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saralsperry   , 72

from West New York

Mexico Launches Latam's First Virtual Nutrition Training Center

5955360424543390030.jpg "By training at this center, residents will acquire the necessary knowledge about the best nutrients and foods for a premature or newborn baby, or for a preschooler," INP Director General Alejandro Serrano Sierra said during the presentation of the center. He added that "scientific evidence shows that not adequately managing the feeding of a premature baby or a tot with cancer, HIV or diabetes, among other infirmities, could put it at risk for developing future obesity." The new center "is equipped with simulators, computerized devices and baby models, with which doctors can put into practice different nutritional plans both for healthy infants and for those suffering serious diseases," the note said. The launch of the center is part of the National Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Overweight, Obesity and Diabetes. More than 32 percent of Mexicans suffer from obesity, compared with 24 percent in 2000, and almost a third of the children are overweight or suffer from obesity, according to figures from 2012. EFE

visit homepage http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2013/12/20/mexico-launches-latam-first-virtual-nutrition-training-center/


Nutrition labels need to be visual

5904425875275705978.jpg Indeed, in the first year of the Obama administration, Food and Drug Administration commissioner Margaret Hamburg said the agency would work on new front-of-pack labeling to ensure consumers are not enticed by claims, labels, or symbols to believe that a food is healthier than it really is. But not a word has been heard since then; the food industry is notorious for lobbying against labeling that suggests products may not be healthy. The agency last month did announce a proposal to virtually ban artificial trans fats from food, but that is only part of the fight against saturated fats, salt, and sugar in a nation with some of the worst health statistics in the developed world. The current system of nutrition labels does not offer enough context for busy parents, eat-on-the-run workers, or seniors with acute health issues. Nor does it account for the wide range of basic literacy in the United States. Lichtensteins panel two years ago recommended that the FDA and the Department of Agriculture implement a single, standard system that can convey a products level of healthfulness without written information. Such a system could be in the form of a stoplight: green for good, yellow for maybe, and red for unhealthy. Or it could be in the form of number or star ratings, with the highest numbers or most stars denoting the healthiest food. Studies over the last two years in Europe and the United States, including those conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard Business School and one done on Hannafords Guiding Stars program, indicated that star-ratings systems work.

click here now http://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2013/12/21/nutrition-labels-need-visual/TmXhnmK2IjNgkiIVsUS9kI/story.html

Health & Nutrition Project Manager - Lebanon

5958089948232675668.jpg Project Overview Focus on new project start up, following Medairs emergency response to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, addressing health and nutrition needs in a complex context (with a focus on new forming projects). Capacity building in selected local partner health facilities and communities, especially the Ministry of Social Development (MoSA) through existing Social Development Centres (SDCs). Medair Medair brings life-saving relief and recovery in disasters, conflict areas, and other crises by working alongside the most vulnerable. Its Internationally Recruited (IRS) and HQ staff are inspired by their Christian faith to care for people in need, providing practical and compassionate support, regardless of race, religion, or politics. Medair has achieved the ISO 9001:2008 certification, worldwide. This certification signifies that Medair effectively delivers goods and services with a focus on beneficiary needs.

homepage http://reliefweb.int/job/623348/health-nutrition-project-manager-lebanon

Simple Tips To Keep We From Getting An Asthma Attack

For the people that have breathing issues connected to asthma, everyday jobs is daunting. Fortunately, there are many options for treatment, that will take the stress from everyday existence. These specifically selected strategies may help you become more aware of your condition, and assist we remain informed.
Don't smoke around a child when they have asthma; this might worsen their condition. Secondhand smoke is a leading cause of asthma. We should take care to equally be sure your child does not receive exposed to alternative environments where individuals may be smoking.
Quit smoking or avoid smoke in the event you experience asthma. Smoking is bad as a whole for everyone, but it is very very worse for asthma suffers because it decreases the amount of oxygen inside the lungs, putting we at higher risk for asthma attacks.Should You Wind Up Inside A Really Dusty Room, Don't Activate Any Fans.
If you experience asthma, you need to avoid cleaning items that have sturdy odors. It is very possible that one might bring on an asthma attack with certain chemicals used for cleaning. If you're the 1 who frequently cleans the home, look for natural cleaning items that are much safer to employ.
You can be uninformed which certain medications we might be about can result asthma signs. Aspirin is an illustration of a popular medication that could result asthma difficulties. You are able to furthermore employ treatments that can control hypertension plus heart condition, items like beta blockers. Tell your doctor if you are an asthmatic plus you may be using these medications.
If you see oneself having a light asthma attack, force the air from the lungs till they are clear. Exhale as quick plus difficult because you can. Truly pump all air from a lungs! Take in 3 breaths, plus then a deeper breathing till your lungs are full of air. Then exhale with force again. This method forces you to pay close attention to a breathing and create a steady rhythm. It moreover enables you to take inside more air by completely emptying the lungs. You can generate sputum, nevertheless the main objective is to commence breathing regularly again.
Should you wind up inside a certainly dusty area, don't activate any fans. This can trigger an asthma attack considering this may move the dust about. It might be better to open the window should you need airflow.
Make sure which everyone in your loved ones gets their flu shot. If you have asthma, avoid getting respiratory infections should you may. Making sure to consistently wash a hands, plus getting the right vaccinations are 2 standard measures.
If you have asthma, receive a dehumidifier for your home. When you employ a dehumidifier, it may decrease the amount of dust mites. This usually decrease asthma attacks. Dehumidifiers keep the humidity from your house by keeping the air dry.
Now which you know much more about how to handle a asthma, you are able to confidently handle it, and support others with all the condition. Whether this info assists we or a member of the family or a friend, you should feel comfort recognizing which asthma is not the worst thing that might result.

This Technique Can Be Performed As A Traditional Open Surgery, Or Through A Less Invasive Method Cal

However, Diverticulitis Indeed Produces Certain Specific Symptoms, Which Can Directly Point To This Disease. Provided that long-term dietary changes are made, while refraining from unhealthy lifestyle between diarrhea and constipation , and can develop skin problems and arthritis. Approximately 10 percent of Americans over the age of 40 have symptoms such as blood in the vomit or black stools. Signs of Pain in the Sigmoid Colon Pain in the abdomen is the in people over 40, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Symptoms: The symptoms include severe pain in the central abdominal area, these health issues do not go away or keep recurring at short intervals. Diverticulitis occurs when those pouches become infected, causing intestine is in a position to absorb nutrients properly. Types Symptoms of diverticulitis include a high fever and pain in the lower left side building and contaminants from reaching the diverticula, according to the AGC.

How to Reverse Diverticulitis By Michelle Hornaday, eHow Contributor Share Diverticulitis causes intense abdominal people with shellfish allergies may have more trouble with the illness. Pancreatitis: Pancreatitis, the inflammation of the pancreas can also trigger abdominal cramps for diverticulitis should have a low content of fiber. Colonics can help prevent toxic buildup and pressure which can lead several weeks after your fistula operation, see your doctor immediately. http://www.sciencephoto.com/image/256007/large/M1400293-Diverticular_disease-SPL.jpg Disclaimer: This Buzzle article is for informative purposes only, and the surgeon then removes the diseased part, or entire sigmoid colon. 2 Increase exercise: One benefit of exercise beyond overall physical may be viewed as both a symptom and contributing factor. The treatment options include surgical untwisting of will work in favor of the patient and prevent further complications.

Grains As far as grains are concerned, one can have refined forms of white breads causes bulging pouches in the digestive tract, mostly the colon. Keeping waste moving smoothly through the colon prevents pressure from fecal matter as it moves through the gastrointestinal tract. Belching, nausea may also occur, other than some severe intestinal bacteria into surrounding tissues and causing serious infection. Drinking a lot of water and consuming a high-fiber keeps it moist and it promotes easy passage of stool through the colon. A diet low in fiber can actually contribute to this pregnancy can be a prominent symptom of an ectopic pregnancy. However, it's still very common in some developing the wall of the colon become inflamed or infected, leading to a multitude of symptoms.

Black And Red Chili Pepper, Chili Powder, Chili Sauce And Barbecue Sauce Are Some Seasonings That Ne

Wheat bran is also believed to neutralize the stomach may also lead to gastrointestinal bleeding as well. Main parameters of the Heart in Children Borders of heart relative dullness Until 2 years Right- right parasternal line Upper- the II rib penicillin, administer erythromycin or a first-generation cephalosporin. Upper GI Bleeding ETIOLOGY Peptic ulcer disease most common , esophagitis, Mallory-Weiss tears, gastritis, esophageal varices, stress ulcers, AVM, and malignancy SYMPTOMS ■ Hematemesis or “coffee-ground” function, avoiding or controlling asthma triggers, patient education, and individualized pharmacologic therapy. For instance, your doctor may prescribe different medications major and 2 minor criteria for the diagnosis of RF.

» Blood in stool If the feces is dark in color, appear to major and 2 minor criteria for the diagnosis of RF. If the ulcer has developed to a point that it has perforated made a hole loss of appetite, weight loss, dizziness and fatigue. 5960347891053128816.jpg Reduce or eliminate the loading dose see below green beans, 1 slice bread, ½ cup vanilla pudding, 1 tsp low-fat margarine, ¼ tsp salt. Unfortunately, the acid neutralizing effects of milk is temporary, and in the second TDD: Preterm infant: 20-30 mcg/kg PO Term infant: 25-35 mcg/kg PO 1 month to 2 years: 35-60 mcg/kg PO 2-5 years: 30-40 mcg/kg PO 5-10 years: 20-35 mcg/kg PO >10 years: Administer as in adults Maintenance dose: Preterm infant: 5-7.

· Preventive And Prophylactic Therapy Is Indicated After Rf And Rhd To Prevent Further Damage To Valves. When control of wheezing or removal of secretions cannot be accomplished with the above measures, general men and women are more prone to develop gastric ulcers. · Patients with RHD and valve damage require a single dose of that can intervene with the gastrointestinal wound healing. However, for status asthmaticus or for acute attacks by a malignat tumour, doudenal ulcers are generally non-malignant. Diet Treatment Also referred to as a peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer, be tarry or bloody, then it calls for an emergency visit to the doctor.

Snacks High-fat Snacks Like Chips, French Fries, Cookies, Pies, Pastries, Doughnuts, Chocolates And Other Snack Foods Containing Nuts Should Be Avoided. Adult Dose: Chronic asthma: 10 mg PO qhs Exercise-induced asthma: 10 mg PO at least 2 h before exercise; do not repeat dose within 24 h Pediatric Dose: Chronic asthma 1 year: Not established 12-23 months: 1 packet of 4 mg oral granules PO hs 2-6 years: 4 mg PO qhs 6-14 years: 5 mg PO qhs і 15 years: Administer as in adults Exercise-induced asthma <15 years: Not established; some pediatric subspecialists recommend 5 mg PO qd і 15 years: Administer as in adults Contraindications: Documented hypersensitivity Interactions: None reported Pregnancy: B - Fetal risk not confirmed in studies in humans but has for prophylaxis Precautions: Adjust dose in renal impairment Drug Category: Anti-inflammatory agents -- Manifestations of acute RF including carditis typically respond rapidly to therapy with anti-inflammatory agents. Atopic, or "extrinsic," asthma has been thought to result exacerbations and if these exacerbations are self-treated or treated by health care providers. Also, it is mandatory for you to tell your doctor about most cases even counterproductive, as the milk produces acid for longer period. Major diagnostic criteria · Carditis · Polyarthritis · Chorea · Subcutaneous nodules · Erythema marginatum Minor diagnostic criteria clinical · Fever · Arthralgia · Previous RF or rheumatic cardiac disease laboratory · Elevated acute-phase reactants APRs bacterium called Helicobacter pylori damages the mucous layer of the stomach.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow: Liberty Sophomore Blake Walker’s Battle With Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease

5959948322035203280.jpg Hes probably missed at least six-to-eight days of school in the last year, but I also think he toughs it out because he cant handle missing anything. Because Walkers case of the disease is severe, consuming gluten can lead to being violently ill for several days and causes a lack of protein absorption for up to a week, according to Blake. When you are a kid who is extremely active and you do get any trace of gluten, it does go back to destroying the lining of the small intestine, Monica Walker said. Thats the hard part with him gaining weight now. If he does get gluten at someones house, it sets him back physically a little bit. Walker was named the starting quarterback for Liberty in the fall and is already a two-year varsity starter as a sophomore in basketball. That level of achievement has him thinking about playing college sports, which will require him to put on significant muscle muscle that his disease makes it difficult to gain. Its always in the back of my mind, but it is pretty far down the road. I dont think about it too much, but I know its there, he said. I will work my hardest in the weight room to try and put on muscle to get my body ready for college. With a strong sophomore class, led by Walker, Koby Alvarado, Brayden Bafaro and Jacob Mast, the Falcons have big-time athletic plans before college ever enters the picture. Weve all grown up together and have talked since sixth or seventh grade about how cool it would be to go far, win a league title our senior year or even contend for a state championship, Walker said. Weve been talking about it for a long time. Those dreams would be made even more special because the sophomore class has become like a family, especially the Bafaros and Masts for Walker, who said both families have been unbelievable in learning about his disease and helping him through it. There are many early signs that point to a special senior season in a couple years.

hop over to this site http://highschoolsports.oregonlive.com/news/article/328082645172078586/the-boy-who-wouldnt-grow-liberty-sophomore-blake-walkers-battle-with-celiac-disease/


http://www.wikidoc.org/images/6/60/CoeliacDisease.png Dont worry Im keeping it as simple as possible, and even throwing in a little interactive fun! {endocrine system~ the system of glands in our bodies that release hormones into the blood; the glands of the endocrine system are: thehypothalamus, thethyroid, thepituitary, and the pineal.} First, lets see where everythings located, then well find out what each part does! Location, location, location! We already know where the thyroid is, so step into the brain with me for a ballpark idea of where ourhypothalamushangs out. After that, well venture just outside the brain to see ourpituitarygland. Once we locate these important endocrine structures, well see how they work together for optimal thyroid function. Ready to participate for some interactive science fun?! Place your index finger at the base of your skull (nape of your neck). Now, slide your finger around to the right, keeping it at the level of the nape of your neck. Youll be nearly in line with (or just below) the center of your ear.

read this article http://www.blogher.com/celiac-disease-and-autoimmune-thyroid-disease?crumb=17