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from Kelly Usa

The View from the High Chair

In Western cultures the use of the high chair as a means of helping babies eat at the dining room table is a fairly normal occurrence. But in many Eastern cultures the same thing cannot be said.

In fact, even in 2011 there are people in some cultures who don’t have a dining room table as we know it, let alone chairs for the adults and most comfy chairs for the babies. In many of these cultures people sit in groups on the floor with babies being held in the arms of mothers and fathers.


Now, there is plenty of debate raging in our Western universe as to whether or not we ought to be using the dining room table. I will not get into that argument because I believe its a foolish one. But I would like to propose that parents consider the view from the high chair.

By that I mean to provoke you to consider what your baby learns from the high chair  experience; how it molds his behavior and perceptions, and how we, as parents, can make the best of it. Lets face it, young children in their formative years learn an awful lot simply by the experiences they have. That includes the view from the high chair.

The Cute Factor 

Weve all experienced the toddler who makes a mess of life because he has not yet fully developed the hand-eye coordination to feed himself and stay clean simultaneously.

Thats to be expected. But weve also experienced the toddler who realizes his high chair antics are causing other family members to laugh. When a child makes this discovery, what is his next logical conclusion? It is to be even more foolish and more messy because it makes people laugh.


Thats so cute, we say, not realizing that we are reinforcing the behavior and teaching our children to be foolish at the dining table. This evolves to the next step which sees Junior purposely throwing his food and/or dishes on the floor, so that mom or dad will retrieve them.

He takes great satisfaction in this because to him, its a game. If parents continue to exclaim how cute the childs behavior is its not long before dinnertime becomes a war zone. Taken in these terms, how cute is the cute factor, really?

Class Divisions

When a toddler is done with his meal, must he sit in his high chair until the rest of the family is done, or is he allowed to get up and go on his merry way? If your baby takes longer to eat than the rest of the family, do they get up and leave while the baby sits alone at the table? These are two important questions because such actions can lead to the perception of class divisions among family members. Lets consider the questions one at a time.

If your toddler is allowed to get out of his high chair and go on his way while the rest of the family eats, it will contribute to the already natural inclination that the world revolves around him. He does not want to sit with the family and respect the needs and desires of his parents and siblings. In other words, when hes done he wants to go off and do his thing regardless of anyone else. Thats probably not a good thing to be teaching children.


On the other hand, if baby is left at the table and everyone else gets up to leave, he perceives that he is all alone. That eventually translates into feelings of insecurity and ideas that its not fair! This scenario can be just as bad for your childs development as the previous one. So unless your child is purposely being rebellious to the point that he refuses to eat his food, perhaps everyone should remain at the dinner table until everyone else is done eating.

Vying for Attention

This final view from the baby high chair is similar to the cute factor except that it goes one step further. Parents observe this attitude as soon as their baby realizes that he can get attention by pounding on the high chair tray, kicking his feet against the table, or rocking back and forth in the chair to the point of trying to tip it over. Anyone whos had a toddler knows what this is like. But why does your child do such things? Hes doing them because it makes him the center of attention.

The truth is, babies learn very early on that they can get what they want with certain types of behaviors. Its part of the natural process. An infant cries and his parents respond by feeding, changing a diaper, or rocking baby back to sleep. It is a process of learning through cause-and-effect that we can do nothing about in the infant stages. However, by the time a child is old enough to sit in a high chair, they start using this cause and effect behavior for purposes that are not good.

His view from the high chair can be such that if he doesnt get his own way he will throw a fit. How parents respond to that behavior largely determines what the child learns from it. When parents give in, the child learns that its acceptable and he carries it ever higher heights. When parents dont give in the child learns that the behavior is not profitable and it ceases.

We could continue discussing more views from the high chair, but I suspect you have plenty to think about for now. Just remember, that the dining experience with your babies and toddlers is a very important experience that will mold and shape your childs attitudes for years to come. Remember- the high chair is more than just a piece of dining furniture.

How to Buy Real Estate for Investment – Useful Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a real estate can be an investment idea that is a daunting experience especially for beginners. You require resources such as money and time for you to be successful; that is why this article will provide you with a head start on this type of investment.

 Always make a reasonable offer whenever you are negating with a seller. Some people tend to be so aggressive and forceful when they are trying to make you comply against what they seem to be the perfect deal. For this reason, if you are unable to come out with a basic acceptable deal, just give that task to professionals who have the required knowledge to deal with that.

You can choose your lawyer working alongside your Real Estate Search agentfor they can make a better deal than you can. One among the mistakes some people make is indulging in real estate too quickly without even having done proper research, and eventually they end up losing a lot of money and frustrations hit them just for failing a simple step.

 You will be required to do some investigations about the history of the property you are willing to buy and the current vicinity.

Most realtors usually have a checklist containing information on the purchases of the concerned home and its budget so make sure you ask your realtor for a checklist. A checklist will enable you to go through the process easily and rapidly from start to finish.

 You need to have the minimum amount of money needed by your mortgage company, in case you do not have a mortgage company you can choose to pay a private mortgage insurance company or even PMI. Though this may be a costly idea, it ensures your bank that you will be paying your mortgage in time.

With enough time to conduct an investment property, pre-foreclosure property can be a good option. Pre-foreclosure property means a property that the owner is late on paying the mortgage, and consequently, that particular situation is putting them in a potential risk to lose their home. Most lenders are usually happy on this point of letting properties that are on pre-closure, where you can alternatively be able to market the fact that you are going to purchase homes on hard cash.

What you need to do is look for the person who is currently in position of paying the loan amount and therefore bid a bit higher above their pay off, if you find that it suits the market value then this will be a win situation and therefore an excellent one since you will not owe the property value on their loan.

Always have an inspection report about the house before closing the deal most suitably from an inspection Real Estate Search professional. Keep an organized notebook on all research findings you have gathered and remember the one thing on this process is your commitment to studying real estate.

How to find a good local dentist

Choosing a dentist for yourself or choosing a dentist for those you love and care about is the best decision that you can make. Actually, your family dentist is the key to good oral health and your first point of reference when questions regarding the health of your teeth comes up.

It is important for you to note that you oral health is the most important thing for your general health and well-being. You also need to know that the wellness of your life impacts impact a lot on the quality of your life.

Dental diseases causes a lot of pain and also makes it difficult for you to eat well. It also makes you not to speak well apart from making you feel uncomfortable about yourself. Because the mouth is very sensitive, you need to make sure that you work with a dentist who you are comfortable with. So, how do you find a good local dentist?



Most people normally start their search by looking for recommendations form friends, local health professionals and family members whom they trust the most. When you look for recommendations from those you think they know, you need not to forget to ask them what they like about the dentist they are suggesting.

Online search

When you are moving to a new place, the best source of information regarding good local dentists is the online reviews and doctor finders. State and the association of dentists normally update these lists and so, can offer you the best first-hand information about local dentist.

Narrowing the list

The moment you have names of locally located dentists recommended by someone you know, trustworthy online reviews or dental association, the next thing to do is to visit them virtually. Visit the dentist’s website and find information about their bio, look at their credentials and also check out their policies on a number of issues like their number of hours in the office, the type of dental insurance cover that they offer, their emergency coverage and even their savings plan.

Make the final decision

After vising the dentists’ website, the next thing to do is to physically visit the dentist in his/her office before deciding to become his/her patient. This way, you can be able to look at the customer relations in the office and also check how clean and organized the office is.

These qualities will help you make a decision and there is no way you can be certain of that until you visit the dentist’s office in person. But you need to take care not to trust the doctor by the impression you get. Do some extra homework before making the final decision.

Tips To Create Customer Loyalty With Digital Marketing

For any business that is serious with making profits, one of the most important things that they do is to create customer loyalty. How would someone come to your business instead of your competitor? It is actually the speed of the service and the overall standards of the products. Only that will make them come back again and again.

But building that customer loyalty is not an easy thing, but it is possible. It takes the dedication of very impressive business models like Colorado agencies to do so as they have the best digital marketing strategies.

If you want to create that customer loyalty, then you need to follow the following guidelines.


Build a business story

People would love to work with a business that is more human that is a business that has both the heart and soul. You need to show people that you have more to give than just the products and services that you are offering. You need, therefore, to understand your clients and target your personalized business messages to them and you will find them coming back again and again.

Avoid being opaque

The biggest error that most companies make when trying to make their customers loyal is being opaque.  You need to be always open to your clients. When you do anything wrong, you need to be open and admit it and this way, your clients will gain trust in your and hence remain loyal to your business.

Build a human face

You need to be a business that can be trusted to make the right thing and come up with the right solution for problems that they are facing. This makes it much easier for people to believe them and hence building trust.

Form long term business community

If you want to retain your clients and make them come back again and again, then you need to give back to them. You can do local driven sales and give discounts to the online community. Ask your clients to show what they are using to the world and tell them how wonderful your company is. So, the most powerful tool to create trust is by giving back to the community.

Under promise and over deliver

There is no need to promise b people heaven and end up taking them not even near to the clouds.  You need to tell people what you are going to deliver instead of promising them. Instead of promising them, do something that they see the quality of what you are doing rather than what is in your words and you will find people becoming loyal to your business.

How to manage furnished rentals Toronto - an insider’s guide

Property owners in Toronto can efficiently manage their furnished rentals Toronto including leases, rent collection, maintenance and so much more even from a distance as long as they know how to do it. Here are some of the ways to manage your rentals.


Hire property Management Company

Here, you hire a team of competent agents to work on your behalf, and that is to keep your property occupied, collect rent and do all the repairs. These companies usually charge a certain percentage of the monthly rental value or flat fees and extra expenses.

But before you hire any property management company, you need to take precautions as there are companies who can do overbooking in your property than they can handle, some do not have sufficient network while others make spotty communications to you. So, you need to research before you hire them. Take several trips to different companies and interview them before making a decision.

Manage on your own

The following are ways to do it.

Delegate responsibility

Spot one honest tenant and reduce his/her rent or give him/her some benefits in order for that person to act as an intermediate between you and other tenants.

Alternatively, you can hire a friend to be checking in regularly in your apartments. You only need to make sure that your friend has a written authority to act on behalf of you.

Establish a repair network

Plumbers and electricians are the ones you need to make friends with. They are the ones you can rely on in case of an emergency. You need to have a network with them so that you can contact any one of them if the first choice is not available.

Stay in touch

You need to give freedom to your tenants to personally contact you in case of any problem. You need not to allow anyone to make any repairs without first informing you. You also need to make periodical calls your tenants, repair people and even your designated representative.

Automate payments

You need to use online payment methods like cozy because it can manage regular payments and even handle late payments.

Cover yourself

You need to cover yourself against accidents with a reliable insurance company. You need to also cover equipment breakdowns, hazards such as fire and floods and even theft.

Get video-messaging updates

You can always do this as long as you are not violating the privacy of your tenants. You can use applications like FaceTime, Skype, and some many other video-messaging services.