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from Kelly Usa

The View from the High Chair

In Western cultures the use of the high chair as a means of helping babies eat at the dining room table is a fairly normal occurrence. But in many Eastern cultures the same thing cannot be said.

In fact, even in 2011 there are people in some cultures who don’t have a dining room table as we know it, let alone chairs for the adults and most comfy chairs for the babies. In many of these cultures people sit in groups on the floor with babies being held in the arms of mothers and fathers.


Now, there is plenty of debate raging in our Western universe as to whether or not we ought to be using the dining room table. I will not get into that argument because I believe its a foolish one. But I would like to propose that parents consider the view from the high chair.

By that I mean to provoke you to consider what your baby learns from the high chair  experience; how it molds his behavior and perceptions, and how we, as parents, can make the best of it. Lets face it, young children in their formative years learn an awful lot simply by the experiences they have. That includes the view from the high chair.

The Cute Factor 

Weve all experienced the toddler who makes a mess of life because he has not yet fully developed the hand-eye coordination to feed himself and stay clean simultaneously.

Thats to be expected. But weve also experienced the toddler who realizes his high chair antics are causing other family members to laugh. When a child makes this discovery, what is his next logical conclusion? It is to be even more foolish and more messy because it makes people laugh.


Thats so cute, we say, not realizing that we are reinforcing the behavior and teaching our children to be foolish at the dining table. This evolves to the next step which sees Junior purposely throwing his food and/or dishes on the floor, so that mom or dad will retrieve them.

He takes great satisfaction in this because to him, its a game. If parents continue to exclaim how cute the childs behavior is its not long before dinnertime becomes a war zone. Taken in these terms, how cute is the cute factor, really?

Class Divisions

When a toddler is done with his meal, must he sit in his high chair until the rest of the family is done, or is he allowed to get up and go on his merry way? If your baby takes longer to eat than the rest of the family, do they get up and leave while the baby sits alone at the table? These are two important questions because such actions can lead to the perception of class divisions among family members. Lets consider the questions one at a time.

If your toddler is allowed to get out of his high chair and go on his way while the rest of the family eats, it will contribute to the already natural inclination that the world revolves around him. He does not want to sit with the family and respect the needs and desires of his parents and siblings. In other words, when hes done he wants to go off and do his thing regardless of anyone else. Thats probably not a good thing to be teaching children.


On the other hand, if baby is left at the table and everyone else gets up to leave, he perceives that he is all alone. That eventually translates into feelings of insecurity and ideas that its not fair! This scenario can be just as bad for your childs development as the previous one. So unless your child is purposely being rebellious to the point that he refuses to eat his food, perhaps everyone should remain at the dinner table until everyone else is done eating.

Vying for Attention

This final view from the baby high chair is similar to the cute factor except that it goes one step further. Parents observe this attitude as soon as their baby realizes that he can get attention by pounding on the high chair tray, kicking his feet against the table, or rocking back and forth in the chair to the point of trying to tip it over. Anyone whos had a toddler knows what this is like. But why does your child do such things? Hes doing them because it makes him the center of attention.

The truth is, babies learn very early on that they can get what they want with certain types of behaviors. Its part of the natural process. An infant cries and his parents respond by feeding, changing a diaper, or rocking baby back to sleep. It is a process of learning through cause-and-effect that we can do nothing about in the infant stages. However, by the time a child is old enough to sit in a high chair, they start using this cause and effect behavior for purposes that are not good.

His view from the high chair can be such that if he doesnt get his own way he will throw a fit. How parents respond to that behavior largely determines what the child learns from it. When parents give in, the child learns that its acceptable and he carries it ever higher heights. When parents dont give in the child learns that the behavior is not profitable and it ceases.

We could continue discussing more views from the high chair, but I suspect you have plenty to think about for now. Just remember, that the dining experience with your babies and toddlers is a very important experience that will mold and shape your childs attitudes for years to come. Remember- the high chair is more than just a piece of dining furniture.

Saint John would play host at the cannabis conference

Saint John is set to host the inaugural World Cannabis Conference on everything cannabis later this year, and both the New Brunswick and Federal governments are putting funds together to actualize it.


The invite-only event has both levels of government committing $275,000 in taxpayer’s money for this year's Cannabis Congress, which is scheduled for June 10 to 12, at the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre. This is coming just weeks before recreational marijuana is expected to become legal in Canada. [1]

"The Government of New Brunswick is proud to be hosting the event in New Brunswick," said New Brunswick Finance Minister, Cathy Rogers. "New Brunswick has shown you can prioritize health, safety and corporate social responsibility while taking full advantage of the many economic opportunities offered by the legalization of recreational cannabis."

“I would not have thought even five years ago that I would be standing here doing this,” said Rogers, who was on hand at Monday’s announcement of the event. [2]

The congress would be centered on topics such as innovation in the sector, developing and improving business practices and advancing policy reform. It would also aim at connecting global cannabis industry leaders with members of Canada's budding field.

More than 350 industry businesses, policy makers and academics from countries including Brazil, Israel, Mexico, Germany, South Africa and Uruguay, are expected to be in attendance.

Publisher of online cannabis focused magazine Civilized, and Congress Co-chair, Derek Riedle, said Saint John was the natural host city for the event, as it is the home of Civilized Worldwide—a partner for the event—and New Brunswick as a whole is a world leader in the cannabis industry innovation.

“It’s amazing that over the last few years that folks in the cannabis industry not only know where New Brunswick is, they have been here or they have spoken to officials here,” said Riedle. "We are incredibly well positioned in Canada to be home to the world’s greatest cannabis companies because of that.”

Majority of the audience would be keen on how Canada—and New Brunswick—would handle the impending legalization of cannabis.

“We thought this was a great way to bring the global leaders to New Brunswick, to experience not only our hospitality but to dialogue with one another,” said Riedle.

Riedle said the certainty of recreational cannabis legalization in Canada is one of the major driving forces behind cannabis businesses setting up shop in Canada instead of the U.S.—with online outlets such as Cannabidiol Life selling CBD products. [3]

"Investors don’t like uncertainty so they are flooding into Canada and that is a great opportunity."

According to Stephen Lund, chief executive of Opportunities New Brunswick, the events has the potential of attracting more companies to the province and in turn creating more jobs while stemming the flow of talent to other areas. 

"To think of the people going through university right now, we want to give three or four reasons why they can stay in this province, make a very good salary, there are significant opportunities out there (in the cannabis industry) right now to do that," said Lund.

Lund also added that the province now views cannabis as a quite strategic sector.

“We’re not advocating any more use. We’re just saying from an economic development perspective this industry is going to happen somewhere, why not New Brunswick?” Lund said.

The province predicts that about 3,000 people in New Brunswick residents would be employed in the cannabis industry by 2022. Officials though, warn that it's not just about growing cannabis in the province, but building a financially responsible industry.

“We’ve met with over 50 companies across the country. We’ve also met with companies across the world,” said Lund. “Canada is recognized as a leader in this sector and so we’re going to be a leader here in New Brunswick. We already are.”

 Member of Parliament for Saint John-Rothesay, Wayne Longaid, said in his presentation that the economic benefit of the congress won't just come from an increase in New Brunswick cannabis companies, but also from the significant infusion of tourism funds that accompanies events of this magnitude.

Long said the federal government would be injecting $125,000 into the event, as a part of its Atlantic Growth Strategy. Rogers also said that $150,000 would be provided through a partnership between Opportunities New Brunswick and the Regional Development Corporation.

“If you would have told me five years ago that I would be standing here as part of the wonderful announcement of the World Cannabis Congress, I would have said you were absolutely crazy,” said Long.

Riedle noted that the rapid social change is proving inspirational for people in the cannabis industry, and it's a good sign that now was the perfect time to schedule the congress.

[1] https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/politics/pot-policies-everything-you-need-to-know-about-marijuana-legalization-1.3733749 

[2] https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/canadas-premier-international-cannabis-event-for-connecting-global-industry-leaders-to-take-place-in-saint-john-new-brunswick-canada-june-10-12-2018-671680693.html 

[3] https://cbdoilsandedibles.com/cbd-gummies/

Getting the best out of your Airport pick-up service

Travelling has been made easier in so many ways today thanks to the internet. Many people can now access different travelling services using the internet and technology. Without these technologies, it has been quite difficult to travel without encountering problems. Airport pick-ups have played a huge role in ensuring safety for travelers and tourist visiting new places.



Why are airport pickups important?

They save you time

Consider travelling to London for example. This is one of the biggest cities in the world. How much time would it take you to get to your destination if you do not have plans made prior to your visit. It will save you time if you were to employ services of an airport pick-up. You can get services like London Gatwick Airport transfersto any location within the city if you alighted at the said airport.

They help you find you way easily

You do not need to stick with a map in your hand anymore, it may work yes, but sometimes is may take you quite a while to figure out a certain area if the map is not clear enough. Airport pick-up can give you an easy get away through any city however big because they know the best routes to take to avoid some un-foreseen situations like traffic jams and so on. If you want to have an easy time around place therefore, getting these services would be a good idea.


One of the concerns that arise when visiting any place especially if it is your first time is security. There us a lot that can happen to you and if you have a lot of luggage. It is easy to run into criminals that may target you from the time you alight from a place. With airport pickup, you are sure to get into the right hands so you won’t have to worry about getting robbed.

How can you make sure you get the best from airport pick-up?

There are several ways through which to can ensure great service from these companies. One if the ways is to ensure you find out as much as you can about the company offering you the service. The internet can give you good intelligence about anything today.

Consider the services they offer including online payment options. It is only through the search that you will find a service that satisfies your need and gives you the best of the best. Therefore don’t hesitate to ask around because you don’t want to jump just into anything. 

4 importance of the internet to your business

If you own a business, whether you are a first time starter of have been in the business for a long time, you will realize that the internet plays a major role in the way businesses are conducted in the modern world. Technology has touched every walk of life and business world being the biggest player in the global economy has been affected to the greatest length.


The internet is not important only for the owners of the particular business but extend largely to the clients they are serving and other services. Whereas the internet has become the major player in the field of businesses, different business depend on each other to make the internet serve them better. It connects business to business.

Since the innovation of the internet, human life in general has taken a great lip in development; development takes place through the internet as we speak today. It seems as though humanity exists for the internet and if it were shut down, humanity goes back to the dark ages.

Well this is a fact because it is very difficult to imagine a world without the internet in it. The internet connects humanity and brings to life emotions and ideas that stayed buried, it provide a way for great innovations t be realized. The following are ways through which business depends on internet.

Improved customer care services

The internet has provided a great way for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. Customers like to feel appreciated, they like feeling like they matter in the business. The reason why your business exists in the first place is because there are people who are interested in your product and they are using your services.

The only thing you can do to appreciate these individual who by the way don’t have to use your product is to show that you care for them and you will be there whenever they need you. Customers are the backbone of any business and they make things happen. They pay their money so you can manage to pay your workers and bills.

The internet has made it possible for businesses to stay in touch with their customers, it connects manufacturers to consumers. You can easily chat with your customers and receive direct feedback from them about your services so that you can improve wherever possible.

A company that sells imac computers will be able to help customers who need their Mac computers refurbished through online channels. All they have to do is get in touch with the customer and arrange a pick up and a delivery and everything else will fall in place.

Online shopping and payment methods

With the internet making a global market, you can be sure to get any item of your choice from the market. Online shopping has enabled many sellers and buyers to have an easy and enjoyable time while doing transactions without even meeting face to face. Online shops provide an easy way out for those people who enjoy travelling but do not have access to the shops that sell the items that they need.

With online payment method, businesses do not have to go looking for customers to make payments any more.

Customers simply provide accounts through which funds can be withdrawn directly.  The ability to do transactions online has made online shops to realize a great boost and individuals are making a great deal on money. Even if you have a physical shop, if you got your items and products on an online platform, then you are sure to experience higher sales than when you stay on the ground. Online shops expose your products to a global market.

Sales and marketing

What is a company without sales and marketing strategies? In today world, the internet provides a huge platform where businesses are able to meet their marketing goals with ease. A company that does not have a website, whether new or established, can be seen as a joke to the business community and might not be able to compete in this technological society.

Many companies are taking on the online challenge and competing for a position on social media and other platforms. The social media network is the biggest platform on the internet today. Marketers are taking advantage of the fact that social media connects businesses to the global market, and using this to penetrate deep into this market.

Online transactions

Today, business owner are able to pay their taxes and all legal fees to the government and update their profiles through online methods. The times when people had to make long queues to receive these services are long gone and people are enjoying the freedom that comes with using the internet for personal benefits.

Businesses are encouraging consumers and their customers to embrace online payment methods which are easier and better. These methods have seen businesses increase revenue collection while making their clients happy.

Can I still register as a travel affiliate?

Being a travel affiliate can be a very well paying venture. The way travel affiliate work is just like any other affiliate programs in the world. That travel company gives some of the links to another website so that they can be linked with whatever that site is offering. Now when customer confirms a booking, the travel company will follow the link the used and therefore give some reward to the owner of the website. Many people have been able to make a fortune on the internet involving themselves in this business. 


Affiliates are used for marketing the company through different online channels. You may find that the owners of these affiliate websites have many other accounts on the internet like social media platforms and or other web pages different form the one they have. By using the, the travel companies ensure that they are covering a large market on the internet at the once.

It may not be easy to find the website of a travel company, but of the link is found in many channels, it can be easily traced. Affiliates work as travel agents and they earn though commission. Whatever client pays, part of it goes to the affiliate account.

State of the industry

There are a lot of speculations about the industry. Some say the industry is too flooded with affiliate websites and it is impossible to earn. Some say that most of the travel companies that offer affiliate programs do not pay. Some of these speculations may look convincing if you follow the reasoning.

Many people have been discouraged through these sentiments which I call ill intended because you will realize that most who make them are actually affiliates themselves and they may fear competition. There are challenges, but which industry does not have challenges; there is no single business that starts smooth. Consider being a travel affiliate as a business and every business demands focus and patients.

What you should consider

Everyone who says someone cannot make it as a travel affiliate today is looking at the whole thing from a wrong perspective. As much affiliate accounts are many, notice that the travel industry itself continues to swell.  More and more companies are coming up and putting up new websites. These companies will need good traffic and marketing. They rely heavily on affiliates especially since they are new.

The point is, no matter what business you venture into, it is never easy at the beginning, but with patience and hard work, everything falls into place.