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from New Town

Siasati Children Are Difficult To Eat Pizza With Sausage Mini

Siasati Children Of Hard-Packed With Mini Sausage Pizza. In fact when the small hard-packed, maybe they get bored with the menu which always rice, vegetable and side dish. Considering the world of kids is a dynamic world it's good we adjust. Eating is not solely to rice,  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-nugget-ayam-enak-dan-praktis.html occasionally vary the menu of the little one as follows.

How to make a mini sausage pizza is pretty easy, so that you can practise with your friends or family at home. In addition the materials to prepare this mini sausage pizza recipes can also be found easily.

The following are the steps to make a  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-es-krim-coklat.html mini sausage pizza offerings Daily quoted from pages of Indo-European SajianSedap, starting from the materials used.


Pizza Ingredients:
175 g plain flour high protein
8 grams granulated sugar
3 grams instant yeast
10 g powdered milk
120 ml ice water
25 g margarine
1/2 teaspoon salt

Supplementary Materials:
100 grams of tomato sauce
100 g button mushrooms, corn or other vegetables you like, being
2 red plum tomatoes, thinly sliced
3 pieces of chicken sausage, cut into thin angle
100 grams of cheese easy melting

How to make a mini sausage pizza:

Pizza peels, mix flour, granulated sugar, instant yeast and milk powder. Mix well. Pour the ice water a little bit. Knead until kalis.
Add margarine and salt. Stir until elastic. Let stand 30 minutes.
Weigh the dough 30 grams.  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-capcay-kuah.html Spherical shape. Let stand 10 minutes.
For milling thin dough. Spherical shape with thicker side. Prick-prick with a fork. Let stand 30 minutes until fluffy.
Lower temperature heat oven 190 degrees Celsius 8 minutes until half-cooked.
Brush the pie with tomato sauce. The mushroom, vegetable, tomato, sausage, and cheese melted easily. The oven 10 minutes longer until done.

How easy, not how to make a mini sausage on the pizza? You can also mengkreasikan this mini sausage pizza recipes with other ingredients to taste. Good luck and hopefully useful.

Savory Rice Roasted Anchovies With Chili Sauce

Culinary tourism in Tangerang area in residential Garden Images II is indeed rarely done, because fitting into place this  morning brother in Duta Garden and the breakfast in the morning was warm bu Hany. Now the brothers are invited for lunch to eat at the Bistro Leaves.

The leaves are in the image of its Bistro Garden Extension II. Resto Indonesia cuisine offers no a la carte cuisine and Manado. Well we directly select that menu only, we freely chose what side dish we are going to the message, the food is indeed seductive served, http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-lumpia-goreng-enak-banget.html  served with pottery clay with layers of banana leaves menus ranging from vegetables, fish, pepes, tofu, tempeh, fritters sateen, organ meats, chili sauce and others.

Wow... got confused pilihnya, but I tried a standard message aja he-he..., rice grilled anchovies and fried chicken. My brother is the message Hor rica oci fish, shallots, chicken meat jerked kalasan, and fritters. So our message dipanasin menu again so that more delicious.

Dont wait long menus we've come, yuuuk... the direct cobain. The first rice grilled anchovies. NASI bakar teri http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-donat-jco-asli-dan-empuk.html  contents anchovies, green onion, sliced chili and wrapped in banana leaves make very distinctive shape resembles rice cake is larger. Grilled Rice savory and tasty terinya lho honestly rarely nemu rice burn good.

Chicken gorengnya nothing special, but nice crisp and savory and pervasive bumbunya. Well its lived dicocol with chilli then so much more tasty and delicious. For other menus such as oci rica fish-ricanya fair enough, because it might be a lot of spines are so its rather http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-onde-onde-kacang-hijau.html  difficult and quite spicy sambalnya. While the empalnya meat is tender.

Oh Yes here sambalnya there are 3 options, namely spicy shrimp paste, tomato sauce and spicy chili sauce

How To Make Tempeh Recipe Jogja With Chicken

Cuisine-recipes and easy way to make it. One of Indonesia's famous cooking recipes are not only in our country but also  to other countries is part of Yogyakarta. Not just indigenous peoples Jogya or Central Java, recipes tempeh dishes much sought after by tourists who happened to mention a visit to Jogja. Usually they took him as a  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-garang-asem-daging-ayam-enak.html gift by making family in their home country. There are several kinds of this recipe are quite popular in the middle of our society, such as warm chicken, recipes tempeh jackfruit, jackfruit krecek, gudeg ceker solo wet gudeg, recipes and more. Make a friend who comes from the region of yogya may be almost  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-tekwan-palembang.html everything already knew the recipe to make warm, but make friends who happened to not come from Central Java and had never tried to make this dish, this time I'll give  the herbs and how to make a delicious warm real Jogya and legit.

For some people might be more familiar with Indonesia's original cuisine as part of jackfruit. Make friends who have never try tempeh recipe makes sure to ask question in my heart why it uses vegetable fruit kok jackfruit as a raw material. But when friends have ever been made warm would already know that this is indeed the Jogja, Gudeg, recipes using fruits jackfruit to the main ingredient. But don't get me wrong  once why, jackfruit fruit used is young Jack fruit, so not too mushy and not his taste too sweet like fruit ripe jackfruit in General. For best results, we recommend using friend friends fruits jackfruit are really young, i.e. fruits jackfruit seeds out as yet. But if no, jackfruit that already had a tiny little seed can also still use kok.

Friend of a friend who doesn't like with the food tastes sweet, of course, will not be too fond of warm chicken this jackfruit. Yes, like most of the food that comes from the city of Yogyakarta (tempe bacem, tofu bacem) gudeg yogya recipe, it has a slightly sweet taste. But don't worry, sweet taste evokes natural lho and everything derived from ingredients natural ingredients as well. So don't worry will cause side effects create that eat it. Of course, in addition, the original recipe of Yogyakarta is also using some of the traditional seasonings that make it nicer and legit.

If friends happen to live in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas, it may be easier and practical to buy these foods rather than make it. But make friends who lived outside the city of Jogja and incidentally would miss the cuisine of this young jackfruit fruit, of course the best way to treat it is to get Warm with the taste of Yogyakarta itself at home. Do not khawati, how to make Tempeh is fairly simple kok. His materials are materials with easily obtainable in the traditional market market around our homes.
Jogja, Gudeg, Recipes

Gudeg Yogya recipes with chicken
Ingredients ingredients Recipes chicken and Jogja, Gudeg, Jackfruit

The main ingredients needed are young jackfruit fruit more or less as much as 1 kg. Use a really young jackfruit that no seeds or seeds are still small.
Coconut milk extracted from the juice of grated coconut fruit more or less as much as 1000 ml.
Galangal is a great medium-size http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-klapertart-kukus.html  approximately as much as the finger segment 4 adults. Clean and wash at 6/memarkan in advance so that the aroma is out and easily mixed with other herbs.
Teak leaf medium size of as much as 6-7 pcs. Select the young teak leaves so that raises a beautiful brown color on its food.
Bay leaf medium size of as much as 2 pcs only.
Medium-size chicken meat 1/2 tail. Cut the pieces to taste or approx 4-6 pieces.
Nice quality brown sugar as much as approximately 90-100 grams. Thinly sliced thin so easily blended with other ingredients.
Clean water to boil the jackfruit youth more or less as much as 1.2-1-5 liters liters. Better when using coconut milk so that more legit results.
Great medium-size garlic 4 cloves. His skin peeled before use.
Local medium-size red onion as many as 10 large cloves. Peel the skin used to be so easy for mashed.
Pecan more or less as much as 6 points. Roasted first before use.
Salt beryodium more or less as much as 5 small spoon or a teaspoon.
Coriander was more or less as much as one teaspoon. Roasted first before frying.

How To Make Chicken Gudeng Jackfruit

Prepare one pot size is rather large. Put half the young teak leaves at the very bottom so that the aroma and colour rate.
Enter the clean water or kelapanya water to the pan.
Enter the jackfruit pieces already cut out small little advance into it and then cover the top with the remaining leaves of the teak that permeated all.
Poached young jackfruit and dispose of leaves of jatinya over low heat until it is really tender and drained.
While waiting for the padded nangkanya, k

How To Make Beef Jerky Recipe Crispy Original Balado Fields

Balado Jerky recipe and easy way to make it. There are many recipes for meat dishes that were in  the midst of our society. Call it a few recipes that are well known, such as beef rendang beef recipes, meat soup, meat stews and more. This time, I'll invite friends to create a special recipe which is quite famous in our country, namely Recipe Jerky Balado http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-sambal-terasi.html  Fields. Make friends who had way way in The certainly know dong that this food consists of 2 kinds of jerky beef jerky meat, namely balado balado balado jerky dry and wet that is usually made by by for tourists visiting The area. But whether friends already know how to make jerky balado crispy and tasty?

Actually this is not just famous cuisines in The region alone, but has spread almost to all regions of Indonesia. Not only in the capital city of West Sumatra, that's all we could find crunchy balado jerky and delicious. Just Yes usually the seller did not as much as there is in the field. Friend of a friend who may be one of the beef jerky balado fans might be a little difficult to treat miss the beef dishes. Or perhaps a friend of a friend is planning to open a business or add variations kulier cuisines that exist, should indeed try to make Jerky Recipes Balado yourself at home. Of course buy more practical than making your own, but if we know how to make  your own jerky is definitely a result of more tasty and crunchy rather than buy it. In addition, we can really ensure that materials the material used really quality and the result was certainly more delicious.

Like making other meat recipes, there are a few things to note in the way of making this jerky. Basically, the process of making jerky recipes of typical Padang balado is divided into two, namely beef jerky making him and his balado recipes. Basically, all parts of the beef can be used, but if friends want to make special dishes for the family, we recommend that you use the beef has inside. Sebaiknnya meat does not need to be washed so that the fibers and their texture stay awake. Simply boiled in water before cooking so that the dirt and blood that stick was missing. The beef used to make jerky balado wet or dry balado dedeng preferably boiled in large chunks until tender, then cut in pieces to taste. For more details, please see into details recipe and Spice that is used under.
jerky recipes delicious balado

The main material used is 1 kg of beef is pretty good quality. Use the beef has inside or other parts that have little fat content. Meat stew to a boil to remove dirt that doesn't need to be washed and then drain briefly.
Great medium-size garlic as much as 6 to 7 cloves. Peel the skin and at rough (geprak) 3 pcs of onions to the stew and the remaining mashed meat marinade for so much more pervasive.
Pekak fruit about 3 pcs only.
Local medium-size red onion of as much as 3 cloves. Peel the skin and puree the ingredients for the marinade.
White pepper powder or fine more or less as much as one nifty little to spoon the marinade ingredients.
Coriander was more or less as much as one small scoop or spoon the marinade ingredients to tea. Puree.
Beryodium kitchen salt to taste marinade for the material.
White granulated sugar to taste for the marinade ingredients.
Clean water to boil the meat and seasoning to make dendengnya rendamannya.
Big Red chilies as much as 3-4 pcs. Clean and halve the two tossed the contents are mashed and coarsely mashed (balado seasoning).
Chili fruit curling 5-8 pcs or to taste. Clean and wash the mashed coarsely mashed (balado seasoning).
Salt beryodium more or less as much as one small scoop (seasoning balado).
Medium-size Orange leaves as many as 3 pcs (balado seasoning).
Local medium-size red onion in as much as 8-9 large cloves. His skin peeled and thinly sliced thin (balado seasoning).
Tamarind water more or less as much as two tablespoons of seasoning mix for just baladonya (made of 2 teaspoons tamarind and 4 tablespoons of water).
Cooking oil for deep frying to taste meat jerky seasoning, sautéing and balado.

How To Make A Delicious Crispy Jerky Recipes Balado

The first step is to make jerky meat sapinya.
Prepare the Pan again and fill with clean water to taste. Enter as much white pepper 1 teaspoon garlic, which is already digeprak, salt to taste and pekaknya fruit. Stir stir briefly so that all ingredients are well blended.
Stir in beef which has been previously boiled into a pan on top. Simmer beef until tender while in back and forth. Remove meat and drain once cooked then cut the pot

Caramelized Pineapple Pudding Recipe Spiced

Cooking recipes – Aroma typical kayumanis and taste the sweet pineapple flavor pudding adds   to this further. More delicious if eaten cold.


Caramel Ingredients:
200 g granulated sugar
50 ml water

100 grams of pineapple, cut into 1/2 thick round cm, dumped the core
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon powdered kayumanis
1/4 teaspoon salt
75 g sugar fine sand
1 tablespoon of cornstarch and 400 ml water, dissolved for a thickener
whipped cream for garnish

The Way Of Processing:

Caramel: gosongkan granulated sugar. Pour the water. Stir until sugar is dissolved.
The pineapple in the bottom of heat-resistant Bowl. Sendokkan1 1/2 tablespoons of caramel. Set Aside.
Shake off the eggs, kayumanis powder, salt, and sugar fine sand. Add cornstarch solution. Mix well.
Pour over caramel.
Place it on a baking sheet that contains less water. Oven 50 minutes with a temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Chill.
Serve with cream sprays.

For 8 pieces