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from Kelly Usa

The View from the High Chair

In Western cultures the use of the high chair as a means of helping babies eat at the dining room table is a fairly normal occurrence. But in many Eastern cultures the same thing cannot be said.

In fact, even in 2011 there are people in some cultures who don’t have a dining room table as we know it, let alone chairs for the adults and most comfy chairs for the babies. In many of these cultures people sit in groups on the floor with babies being held in the arms of mothers and fathers.


Now, there is plenty of debate raging in our Western universe as to whether or not we ought to be using the dining room table. I will not get into that argument because I believe its a foolish one. But I would like to propose that parents consider the view from the high chair.

By that I mean to provoke you to consider what your baby learns from the high chair  experience; how it molds his behavior and perceptions, and how we, as parents, can make the best of it. Lets face it, young children in their formative years learn an awful lot simply by the experiences they have. That includes the view from the high chair.

The Cute Factor 

Weve all experienced the toddler who makes a mess of life because he has not yet fully developed the hand-eye coordination to feed himself and stay clean simultaneously.

Thats to be expected. But weve also experienced the toddler who realizes his high chair antics are causing other family members to laugh. When a child makes this discovery, what is his next logical conclusion? It is to be even more foolish and more messy because it makes people laugh.


Thats so cute, we say, not realizing that we are reinforcing the behavior and teaching our children to be foolish at the dining table. This evolves to the next step which sees Junior purposely throwing his food and/or dishes on the floor, so that mom or dad will retrieve them.

He takes great satisfaction in this because to him, its a game. If parents continue to exclaim how cute the childs behavior is its not long before dinnertime becomes a war zone. Taken in these terms, how cute is the cute factor, really?

Class Divisions

When a toddler is done with his meal, must he sit in his high chair until the rest of the family is done, or is he allowed to get up and go on his merry way? If your baby takes longer to eat than the rest of the family, do they get up and leave while the baby sits alone at the table? These are two important questions because such actions can lead to the perception of class divisions among family members. Lets consider the questions one at a time.

If your toddler is allowed to get out of his high chair and go on his way while the rest of the family eats, it will contribute to the already natural inclination that the world revolves around him. He does not want to sit with the family and respect the needs and desires of his parents and siblings. In other words, when hes done he wants to go off and do his thing regardless of anyone else. Thats probably not a good thing to be teaching children.


On the other hand, if baby is left at the table and everyone else gets up to leave, he perceives that he is all alone. That eventually translates into feelings of insecurity and ideas that its not fair! This scenario can be just as bad for your childs development as the previous one. So unless your child is purposely being rebellious to the point that he refuses to eat his food, perhaps everyone should remain at the dinner table until everyone else is done eating.

Vying for Attention

This final view from the baby high chair is similar to the cute factor except that it goes one step further. Parents observe this attitude as soon as their baby realizes that he can get attention by pounding on the high chair tray, kicking his feet against the table, or rocking back and forth in the chair to the point of trying to tip it over. Anyone whos had a toddler knows what this is like. But why does your child do such things? Hes doing them because it makes him the center of attention.

The truth is, babies learn very early on that they can get what they want with certain types of behaviors. Its part of the natural process. An infant cries and his parents respond by feeding, changing a diaper, or rocking baby back to sleep. It is a process of learning through cause-and-effect that we can do nothing about in the infant stages. However, by the time a child is old enough to sit in a high chair, they start using this cause and effect behavior for purposes that are not good.

His view from the high chair can be such that if he doesnt get his own way he will throw a fit. How parents respond to that behavior largely determines what the child learns from it. When parents give in, the child learns that its acceptable and he carries it ever higher heights. When parents dont give in the child learns that the behavior is not profitable and it ceases.

We could continue discussing more views from the high chair, but I suspect you have plenty to think about for now. Just remember, that the dining experience with your babies and toddlers is a very important experience that will mold and shape your childs attitudes for years to come. Remember- the high chair is more than just a piece of dining furniture.

Burlington, Massachusetts

Let’s go shopping in Burlington!

The town of Burlington is closely linked to Boston, in both proximity and history. Only 12 miles north of Boston, Burlington’s agricultural lands mostly served to provide the fresh produce for its big city neighbor. Today, the town is still admired for being just a short drive from the bustle in Boston and in particular, for some frenzied shopping options. Almost all points of northern and southern Massachusetts are accessible from Burlington due to its location, nestled among Routes 128, 3 and 62.

Burlington Heritage Trail

For a town incorporated in 1799, there is bound to be a host of heritage sites that are worthy of visiting when you’re in Burlington. You’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of historical, not to mention spooky, sites along the town’s Heritage Trail. Francis Wyman House was built in 1666 and is one of the three oldest houses in all of Massachusetts. Influential Burlington men were residents of General John Walker House, including one of the early presidents of Harvard College, James Walker. A peek into the Old Burying Ground will unravel tombstones dating as far back as 1736. Lastly, the old Center School erected in 1855 now houses the Burlington Historical Museum. Book your Burlington Hotels with Reservations.com.

Mill Pond Conservation Area

A welcome serving of nature appreciation can also be part of a Burlington itinerary. Head to the largest conservation area in town, Mill Pond Conservation Area, defined by its rolling hills and steep terrain. There are marked and unmarked nature trails allowing fitness buffs to enjoy their hiking, walking and biking routines within the 140-acre land.

Retail conquests

Burlington can be a worthy alternative from the big city selections of Boston. Burlington Mall is an upscale shopping center with top department stores to offer like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Sears and Lord & Taylor. Wayside Commons is another popular retail heaven with several boutiques, restaurants and bookstores housed inside its facilities.

The Different Kind Of Blinds And Choosing Them


There are many people who are going to see to it that they are going to use the outdoor blinds Brisbane to safeguard their house. Blinds have been a great way in which the people are going to see to it that they will be regulating the amount of sunlight that is coming into the house as such. The nature is not always the same. There are times when the people will have to see that they adjust to the natural forces of the nature. The indoor and outdoor blinds have been very useful to the people. Over the years, this technology also has been evolving and there are new things that are being introduced every day as such.

Here are few of the things which the people are using to protect themselves from the natural forces:

1. Indoor Blinds

These blinds have helped the people to make sure that they block the excessive heat from outside. They are usually used to cover the doors and windows of the house.

They can be customized and seen to it that they are going to be available in different materials and fabrics. There are people who are going to buy these blinds which are matching the interiors of their house as such. These blinds are not only going to stop the excessive heat but they are also going to make sure that dust is not entering the house as such. They have been very effective.

2. Shades

These are more sophisticated and they are like the updated version of the blinds.

They are also used for the same purpose but the only difference is that they are going to be much more efficient than the previous one. According to the needs of the people, there are different kinds of blinds which are available.

There are roman shades, cellular shades, pleated shades and so on. These are very much useful for the people and they are going to see to it they match these according to their choices and needs.

3. Shutters

These are the most common type of blinds that are used. They are going to make sure that they will be very flexible for the people to use. The shutters are in such a way that they are going to have little sheets combined together. The people will just pull these down whenever they feel that they need to cool down the place. They are not really efficient in blocking the entry of dust. But then, they are very flexible when it comes to the other things like light rays.

If we are using blinds or the shades, we will not be able to see through them.

But that is not going to be the case with the shutters as such. One can separate the sheets a little and look through them. This is one of the major advantages that the shutters hold.

The outdoor blinds Brisbane and the shutters are the ones which are going to be used mostly by the people as such. There are different windows in the house. The area of the window is going to differ from each other. They are going to be of different length and sizes. If we are the ones who are measuring the lengths of the windows and then going to the store to get the curtains, then it is going to be a tedious job. Especially in the days where the people are all very busy, these things are going to be very hectic.

Therefore, in order to make sure that the people are not feeling the difficulty because of all this, there are companies which are going to take care of all these as such.

You will just have to contact the company and make sure that they are coming to your place. They will examine the entire house and they will be making sure that they are going take all the measurements that are needed.

They will be matching all the things and make sure that they are not causing any kind of trouble to you. This is the best option and you will not have any kind of burden on you as such.

Javed Fiyaz – Philanthropist with a Golden Heart


Charity is something that belong to heart. One won’t be able to donate until or unless his heart is ready to sacrifice his precious belongings to somebody else. It is to curtail your yearnings for the wellbeing of the deserving people.

This world rooms for so many such people who will remain draped under white cloth but will never spread their hands in front of anyone just because of fear of humiliation.

On the other side of pic, there are some people who are eager to help out of the fortune they own, because feel like doing so. Wanting to bring optimistic change in the world, such people keep on searching ways just to serve the humanity.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz is one of such personalities whom are filled with the enthusiasm and keenness to help fellow beings in any way. He is on a humanitarian campaign to optimise the world and inculcate moral ethical values in the world.

Although, he need no light to illuminate his name because his philanthropic nature is enough to show how much enlightened soul does he possess. But here is a brief introduction of Mr. Javed Fiyaz’s profile.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz is a Transnational Magnate, a Pakistani descent Business Tycoon and a worldwide Patron.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz basically belongs to Pakistan but due to his vast and intensified business matters he ought to reside at a platform where he can easily manage his business empire.

Currently he is dwelling in London, England. Besides, he also clenches the Belgian nationality.

Javed Fiyaz Charitable Trust

JFCT is charity program which was developed for the provision of basic facilities for the victims of 2005 Earthquake.

The sole purpose was to deliver all the health benefits to the survivors of the catastrophe but later on, more objectives were added to the To-Do list of the charity trust. 

Born to Learn

Educational finance is becoming an inescapable concern these days. Nobody could deny the fact that survival is probable without education. Children who are unable to get education are the burden on the economy because when they’ll not get education, chance of a good job will become dubious. Joblessness is the ultimate step towards deprivation and poverty.

Mr Javed Fiyaz’s JFCT launched a project which was merely started for the availability of education to the less fortunate people who were not able to afford the expenses of education.

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play (ESLP) is a grant program which provide basic facilities to the needy and helpless people.

A survey conducted after ESLP grant was rendered to the families.

  • 99% of families said the items have enhanced their children’s aptitude to eat, sleep, learn and play.
  • 85% of families testified a lessening in the level of tension at home.
  • 78% of families said the ESLP! grant amended their children’s morning, bedtime or mealtime habits.
  • 70% of families said the ESLP! grant has upgraded the family economic condition.

Reading skills improvement is another object of this grant program. Reading is the basic step towards enlightenment. If a person stumbles at the first step towards success, how can he manage to voyage the entire path. Similarly, a person unable to read cannot go beyond because he is unable to stand the first problem.

So to improve the reading skills, Mr Javed Fiyaz hired the Reading Helpers who would help the children to read at the early stages of life.

Beanstalk’ latest yearly report swotted the influence of Born to Read. Key findings included:

  • 93% of children on the Born to Read programme made improvement in their reading attainment.
  • Children from a low income background (those eligible for Free School Meals) may particularly benefit from the intervention, making an average 0.5 sub-levels progression more than their better-off peers.
  • 92% of reading helpers reported that the children they worked with improved in reading attainment and confidence.
  • 99% of schools agreed that their reading helpers made a substantial impression on the children they supported.


Earthquake 2007

The JFCT was the initiative took for the rehabilitation of the survivors of the Earthquake. The JFCT collaborated with ERRA (Earth Rehabilitation and Reconstruction authority).

The Trust conglomerate with ERRA, also involved in [2007] in the construction of a new hospital and university in Pakistan. The earthquake had entirely smashed the central hospital in the Baag. A new hospital, furnished with the newest medical machinery, was built with the help of the Trust and is presently in operation. A new, and contemporary, girl's school was also constructed in the Chakoti area of Pakistan, boasting 24 classrooms and an innovative science lab.

Mr. Javed Fiyaz contributed a handsome amount for rendering a corrugated sheet metal. This sheet would be used for the reconstruction purpose for schools, hospitals, university and houses which were demolished during the heart shattering incident.

The trust conjoint with Government and non-government societies. A university rooming 3000 students is evidence of the eligibility this trust’s efficacy.


No Child born to Die

No child born to die is a program started back in 2010 to save and protect the new-born babied from the severe diseases like Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, Malaria etc.

At the time of birth the infant is completely vulnerable to any precarious disease because at that time the immune system of baby isn’t functional or operational.

According to a survey, 432,000 children under-five die in Pakistan, over two thirds of whom die within their first month of life. Access to health care varies theatrically; the risk of a newborn baby from one of the poorest families dying (63 per 1,000) is almost double the rate from the richest families (38 per 1,000).

The Umerkot Child Survival Project concentrated on three Union Councils in rural Sindh province in these locations:

  • Avoidable and remediable ailments such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and malaria are the chief cause of child deaths.
  • Only 37% of new-borns are fully vaccinated.
  • Only 4% of expecting women obtain antenatal care at a health facility.
  • 70% of births take place in the community, supervised by an amateurish birth assistant.

The Charitable Trust with Save the Children has been able to reach:

  • 17,330 Children under the age of five.
  • 19,048 women of reproductive age

Javed Fiyaz is a name that ought to be in limelight just not to publicize him or his charity for ostentation purpose but to instigate the passion of donation in the hovering generations. To inculcate the urge for charity is too much important but it is not possible until or unless a living and legendry example is there to show them the path.

Philanthropy is not something that can be imposed or engrossed on genes of the new generations but it is to be illustrated by some divine paradigm and that is Mr. Javed Fiyaz.

Latest blouse designs 2019


High Half Sleeves Silk Blouse Design

If you have fascination towards silk and half sleeve blouse patterns, then this blouse design is going to serve the purpose. Even though it has simple golden patterns, but it can make even a dull saree look gorgeous.


Round Neck Blouse with thread work front

This Latest Blouse Design is all about thread work that has been done in the front, and this blouse looks best when worn with lehengas where you don't have to use dupatta or anything to cover the front portion. You must not forget wearing heavy neck jewelry to complement this blouse design.


Round High Neck Blouse with back buttons

Round Neck Blouse Designs are very normal and common but what makes this blouse design pose as extraordinary is the high round neck. Along with that the silver patchwork on olive color gives it an astonishing look. The button lock on the back makes the blouse design look more than just stylish.


Halter Neck Blouse with long knot on the back

Halter Neck Blouse is definitely a unique choice to make and especially when you have to add a special charm to your outfit. This Blouse Design even has a knot feature at the back which adds sexiness to your saree. Pair it with chiffon sarees to attain perfection.


The Off-Shoulder Blouse with elbow length sleeves

Have you been trying to flaunt the collar bones? Then you must choose a latest blouse design for the wedding season around, go with off shoulder blouse which has elbow length sleeves to flaunt perfection like never before. You may or may not wear a neck piece but do wear statement earrings.


Cold Shoulder Blouse Design with V cut back

Since we all have been watching girls and women flaunt their cold shoulder dresses and tops, we thought we should introduce women to Cold Shoulder Blouse Designs which are nothing less than ravishing. To make it even more sleeky, you can a fine V cut detailing at the back with a tassel knot to tie.


One-sided Off Shoulder Blouse Design

An off-beat blouse design which looks phenomenal only when you choose to wear it with the right kind of saree. This one-sided off shoulder blouse design is best paired with satin or sheer saree. And, don't do any jewelry thing for your neck, the reason it is one sided off shoulder because it demands bare neck.


Pot Sleeved Blouse Design with deep U cut on back

You may call it pot as well as puff sleeves and the reason they are so much in trend is because they make for great pair to all sorts of Indian occasions. The sleeves here are a little above elbow length and also the little pearl embedded cut back gives an elegant look.


High Neck Blouse with Net Cut Design on back

If you have a plain saree to flaunt then go for a blouse design like this black high neck blouse design. The black color blouse with colorful thread work and a square net cut with buttons in the middle (just for the sake of style) looks great. It also has net pattern on the back of the sleeves.


Cold Shoulder Colorful Top length Blouse Design with Straps

As the cold shoulder tops have recently been flooding in the market so time for some upgrade in the blouse designs too. This one is a cold shoulder top length blouse design that has pinch of all the bright Colors and a thin strap. It is like a layered top that you can wear with lehenga or Palazzo when not wearing with saree.


Full length Blouse with designs on sleeves and buttons on back

If you thought that full length blouse designs are off fashion, then you must try this net work blouse design. This blouse reveals enough of your back in controlled amount as it has net on it and the golden work done on the net sleeves of the blouse is also eye catching.


Collar Style Elbow Length Blouse Design with a little cut on the back

For the love of collars and for the sake of formal gatherings, here is one such statement blouse design which makes less is more delectable. The elbow length sleeves add more style to the collars and a small oval cut on the back is sleek as well as sweet.