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from Kelly Usa

The View from the High Chair

In Western cultures the use of the high chair as a means of helping babies eat at the dining room table is a fairly normal occurrence. But in many Eastern cultures the same thing cannot be said.

In fact, even in 2011 there are people in some cultures who don’t have a dining room table as we know it, let alone chairs for the adults and most comfy chairs for the babies. In many of these cultures people sit in groups on the floor with babies being held in the arms of mothers and fathers.


Now, there is plenty of debate raging in our Western universe as to whether or not we ought to be using the dining room table. I will not get into that argument because I believe its a foolish one. But I would like to propose that parents consider the view from the high chair.

By that I mean to provoke you to consider what your baby learns from the high chair  experience; how it molds his behavior and perceptions, and how we, as parents, can make the best of it. Lets face it, young children in their formative years learn an awful lot simply by the experiences they have. That includes the view from the high chair.

The Cute Factor 

Weve all experienced the toddler who makes a mess of life because he has not yet fully developed the hand-eye coordination to feed himself and stay clean simultaneously.

Thats to be expected. But weve also experienced the toddler who realizes his high chair antics are causing other family members to laugh. When a child makes this discovery, what is his next logical conclusion? It is to be even more foolish and more messy because it makes people laugh.


Thats so cute, we say, not realizing that we are reinforcing the behavior and teaching our children to be foolish at the dining table. This evolves to the next step which sees Junior purposely throwing his food and/or dishes on the floor, so that mom or dad will retrieve them.

He takes great satisfaction in this because to him, its a game. If parents continue to exclaim how cute the childs behavior is its not long before dinnertime becomes a war zone. Taken in these terms, how cute is the cute factor, really?

Class Divisions

When a toddler is done with his meal, must he sit in his high chair until the rest of the family is done, or is he allowed to get up and go on his merry way? If your baby takes longer to eat than the rest of the family, do they get up and leave while the baby sits alone at the table? These are two important questions because such actions can lead to the perception of class divisions among family members. Lets consider the questions one at a time.

If your toddler is allowed to get out of his high chair and go on his way while the rest of the family eats, it will contribute to the already natural inclination that the world revolves around him. He does not want to sit with the family and respect the needs and desires of his parents and siblings. In other words, when hes done he wants to go off and do his thing regardless of anyone else. Thats probably not a good thing to be teaching children.


On the other hand, if baby is left at the table and everyone else gets up to leave, he perceives that he is all alone. That eventually translates into feelings of insecurity and ideas that its not fair! This scenario can be just as bad for your childs development as the previous one. So unless your child is purposely being rebellious to the point that he refuses to eat his food, perhaps everyone should remain at the dinner table until everyone else is done eating.

Vying for Attention

This final view from the baby high chair is similar to the cute factor except that it goes one step further. Parents observe this attitude as soon as their baby realizes that he can get attention by pounding on the high chair tray, kicking his feet against the table, or rocking back and forth in the chair to the point of trying to tip it over. Anyone whos had a toddler knows what this is like. But why does your child do such things? Hes doing them because it makes him the center of attention.

The truth is, babies learn very early on that they can get what they want with certain types of behaviors. Its part of the natural process. An infant cries and his parents respond by feeding, changing a diaper, or rocking baby back to sleep. It is a process of learning through cause-and-effect that we can do nothing about in the infant stages. However, by the time a child is old enough to sit in a high chair, they start using this cause and effect behavior for purposes that are not good.

His view from the high chair can be such that if he doesnt get his own way he will throw a fit. How parents respond to that behavior largely determines what the child learns from it. When parents give in, the child learns that its acceptable and he carries it ever higher heights. When parents dont give in the child learns that the behavior is not profitable and it ceases.

We could continue discussing more views from the high chair, but I suspect you have plenty to think about for now. Just remember, that the dining experience with your babies and toddlers is a very important experience that will mold and shape your childs attitudes for years to come. Remember- the high chair is more than just a piece of dining furniture.

DJ Dirty Vibezs

Editor:  Catch up With Everon Clarke to Discuss his rise to fame with DJ Dirty Vibezs. 

A newcomer in a competitive NYC club scene with only two years experience, “Dirty Vibezs,” manages to be one of the few DJs on the New York party scene who has made it.

He is a fixture around the city playing for luxury and fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, GQ, Calvin Klein, Nike, and Vogue—and he is the resident DJ at the big Manhattan clubs Electric Room, Marquee and PH-D at The Dream Downtown.


Editor: let's talk about how you got into DJ. I felt as many that its impossible for any new DJ to make it in NYC. All the old DJ’s never leave. How did you manage to get a break in the NY club scene with all the competition?

Dirty Vibezs:  Wow! Funny you ask. Well, I must say everything that I have done in my life came to full circle. I played bass Guitar and Drums since I was Nine years old. I played for my church choir for ten yrs before I moved to NY.  I became a promoter to bring Victoria Secret Models to Nightclubs.

I made lots of connection with club owners all over the world. I started DJing by accident. I bought some DJ equipment, and that was two and a half years ago. I stayed home and practiced 12 hours a day for six months without any formal training.

However, what I learn about being a DJ is none of us sound the same. There will never be another DJ sound like Dirty Vibezs. For instance, I might like a particular song/artist, and I try to put that song in my mix while another DJ likes a different tune. Every DJ has their way to transition from one song to the other.

Editor:  OK. So how did Dirty Vibezs get started? It only took you two years.

Dirty Vibezs:  Yes, two years. I struck gold when I DJ’d at my friends birthday party. She is a high fashion model, as well as all her friends. If you know anything about NY, you know that the club scenes are successful due to Image. It helps to have models at the front of it.

We have a saying in NY that wherever the Models party, that is the cool kids and you need to join them. So after I finish playing for my friends Birthday, all these models kept telling me that I’m better than the guys that play at all these exclusive clubs.  With my connection and all the models from the birthday party spreading my name around--the rest is history.

Editor: It all happened that fast?

Dirty Vibezs: Yes it has been a crazy two years. However, I do not feel it would have happened if I did not have a musical background as well as not being a promoter at these Nightclubs. Like I said everything came to me in full circle.

Editor: Why did you choose to be a Trap Music DJ? You're currently labeled the king of Trap.

Dirty Vibezs: Again, it is due to my background, playing Bass Guitar and Drums. Trap music has a heavy Bass and loads of drums, the two instruments that I love most. That sound was only natural for me.

Editor: let's move away from the music and talk about your personal life. You dated some high profile Models any one of which you like to discuss with us?

Dirty Vibezs: Not really. I date a Victoria Secret Model before, but that is in the past. She moved on, and I have done the same.

Editor: Fair enough. How about your early days growing up in Jamaica?

Dirty Vibesz: The good old days! It was the best times of my life.

Editor: Really? However, you are a big DJ now.

Dirty VIbezs: I know, but I had the best of life in Jamaica without any care in the world.

Editor:  I see you want to talk about your daughter?

Dirty Vibezs: Not really. She has been the biggest disappointment in my life. I am not saying I am disappointed in my daughter. It's more so my relationship with her mom.

Editor:  Why is that?

Dirtyvibezs: I can say I never experience racism until my daughter was born. My little girl's name is Aayla Rain Clarke. I have never seen anything as beautiful as her until the day she was born, and I have never loved anyone more than I love her.

Editor: so what's the issue?

Dirty Vibezs: The name of the mother of my child is Ashley. During our pregnancy, she asks me to go to Indiana to meet her family for Thanksgiving. I booked a ticket to Indiana. As soon as I got to Ashley’s house, Ashleys Mom, Grandma, and Aunts went to the kitchen, and I could hear them crying.

Ashley came and told me to get a hotel, which I did. There was no Thanksgiving Dinner. After my daughter was born, there were events of things that took place to stop me from seeing my little girl. I had to give up to avoid going to jail. I can say its all because of race.

Editor: Do you get to see your daughter?

Dirty Vibezs: No. However, I spoke to her on the phone two months ago, and she said: “ Hello Daddy my name is Aayla.” I was speechless. 

Editor: How did you get started making Remixes of Drake and Post Malone?

Dirtyvibezs: I am sorry, I failed to tell you that I taught my self to produce and DJ at the same time. I have remixed many songs, but it wasn’t until I met Post Malone’s Manager, ( DRE ) who gave me the rights to remix his songs. That’s the first break I got to release my music.

Editor: I like your style what are you wearing?

Dirty vibezs:  I’m a massive fan of EFM menswear. It is the kind of clothes that fits me in every environment

Editor: I think we covered everything. It was very nice getting to know more about you Dirty VIbezs. Keep up the excellent work.

Dirty Vibezs: it was my honor. Cheers

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.dirtyvibezs.com

The Source matters for olive oils

Olive oils have been with us for ages. They have been used for different reasons including for medical purposes.  Many people understand olive oils as the best oil for preparing oils.


Olive oils are most sort type of oil

Because of its use and fame, the oils have become a favorite for many people. For this reason, there are several sources one can get the oil from. Different manufactures have come up to create the product.

However, not all of the sources on the market might be genuine. You need to ensure you have identified the best source.

Oilala.com is one of the best sources you can get the oils from. They have everything one may need to define the best products.

The following are reasons why the source matters a lot.

You get genuine products

The market for olive oils is a hot one. There is no doubt that many people use the oils today. This makes one of the best selling products in the world.

As much as this is a good thing, there are a lot of counterfeits on the market. Many fake companies have taken advantage of the market and are using it to produce substandard oils.

You might think that you have bought genuine oils only to discover it is not so.

For this reason, one must carefully consider where they are sourcing the oil from. If you are using the oil to service customers, you must cultivate confidence with your customers that what you have is the best.

For those who use them as a health remedy for different conditions, you want to ensure that nothing goes wrong. If it is a recommendation that you use the products, you cannot afford to get it wrong. You condition might worsen with such products.

You get the best service

As much as these companies are selling the oils, they must have great customer service. There are many companies that can sell you olive oils; however, the service you get should be the primary concern. In case you have a complaint, it should be easy to get to the source and present your plea.

You establish trust

Chances are, you will not want to buy the product only ones. You may want a single source from where you will be getting your future products from.

Where you get your olive oil products matters a lot. Whatever you do, ensure you have carefully vetted your source.


How to get your house sold in Signal Mountain

There are many reasons that can make someone to want to sell their house. Sometimes it is about wanting to move to a better place. Whatever the reason, you will need to understand the best way to go about it.

If you are in Signal Mountain, you might want to look at https://www.travisclosehomes.com or tips on the real estate market. You need to know the basics of selling the house. For you to get the right price, it is vital that you observe what people are really looking for.


The following tips should be able to lead you there.

Renovate your house and ensure it looks spectacular

There are very many real estate properties in Signal Mountains. This means that, the best looking house will be able to sell fast. There is a big difference between selling a house and selling it fast. The faster you get your house sold, the faster you will be able to do other things.

Your house should not have any spots. Most buyers want to move into the house immediately. They don’t want to be bothered by the need to start renovating again.

If there are any broken windows and tiles, ensure they are fully fixed. Don’t make a mistake of assuming anything. What will make you house different from others are the little details you put in.  

Renovating the house will mean that you get extra cash to do it. Do not be afraid to take a renovation loan. There are many renovation loans service providers in this region and there are no chances of missing out on any.

Market the property

Usually, this is the part that matters the most. You are going to have to put in a lot of effort in market. Get those ‘for sale’ signs and put them up in strategic places.

When you start your marketing, make sure you have set the price you want. Customers will start calling in and inquiring on the price, you should be able to know. Set a price that reasonable according to other properties in the region.

Get professional help

Selling house might not be as easy as it sounds. The best and easiest way is to get realtors to handle it for you. You can get the best services from https://www.travisclosehomes.com.

If you are not such a sales person, you don’t have to bother about anything. Just engage the team above and relax.

What makes Stone Bridge, Bossier City LA a great place for real estate investors?

There is no doubt today that real estate industry is the biggest in the world. For those who want to keep their hard earned money in a safe place, it is always advisable to consider joining the real estate realm. Real estate experts like Greg Ryan have made it appear so easy for everyone.

However, not all that glitters is gold. There is so much that goes into the investment and sometimes it might be a huge loss for the investor.

It takes experience and expertise to get it right. Getting the perfect location to purchase the property is the key to success. That is why Stone Bridge, Bossier City, LA comes into picture.


There are several things that make the place worth every penny. Continue reading to discover more.


When you are looking for place to buy a property, amenities is one of the considerations you don’t want to miss on. StoneBridge offers several facilities that you might never be able to find anywhere else in the world. Residents have the ability to enjoy some of the most amazing amenities.

There is the Golf club in the area that provides interesting championships for 18-hole. Then there is the pro golf store, putting area and practice facilities among other things.

If you are a fun of tennis and swimming, this is the place to be. There are great tennis courts and swimming facilities in the neighborhood to get you everything you want.


Perhaps you have children going to school. And you are wondering what will happen to them once you decide to move in the area. Well, you don’t have to worry at StoneBridge.

There are several schools available in the vicinity. Institutions like Stockwell Place Elementary School and Cope Middle School are just but to mention a few.

The choices for learning institutions will not be a problem with so many choices available. All you have to is identify one that suits your standards. Even if you wanted your children to attend international curriculum, you should not have any problem getting one here.

In simple terms, the education needs for your children are well cared for.

Friendly and secure neighborhood

Who doesn’t like a friendly and secure neighborhood? Stonebridge is a place you will fit in just fine and feel at home. There is no reason you should worry about security too as the place is well covered.

With the reasons above, what more will you want to be convinced? You should be able to enjoy your new property.