Cost Of Mobile Development In Germany

Mobile development or mobile application or app development increases the utility of mobile phones in your daily life. Applications, be it for utility services (alarm clocks, maps), for lifestyle purposes, or healthcare, are a part and parcel of people’s lives.

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How Much Do You Have To Pay To Own A Customized Mobile Application


Having a customized application for your company or business has immense business benefits. However, developing an application also involves a significant cost, so most business heads have to do a thorough cost-benefit analysis before they invest in developing an app.

Before you learn about the costs involved in the various stages of creating a mobile application, you must know about the different app development models.

Some companies provide full-cycle development. This means that they take care of all aspects of app development, including planning, UI/UX creation, quality assessment, etc.

App development companies also allow for rapid prototyping facilities. Prototyping allows people to explore their ideas and test the models before further investing time and money in developing a particular app. Prototyping allows developers to understand which aspects of a program will be difficult to implement.

Further, there are companies that also provide consultation services for app development. So in case your company already has an app or if you wish to develop the app in-house, you can consult a professional company that gives expert advice and tips.

The cost of mobile app creation can be segregated on the basis of different stages of creation, and the cost involved at each stage is discussed below.

The Research Stage

The very first stage of creating an app involves research and strategy formulation. The research aims to determine how much your business can benefit from the app. So, the features that improve the reach of your business, those that improve brand recognition, etc., are carefully incorporated into the app.

Again, aspects that can reduce your application’s utility, like violating the privacy of users, slow loading times, etc., are carefully kept at bay while creating the app.

Most companies charge around four thousand Euros for the research stage of the app development. However, some companies are known to charge more, and at times the charges could go as high as ten thousand Euros.

The planning and strategy formulation stage usually takes around two to three weeks. However, the time taken for the planning stage can increase depending on the geographical reach and the core purpose that your app will serve.

Designing The Application


The designing stage involves the creation of the UI layout. This part is usually taken care of by the graphic designer. He takes care of the layout, the color scheme, etc., and essentially creates a design that makes the screen attractive and easy to operate.

The UI design usually takes three to four weeks. However, this stage may take more time and effort if the design is incompatible with different operating systems. So it is a graphic designer’s job to make sure that your app opens and looks equally great whether your customer has an Apple phone or a model that runs on Android.

The most crucial stage in app development is front and backend development. Front-end development uses HTML for markup, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for logic and interactions. The backend development involves management of the server-side logic, data integration, data storage, user management, etc.

Needless to say, front and backend development is the most crucial stage of creating an app. Hence these stages take the most time and entail the highest costs. Most companies charge five thousand to thirty thousand Euros in the design and development stage.

Testing And Deployment Stage

Once the software has been created, it has to be tested to check for vulnerabilities. Usually, the developers release the app in small segments of society to check for the utility of the app, the potential scope for breakdown, etc.

The deployment stage is critical because if an app breaks down after it has been released in the market, it can lead to a serious loss of reputation. The cost involved in the deployment stage depends on the size of the market in which the pilot studies are carried out. Usually, the testing and deployment phase involves a cost of five to ten thousand Euros.

Support And Maintenance Of The Application


Companies that develop the app are best suited to repair any glitches that may develop. Most companies take responsibility for resolving long-term issues and maintaining the app. The cost for support and maintenance service is around twenty to twenty-five thousand Euros.

The stages listed above are the main steps involved in the development of an app. However, the costs involved are not fixed. On the contrary, they vary quite a lot, and the costs depend on the niche or domain for which it is being developed.

Developing healthcare apps require more funds than the development of simple utility-based applications. The cost of developing social media-based apps shows a great deal of variation. Some apps can be developed for thirty thousand Euros; others can cost as much as eighty thousand Euros.

Programs that support educational content are usually more affordable than social media-based apps. Development of educational apps can cost around twenty to fifty thousand Euros.


App development is a major component of any business’s marketing and expansion plans. A great app can bring many new customers and increase a company’s brand value. The research stage is the first stage of development; it helps strategize and plan all aspects of the app development.

The main development stages, that is, front and back-end development, are the most crucial in terms of functionality; thus, it costs the most money. The cost involved in developing an application depends not only on the stages of development but also on the type of app. Usually, healthcare and social-based apps cost more money than regular utility apps.