis vuitton in londondid not answer. Min Joon Chung took the initiative to meet the requirements of the Iraqi call, dressed to the beautiful song Iraq, Min Chun took her to the museum. Min Joon Chung told Iraq he was four hundred years ago, aliens come to Earth, had rescued her people is their own, Chung Yi was terrified, she wanted to leave, Min Jun catching her, he told Chung Yi, he was a horrible person, Chung Yi will accept him do...

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"Plate Road", Guilin dialect. From folk, roots Gui drama. Tune musical drama Gui belong skin yellow cavity system board to bomb the main body cavity,louis vuitton paris and the bomb chamber is divided into South (two yellow) and North (Sipi) two series, pitched majestic North, the South is tactful low. From the data we can see, Gui opera actually is a "board road" drama, "board" is the plate cavity; "road" is the South and the North, it is also known as Peking skin yellow (Sipi water, two yellow guides) opera.
Table of Contents
Gui opera drama as one of the eight, because it is used to Guilin dialect singing, and appropriate work fine, lively, with facial expressions and posture posture teaser, pay attention to the delicate and full of life breath of performance practices shaping the character, so by Mandarin (Guilin words) favorite people in the region north of Guilin, Liuzhou, Hezhou, Hechi and Wuzhou.
2 Development Status
Before the 1960s, because there was no television, movies, entertainment and very monotonous, listen Gui opera, watching Caidiao Guilin life became a favorite. Guilin, Guangxi see play, but do not call the theater called "Listen" show. Some fans into the theater, there is not a good place to sit, but with his back to the stage to sing on stage erected ears, until the military drama broke out just turned around. Guilin opera fans also know, get together often talked about the night before the opera,louis vuitton ebay praising how harp pull touching; taste plate chamber and how wonderful Erotic; small Jinfeng "pick up the bracelet," the South sings let people tore; listening "to your back flat kiln" wants to know the North, like drinking twenty-two "three flowers" the body of a Douzi strength and wanted to shout "from the board"? big people talk of this scene, I really had a lot of experience in childhood, still fresh today. Therefore, the play is in fact speaking Gui stresses "board", "Road", and I certainly have no doubt, "board road" from folk, roots Gui drama comments. "Plate Road" as a chat, as well as a synonym for "fat sea" and offbeat sense of Storyteller today, the "qualifications" Gui opera than a 500-year history, although the "delicate" point, but also tender and no where to go.
Today's "board road", along with the development of history, evolving Guilin spoken, its connotation times deduce several versions, has just "is the story of Guilin words meaning" louis vuitton black shoesa. If you use the word properly, with the right place, it will become a farce, which makes you find any.
For example, a Mr. feces acute urinary Expansion to the toilet, tell others: Sorry! I come, "board road", and to facilitate it. Guilin men and women, will be heard on the floor laughing. Why is that? Read the following conversation this ladies, you will understand: "Liu sister, come quickly ah San Queyi a person waiting for you Boo!!" Liu sister: "Lilac sister, today I come 'board road 'the Boo, not go up, you find another angle it! "Hearing this, you know," board road "provoke" red ".
"Plate Road" in front if you add a "mess" word, that the "board road" ambiguous becomes more obscure, such as men and women go to bed ······. There is another situation: a bunch of people in there talking laughing, the other two closed doors to discuss what's going on in the room, outside people will ask: You two closed doors in which to engage in any "board road"? Half do not come out. Here to say "What the 'board road' 'does not refer to men and women is having an affair, but the cross-examination of what the other is doing, or what others What've inappropriate things conspired.
Guilin chat, relatively less "talk 'board road' ',' talk 'board road' louis vuitton leather purse', not' say 'board road'." "Say" in spoken word rarely used in Guilin, just use unless the writing and the use of "nonsense" to those with "say" idiom.
"Pull board road" is the most common and the most vivid Guilin standard spoken language, which is also related drama. Guilin people like to call lyre harp called pull. "Pull the plate road" is engaged in small talk, tell stories, Nao Yixian so all meaning. A "pull" put the word "board road" high-level overview of the core substance.
Now "board road" means, can be extended as follows: tricks, stories, condition, powerful, promising, and so everything has changed the nature of things.

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Sincerely, a very sensible life friendship is priceless.
Friendship is like the morning mist as pure flattery does not get it,louis vuitton speedy purse can only be loyal to consolidate friendship.
When choosing a career, we should follow the main principles of human happiness and our own perfection.
Time is the space of human development.
Everything comes down to the economy last time the economy.
Time is the ability to wait for the development of the site.
All savings ultimately comes down to the time savings.
Labor creates the world.
If we choose the best for human welfare and labor occupations, then the burden will not be able to overwhelm us, because it is for everyone and devotion; when we feel it is not the poor, limited, selfish joy, we happiness will belong to millions of people, our cause will silently, but to play a role to exist forever, and the face of our ashes, noble people will shed tears.
Higher complexity of labor, labor is such a performance, this labor more general labor needs higher education costs, its production takes more labor time. Therefore, having a high value.
Can you trustworthy and loyal to your friends, always be a man worthy of him, this is your soul, personality, psychology that the best test of morality.
Friendship boat traveling in the ocean of life is impossible easy, sometimes encounter clouds and storms, in this case, the friendship should be the test of one kind or another, in these clouds and storms, and then friendship will more consolidated,louis vuitton damier real friendship in any case will shine a new light.
People can not live without friendship, but to get a true friendship is not easy; loyal friendship always need to sow, irrigate with a passion to use principles to culture, and understanding to care.
If the fight is extremely well under the conditions of the chance of success was to proceed, then the creation of world history would be too easy.
The book is my slave, should obey my will, for me to use.
Ignorant, at any time, to anyone, are nothing to help, it will not benefit.
At any time, I would not be satisfied, the more and more reading, the more deeply felt satisfied, the more feel lack of knowledge. Science is infinite mysteries.
At the entrance of science, just at the entrance to hell, must make such a request: here must eradicate all hesitation; here any cowardice to no avail.
There is no royal road to science, and only afraid of hard work and dangerous climb steep mountain people have a chance to reach the glorious summit.
Everything is hard in the beginning, every science alike.
For the majority of the history of those goals and work, and thus to make itself seen as a noble man who is great; the experience of most people put so happy people praised as the most happy people.
Philosophers have always interpreted the world, the important thing is the transformation of the world. People only for their contemporaries perfect work for their happiness, he can achieve their own perfection. Manual is to prevent all social virus great disinfectant. Conscience by all human knowledge and way of life to decide. Science is not a selfish pleasure. Fortunate to be able to devote themselves to scientific research should first take their knowledge to the service of humanity. Low self-esteem, which is a perpetual corrosion and Kenshi serpent mind it sucked the soul of fresh blood, and in which the injection of venom and despair weary.
Let the ruling classes tremble at the proletarian revolution before it, The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains they will get the entire world.
The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways, but the problem is to change the world.
4 Anecdotal stories
Learning Spirit
Marx as the founder of Marxism, he not only his own life's work for humanity has left a huge treasure trove of ideas theory,used louis vuitton damier but also in terms of scholarship set a shining example for people.
Scholarship foundation
Marx was expelled four lifetime reactionary government, and finally settled in London, England. In the first decade of the London he spent his life in the most difficult period of life. But Marx was not overwhelmed by the suffering, almost every day of the British Museum has just opened the door, Marx arrive here hungry to learn and study, until the museum closed at night.
Marx has accumulated a very extensive knowledge, his knowledge areas including philosophy, economics, law, religion, science, logic, aesthetics, politics, literature, history, linguistics, translation, business practices, and even touched mathematics, natural sciences and so on. He can read a number of European countries (said to be ten to twenty species) of the text, can be Germany, France, Britain and write in three languages.
Feng writings of Marx, fully demonstrated his diligence and erudition. He co-authored with Engels, "Marx and Engels," Chinese first edition of a total of 50 volumes, the second edition of Chinese over 60 volumes (approximately in the year 2008 out of Qi), and the complete works of the international edition of about 160 volumes. Faced with such a huge ideological and theoretical wealth, could not awe-inspiring! Marx get hard so knowledgeable, and profound knowledge is the basis of Marx scholarship.
Be creative
Marx has a great spirit of innovation, and this spirit of innovation with his critique of the cultural heritage of mankind inherited closely together. Three components of Marxism, are critical inheritance and innovation of combining theoretical model. Marx youth Hegel once fanatical believer in the philosophy of Hegel's system after he found the contradictions, the courage to question, and in-depth research, and ultimately Marx criticized Hegel's idealist system, learned his dialectic "rational core", and criticized the materialism of Feuerbach's idealism, materialism absorbed his "basic core", the creation of Marxist philosophy. The other two major components of the creation of Marxism (political economy and scientific socialism) are also in the critically inherit their predecessors on the basis of outstanding achievements.discount louis vuitton handbags online Hegel, Feuerbach, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Saint-Simon, Fourier, Owen, who is thinking of theorists authority, if the authority of Marxist theory superstition, no courage to "stand on the shoulders of giants "the courage, there is no sense of innovation, he can not founded Marxism.
Marx for the best research dedicated to the working class, he was always extremely cautious attitude, repeated scrutiny, modify their work. He said: "I have such a feature: if every other month, re-read their own written something, you will feel satisfied, so he was completely rewritten."
Marx was writing "Das Kapital" pay a very hard work, has repeatedly revise the manuscript. Lafargue has recalled: "Marx's sense of responsibility to treat works, and no less than he treats as rigorous science, he not only never cite a fact he has not quite sure, but he has not completely [7] good research. when the problem, he would never talk about this issue. he would never publish a book without his careful processing and seriously pondering over the work. he can not stand the stuff unfinished mass public of practice. "
September 14, 1867, "Das Kapital," Volume I was published in Hamburg, the remaining volumes in 1883 after the death of Marx and Engels published by finishing. "Das Kapital" is the life work of Marx written with a classic masterpiece, Marx 'entire lifetime achievements of scientific research ",louis vuitton classic handbags it embodied all the efforts and wisdom of Marx, he dedicated most part of the world proletariat important scientific literature.
5 Character evaluation
FLAG when recalled Marx said: "Thinking is his supreme pleasure, his whole body to mind the expense."
September 1999, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), named "Millennium first thinker" in the public consultation on the global Internet vote for a month. Pooled results of the global vote, Marx ranked first, second Einstein.
July 2005, the British Broadcasting Corporation in the greatest philosopher of ancient and modern theme, surveyed 30,000 listeners, the result is a Marx vote first, Hume second (Marx with 27.93 percent of the vote topped the list, the second Scottish philosopher David Hume bit rate of 12.6% of the vote)
Israeli President Shimon Peres when it comes to the birth of Marxism, said: "The leaders of the Communist Party, there are many Jews, including Karl Marx himself, Trotsky, keno Weiye Fu, encryption Kamenev, and soviet Russia's first main 席斯维尔德 Love. they believe that the reason why Jewish suffering, it is because the world was split, split the world in a crisis, but also because of the different countries, different religious division. so we have to create a new world, no class, no gods, no nationality, so the Jews will no longer suffer. "

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The latter part of the inner court called the Imperial Palace, the imperial palace gate - dry clean doors, glass screen wall around there,louis vuitton carry on bag the door after three Palace. Netting to Palace of Heavenly Purity, delivery Thai Temple, Kunning as the center, east and west wings Palaces Palaces and west, is the emperor of the daily deal is the Chief of the Emperor and Empress place for living. Unlike the latter part of the first half in the architectural style. The image of the first half of the building is a serious, solemn, magnificent, majestic, to symbolize the supremacy of the emperor. 廷则富 breath of life in the latter part of the building is a self-made multi-courtyard garden.
The last face "Chambers" in the Forbidden City. Dianding veranda eaves. Kunning palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasty Empress Emperor Yongzheng before, there are two Snappers. Qing Dynasty to ritual sites. Yongzheng, West Snappers for the shaman's ritual places. Middle East Snappers wedding bridal emperor, Kangxi, Tongzhi and Guangxu DDD, were in this wedding.
In Kunning north is the Imperial Garden. Imperial Garden towering pines and cypresses, precious flowers and trees, rocks and pavilions. Formerly the imperial palace after the Court, covering over 11,000 square meters, there are more than 20 buildings. Qinan Hall to the center, landscape architecture using primary and secondary complementary, symmetrical pattern, compact layout, classical Wealthy. Hall of Northeast heap Xiushan for Taihu Diego puzzle together, building on Royal Pavilion, two pavilion named Chunting million and Chiaki kiosks can be said to save the gutting of the most gorgeous garden.
Wo door, more than 30,000 square meters in the open courtyard, is outside towards the center of: Hall of Supreme Harmony, the Hall of Preserving Harmony, collectively, the three main hall (Ming said: Mukden Palace, Temple canopy, I would like to body Hall, Jiajing renamed: Huangji Hall, in the very temple, louis vuitton usathe temple was built during very name now known as the Qing Dynasty). This three hall of the Palace is the main building, they have different height styling, roof forms are different, it is rich and diverse and not dull.
Hall of Supreme Harmony
Hall of Supreme Harmony (Ming said Mukden Palace, a Royal Hall), commonly known as the "throne room" Hall of Supreme Harmony 35.05 meters high, 63 meters east and west, north and south 35 meters, an area of over 2380 square meters. Forbidden City area is the largest of all the house of one, and shape is the highest specifications, the most magnificent buildings. Hall of Supreme Harmony is a five-hipped ridge hall, from east to west, there is a long ridge, before and after each two oblique vertical ridges, this constitutes called on hipped roof, hipped ridge construction term of five. Yanjiao have 11 animals, a special case for China's ancient architecture. From about the 14th century Ming Dynasty, eaves hipped feudal dynasty palace in the form of the highest level. Hall of Supreme Harmony has a diameter of 1 meter large column 72, six of which are around the throne Beaulieu Lek pink gilded columns.
King Wo hall
Lek pink gold lacquer wooden hall and refined Beaulieu caisson, middle temple is a symbol of the feudal imperial power - gold lacquer throne Diao, located in hall 2 meters high stage, Diao gold lacquer throne are placed before the throne there modeling beautiful crane, furnace, tripod, behind Diao screen. Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City is the largest wooden structure, is the Palace of the most spectacular buildings, but also China's largest timber-framed house. The entire hall decorated magnificent, stately gorgeous. Hall of Supreme Harmony is the place where emperors held a major ceremony. That emperor ascended the throne, birthdays, weddings, all in here to celebrate the Spring Festival.
(Ming said canopy Hall, in the very temple) is one of the three main hall Forbidden City, located in Tai rear. And in the temple 27 meters high, flat square, Miankuo, deep into each of three, surrounded by a gallery, Brick paving, construction area 580㎡. Yellow glazed tiles danyan corners Cuanjian Ding, ding middle of gilt. Clustered into four tip-shaped ridge top, the security sphere of copper gilt ding tire, called the four corners of the architectural style tip save terminology. The Hall of Supreme Harmony is the emperor to be held before the ceremony to take a break and exercise ritual places. Before going to the emperor in the Hall of Supreme Harmony first stopover, accepting cabinet ministers and officials salute rites and ceremony into the Hall of Supreme Harmony.authentic louis vuitton bag In addition, before the Emperor and the Imperial Ancestral Temple worship heaven and earth, it must first review what is written here oration of "I wish Edition"; in farming before the Zhongnanhai play, but also cultivated a look at here.
(Ming said the body would like temple, built very temple) is one of the three main hall Forbidden City, and in the rear. Paul Hall 29 meters high, flat rectangular, Miankuo 9, depth 5, the building area 1240㎡. Chongyanxieshan yellow glazed tile roof. There is a middle of the roof ridge, before and after each two vertical ridges, vertical ridges in the lower part of each strip and then ramp up a bifurcated ridge, along the main ridge, vertical ridges, ridge bifurcation total of nine, called Xieshan architectural terms. Paul Hall is the annual New Year's Eve Ciyan Outlying kings and emperors place. Paul Hall is the place to hold successful candidates in imperial examinations.
Hall of Supreme Harmony and the Hall of Preserving Harmony are built in white marble structure of the 8-meter-high work-shaped abutment, the former Hall of Supreme Harmony, and in the middle, Paul, and in the post. Joan afar like a mythical fairy palace Que. Abutments three overlapping each stage edges are decorated with white marble carved headboard, looking columns and a leader, three of which there are three stone steps carved Beaulieu, set off with waves and clouds in the "Royal Road." 25,000-square-meter steeplechase 1415 engraved on the table there, carved columns Yunlong Wang Xiangfeng of 1460, leading 1138. With so many white marble decorated three, overlapping shapes and downs, this is a unique style of ancient Chinese architecture decorative arts. And this decoration on the structure and function, but also drains the table. Under the tailgate to 栿 stone engraved with a small hole; the next column in sight extends also to carve a small hole leading. Every rainy season, three rain layer by layer by the small hole discharged water from the faucet, water Qianlong, spectacular. This is a scientific and artistic designs.
Cining Gong will be open
Pro Creek Pavilion, salty if Hall, Tsz-lined floor... After three years of renovation, the Palace Museum Cining Gong garden 11 buildings have been restored in the past dressed. As the Forbidden City in the Queen Mother, toffee, too example, bowing their principal places of this area of 6800 square meters of gardens on display will be arranged in the recovery of its official opening in August 15, 2015. In addition, the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography" Suganggung Zhen Huan lived in the palace will be officially on display.
1. What kind of garden Cining Gong? Peony close planting flower beds
According to reports, Cining Gong Garden was built in the Ming Dynasty, the Ming dynasty, the Qing Dynasty Empress Dowager Empress Dowager and toffee, too example, their recreation, of the Buddha. Cining Gong garden north and south about 130 meters east-west width of 50 meters, resale louis vuitton handbagsa total area of 6,800 square meters. A total of 11 buildings in the garden, including the Pro Creek Pavilion, salty if Hall, Tsz Yam House and other buildings, covers an area of less than one fifth of the total area, concentrated in the northern part of the garden. Southern Gardens open and flat terrain, lush trees and flowers, the garden is mainly pine trees, planted between the Indus, magnolia, ginkgo, lilac, concentrated salty if planted in front of the hall and around the Stream Pavilion, close planting flower beds peony. Fruitful seasons each flavor.
2, Cining Gong garden how to repair? Focus repair imkye kiosks and salty if Hall
Forbidden City Project Management Office Director Shang Guohua introduced Cining Gong garden undisturbed until repairs have been holding area, not open. He introduced Cining Gong Garden in 2011 to start repairs, hospital 11 buildings, focusing on repairing the temporary kiosks and salty if Creek Pavilion. He explained that in the repair process, salty pillar outside the museum if tilted 8 cm, the principle of minimum intervention, the repair process was carried out dial positive. It is understood that Cining Gong Garden 11 building renovation has been completed, the next exhibition will be arranged, planned for August 15, 2015 officially opened.
3, the Forbidden City to open up to what extent? Will leave all viewers within Redwall
Moreover, August 15, 2015, the TV series "Zhen Huan Biography" Zhen Huan lived undisturbed display after making Suganggung Palace, will be officially on display. The sculpture is located Cining Gong Pavilion will open to the public May 31,louis vuitton mm tote 2015. It is understood that, with the gradual opening of the western Forbidden City "female areas", an open area of the Forbidden City from the current 52% to 65%. And in accordance with existing regulations, the open area of the Forbidden City in 2020 will reach 76%.
"Will leave all viewers within the red walls." National Palace Museum Director Shan Jixiang in an interview when he said that in the future, including the Forbidden City president, executive vice president, including more than 600 office staff will move out of the Forbidden City office. Then, in addition to the corners, where the non-ancient, the Forbidden City, the rest can be open.
"In another six years, the Forbidden City is a 600-year-old birthday." Shan Jixiang, said in an interview, the Forbidden City, the ongoing renovation of heritage, the environment, expand the open area of the exhibition display.

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Evergreen tree,speedy 25 louis vuitton 10-20 m tall; bark grayish brown, twigs brown, hairless. Leaves thinly leathery, often set top branches, leaf shape and size vary widely, usually oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 12-30 cm long, 3.5-6.5 cm wide, apex acuminate or long acuminate acute, base cuneate or rounded, margin crisped, hairless, hairy, slightly shiny, lateral veins 20-25 pairs, ramp, both surfaces, stockwork not significant, petiole 2-6 cm, the mask tank, base dilated.
Panicles 20-35 cm long, more densely flowered, was sallow puberulent, branches spreading, the most basal branches 6-15 cm long; bracts lanceolate, about 1.5 mm, puberulent; flowers small, polygamous, yellow or light yellow; pedicels 1.5-3 mm, with the section; sepals ovate-lanceolate, 2.5-3 mm long, 1.5 mm wide, acuminate, outside puberulent, margin thin eyelashes; petals oblong or oblong-lanceolate, 3.5-4 mm long, 1.5 mm wide, glabrous, with 3-5 bars inside tan protruding veins, flowering revolute; faceplate swollen, fleshy, 5-lobed; stamens only one development, about 2.5 mm, anthers oval, infertility stamens 3-4, with very short filaments and warty anther primordia or absent; ovary obliquely ovate, diameter of about 1.5 mm, glabrous, style subterminal, about 2.5 mm.
Drupe large, kidney-shaped (cultivars its shape and size varies greatly), flattened, 5-10 cm long, 3-4.5 cm wide, yellow when ripe, mesocarp fleshy, plump, bright yellow, sweet, stone hard.
2 Distribution
Production Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, louis vuitton paris purseTaiwan, was born 200-1350m above sea level on the slopes, valley or forest wilderness. Distributed in India, Bangladesh, Indochina and Malaysia. This species has been widely cultivated at home and abroad, and bred more than 100 species cultivated in China has reached more than 40 varieties.
3 growth environment
Mango likes the warm, frost intolerant. World mango production areas with an average annual temperature above 20 ℃,
Not cooked in mango tree
Not cooked in mango tree (20)
The lowest monthly average temperature higher than 15 ℃. Our results can be normal growth areas with an average annual temperature of 19. 8-24. 1 ℃, but with an average annual temperature of 21-22 ℃, the coldest month is greater than 15 ℃, annual frost-free area almost as much. Effective temperature growth of mango 18-35 ℃, shoot growth temperature for 24-29 ℃, fruit and young fruit growth must be greater than the average daily temperature of 20 ℃.
Inadequate temperature, poor pollination and fertilization, even dead or inflorescence death of embryo abortion. When the temperature is higher than 37 ℃, flowers and fruit produce sunburn, less than 10 ℃, and spikes to stop the growth of new shoots, below 5 ℃, seedlings, young shoots and flower spikes chills around 0 ℃ seedling shoot, adult trees spikes and young shoots, leaf perimeter will suffer severe dead. -3 ℃ below freezing saplings, trees severe cold.
Mango fruit is like light, plenty of light can promote differentiation, flowering fruit and improve fruit quality, improve the appearance. Plant canopy usually sunny side or open environment blossom, fruit is high; too much foliage, crown density, insufficient light mango blossom with little result, fruit appearance and quality are poor.louis vuitton online outlet store Jian repairable by shaping and improving the park, inside the tree lighting conditions to increase production and extend the rich period.
Mango in annual rainfall 700-2000mm area grew well in the uneven distribution of rainfall in southern China often impact on growth and development. Flowering and early results are too dry air, can lead to shattering; burnt and too much rain has led to poor pollination and fertilization; summer rainfall is too concentrated, often induce serious diseases fruit; autumn drought affected harvest fall tree alma mater after more the germination and growth.
4 species classification
Gui seven Mans
Gui seven Mans
Gui seven Mans
Gui aka Hot 82, commonly known as Gui seven Mans, moderate grower, flowering branches opened late, is late
Maturing variety, maturity 8 months late. High and stable yield.
Parthenon on the 1st
One Mans Tainong Taiwan Province Windy Hill Horticulture self-fertile varieties. Precocious species, crown thick, raw potential Zhuang Wang, erect, flowering early, long flowering period. Relatively resistant to anthracnose, wide adaptability.
Peel mango
Thailand, also known as Mount, moderate grower strong. Mid-June on fruit ripening, fruit-shaped kidney-shaped, dark green to yellow peel ripe green, there are significant groin.
Jinhuang Mans
Jin Huang Mountain Taiwan self-fertile varieties, strong grower, tall crown, flowers large and sparse. King and nuclear thin fruit, sweet and refreshing flavor, fruit juice, no fiber, resistant storage. Average weight of 1200 g. When ripe orange peel. Good quality, good commodity, damier canvas louis vuittonsugar content of 17%. Cooked, resistant to anthracnose.
Kate Mans
The breed strong grower. Fruit oval, light green rind sunny side and shoulder pale red fruit, fruit average weight of 680 grams, thin nuclear small flesh, flesh quality orange, sugary 17%, late maturing species, maturity August to September In mid-January. The breed has a certain area and yield.
Hongxiangya Mans
This variety is Guangxi Agricultural College Confessions ivory selected seedling offspring. Growing stronger, more leafy branch. If long circular, slightly bent, skin color green, sunny side Gui fruit peel bright red appearance.
Jade Mountain on the 6th Man
Fruit, the average single weighing 1000-1500 g, fruit-shaped bright, purple, more fiber, seed nuclear thin, edible rate, delicate flesh, good taste, soluble solids up to 17-19, yielding better performance, imported from Taiwan in 2002, there is a certain area and yield.
Bin Lin 1
Gorgeous fruit shape, showing peach color, sweetness about 19 degrees, particularly good taste and flavor, the fruit weighs about 500 grams. 2002 imported from Taiwan, a certain area and yield.
"Royal" Mango launch developed by experts in Taiwan, has less than 10 years old. 1997, Taiwan Mr. Liao Jianxiong to Sanya utmost company was founded, the "Royal" into Hainan.
Article No. 1 priority
This variety is the fruit do in Baise City in May 2000 to introduce a mango plant growing success from the China-Burma border. Crown oval, moderate grower, gray trunk, longitudinal cracks, under the rough on the fine, more upright branches, shoot length 15 ~ 20cm, Leaves simple, leathery, oblong, margin entire, showed a small waves roll up.
Taiwan bud
Also known as Huang Jinhuang, tiandong introduction of new varieties, high and stable yield,louis vuitton damier canvas superior quality, mature fruit peel pink fruit weighs about 500-750 grams. Tiandong a certain area and yield.
Purple Mountain
Purple Mountain (aka allotment on the 3rd), the species is Guangxi Agricultural College in 1987 from Thailand Mans seedlings bred offspring. Moderate grower, branches to carry out early knot, high and stable yield better.
No. 22 Ivory
Shushi strong, high inflorescence fruit set, fruit-shaped ivory, peel emerald green, sunny side flush, turn pale yellow after ripening, weight 150--300 grams of edible portion, 63%, orange flesh, quality good, mature late June to mid-July, storability away.
Golden Harvest Mans
The newly introduced varieties planted in 1993, with early junction, high and stable yield. Fruit ovoid, peel green, turn yellow after ripening. Peel thin, smooth, very little fiber, juicy taste sweet, tender meat, edible part accounted for 70--75%. 7 months late maturity. Quality upper, is fresh and processing are good varieties.
Gui hot on the 10th
Shushi strong, oval fruit bars, fruit Tsui fingers obviously outstanding. Fruit weight 350--800 grams of edible portion of 73%, orange flesh, delicate texture, less fiber, good fresh quality. The species susceptible to anthracnose fruit late.
Internet Mans
The breed strong grower. Fruit shape is oblate, Bi Kaite Mans smaller, pale red peel, fruit delicate meat, fiber rarely, storage and transportation, the stone is small, accounting for 95% of edible part, fragrance, sugary 20%. This variety is the introduction of new varieties in 1999.
Reddish yellow, transparent display there is a sense of perspective flesh, such as amber, belong to the best quality meat and sweetness high around 19 degrees, the fruit king of 1000 g or more. 2002 imported from Taiwan.
The variety Shushi strong, fruit round, average weight 1000 g, fruit shape gorgeous, purple, grape-like hanging on a tree, after bagging reddish yellow, small stone, edible parts accounted for 95% , fragrance, taste good, sugary 16-17%%; high and stable yield. louis vuitton malletier2002 imported from Taiwan.
Red apple Mans
Red apple mango skin smooth, fruit points clear, clear texture. Sunny place, peel draped pink waxy, pink, shaped like apples, it was called the Red Apple Mountain.
Indah Water
Tiandong introduced to try to grow new varieties of fruit medium sized, fruit-shaped appearance, mature consequences Secheng golden brown.
Irwin formerly Owen. By Florida foster, in 1954 after the introduction of Taiwan, also known as Apple Mountain. For cultivars Taiwan. Australia introduced in 1984 by the South Subtropical Crops Research Institute, compiled for the 1st Hongmang.
Gui heat on the 3rd
Quality upper, yellow when ripe, sweet and juicy, less fiber, good quality, the results unstable performance. Early planting tiandong introduction.
Gui Hot 120
Department of Guangxi, the hot new varieties of mango tree hot like Gui seven, better quality, smell good, stable performance results.
Luzon mans treasure original Ming Kala, also known as Zhanjiang Luzon, honey mango, small Luzon. The origin of the Philippines, the major commercial cultivars and varieties for the country's exports. Introduced in 1938 by the Hong Kong Zhanjiang, 1987 introduction of Yunnan, is widely distributed in various areas of the country. Mexico, USA.
Egg Mans
1 Department of western Guangdong Institute of subtropical crops (Zhanjiang) Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture, Luzon mango seedling variation from plant breeding. Zhanjiang in Guangdong, black louis vuitton walletDongguan, Guangzhou planting more. Round-shaped crown, compared with the opening of branches, growing strong.
1500-2500 grams of fruit, poor quality, low yield.
Mango variety
Tianyang, Guangxi local choice of varieties, flowering earlier. Oval fruit, fruit weight 210--290 grams. Peel smooth, yellow when ripe. Pulp fibers less on quality. Soluble solids 18--22% 70% pulp, storage is intolerant. Regional high yield, high yield in Youjiang River Valley.
Seasons honey Mans
For multiple seasons honey mango flowering varieties, oblong fruit, fruit shallow depression, micro mouth with fruit, fruit top long, is in the small fruit, fruit weight 200--250 grams. Pulp fiber medium, quality upper; 22% soluble solids, pulp rate of 80%.
Seal Mans
Fruit weight 2--3 pounds, fruit named after the shape of seals, medium quality, a small amount in tiandong planting.
Off Daomang
Medium quality, fruit shape knife named, low yield.
India on the 1st
Aka autumn Mans, India 901, originating in India, was one of the first to introduce the county mango varieties, the varieties of moderate grower weak, short plant, short trunk, branching low, opening branches drooping branches long branches short, stout branches orthostatic.
Mount Cinnamon
Mount Cinnamon is the offspring of autumn and olecranon Mans Mans. Weak moderate grower, tree loose hair weak branches coarse, tend to occur, the larger the angle, the external soft drooping branches, canopy expand slowly.
Small ivory
Fruit weight 250--500 grams, in apparent size, medium quality, there is a small amount in tiandong planting.
String Mans
String Mans is elected by the College of Agriculture, Guangxi ivory bud mutation on the 22nd plant, because the results of clusters face name. Growing strong, cheap book bags onlinelate flowering and early fruit knot ﹑ ﹑ high yield rate, and there is a natural phenomenon secondary to fruition.
Sri Lanka
From Sri Lanka to introduce early fruiting yield, lower quality, is processed varieties. Tiandong grow gradually less.
Ivory Mans
Laurel High round shape, Mikie smaller branches, erect and strong. Conical inflorescence, pink inflorescence axis. If the kidney-shaped long oval, curved clear fruit, fruit mouth traces. If the shape of the primary ivory, ivory Mans named.
Large white
Also known as white ivory, originating in Thailand, wide oval crown, branches branching angle is small, compact tree. Inflorescence paniculate inflorescence axis pink, flowering in mid-February. Fruit long ovoid (Ivory shape), fruit bend obvious or shallow or no traces of fruit mouth.
Originally cultivar Florida, in 1984 by the introduction of Guangxi Subtropical Crops Research Institute from Australia, the species wide adaptability, strong grower Wang, stout branches, long and drooping hair strong. Leaves lanceolate, leaves deep, irregular wavy margin, slightly curled. Flowering in late March to late April, pedicel light red, has the ability to regenerate flowering, bisexual flowers percentage of 25% -38%.
5 cultivation techniques
Mango Tree
Mango thick taproot, buried deeper, less the number of lateral roots, and slow growth. Seedling trunk significantly, due to the different varieties of grafted trees, there are upright, but also to carry out type and intermediate type. Flower buds are pure flower buds and shoots two hybrid, small flowers, there are two kinds of male and bisexual flowers on the same inflorescence.
No root dormancy, saplings root growth in December to next February, spring shoots aging - before summer shoot germinate after summer shoot mature ~ 3 times before the peak of autumn shoots germination; adult trees only two distinct peaks, and alternating with the shoot, cheap purses for salespring, summer, root growth at a low ebb. Shoot growth of 2 to begin in March, 11 to 12 months to stop.
Flower bud differentiation in November to next January for more than 11 to 12 months early varieties, late-maturing varieties of 1 to 2 months. Flowering and maturing varieties of tropical flowering later in November to next February, subtropical and mid-maturing varieties 2 to 3 months, late-maturing varieties in mid-March. There are two peak times fruit drop, from 20 to 30 days before harvest have preharvest fruit drop phenomenon. Since the ovary to mature mango enlargement need 110 to 150 days, the fruit since mid-May to late August and September - mature.
Mango on soil requirements should choose deep soil, groundwater level is low, rich in organic matter, good drainage, pH value of 5.5 to 7.5 loam or sandy loam is appropriate.
6 breeding methods
There mango seedling propagation and asexual reproduction to asexual reproduction as well. Grafting methods are cleft grafting, budding and shield-shaped patch sticks and other abdominal access, management and other similar fruit breeding.
The main value of 7
Famous tropical mango fruit, juicy and delicious, but also made preserves and jams or salted for seasoning, also wine. Peel medicine, "where those who eat without vomiting crossing waves"; stone Shufeng cough.
Leaves and bark can be used as a yellow dye. Wood hard, resistant to water, should make the journey or furniture. Spherical crown, evergreen canopy of large, tropical gardens and a good street tree species.
8 Plant Culture
In India,black louis vuitton purse Buddhist and Hindu temples could be seen mango tree leaves, flowers and fruit pattern. Hindus believe that the five representatives of Eros mango flower Kama Deva's five arrows, with mango to worship goddess Saraswati. During 1556 - 1605, Mughal emperor Akbar in the vicinity of Delhi has a one hundred thousand mango tree orchard. Such massive mango tree garden at the time was the world's rare.
It was agreed that the first introduction to the mango people outside India are China Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang, the "Baltic fruit Um, see Jennifer world" such records in the "Buddhist" in. Then incoming Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries, and then spread to the Mediterranean countries, gradually spread until the 18th century after Brazil, the West Indies and Florida and other places, where there are large mango trees.

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