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uffxiv   , 28

from South Carrollton

Albion Online the gatherers in this game

Why do people believe that by pricing something out of their price range means that people will not do it.

I have played in some Facebook games that people spend £1000's per month to keep their character or guild challenging for the lead.

It will happen if the system lets it happen.

I guarantee, with the system as it is, that the first set of 8.4 armour in this game will be made using the transmuter in albion online gold market to exchange.

What does that tell the gatherers in this game?

What is the point in being a top end gatherer when the best you can do is something that a building in every city in the game can do?

If you train as a GvG team and become the best in the game it means something. You cant simply be replaced.

If one day you are all away and your territory is attacked you guild has to field a weaker team.
Your time training and fameing means something. You have a goal to achieve,But the best gatherer in the game can be replaced to the albion online gold shop.

Why not add another building in all territories that guilds can pay money so they don't lose any GvG attacks on it that day? Say 5 million.

That way the GvG teams can also be replaces with money and see what its like for the gatherers.

If you want a silver sink then replace the transmuter with a GvG arena, that you have to pay 10k, 20k, 50k silver. You as players could set the amount but with a set minimum. And the arena takes a 20% cut of the stake. You could have ones that gear does not break and ones where it breaks. and have leader boards for each type. 1v1, 2v2, 5v5 etc.





More information about Albion


Consider adding set bonuses. As it stands, there are quite a few dominant choices designed into this game simply because there are no penalties for choosing these things and no benefits from not choosing them. For example, why where any hat in the game besides Assassin/Merc/Cleric?
Reconsider the benefits to offhand weapons. Going with a 2H build should cost something (and I use 2H weapons)
Please consider that there is very little excitement in combat that is static. Consider making weapon damage more randomized with critical hits and ranges of damage, rather than a fixed amount each hit.

More information
There us a veritable dearth of information about everything in this game. Specific examples:
nothing in a weapon description that indicates whether it is a 2-handed weapon or 1-handed.
there is nothing in the initial quest/tutorial line that indicates when a player who wishes to play something other than a tank should branch out Albion Online Silver needed for a bit a artifact gear, tells you what the artifact is but not how to make it)

no explanation of what yellow, red and black zones actually mean (limited pvp can mean anything really, as can full pvp -- people ask about this nearly everyday in chat)
no explanation that the city you buy your island at effectively limits you to that city (prior to fast travel changes that went live today, but even now, a limit is imposed by a hefty travel cost -- 33k silver at 100% on my ox to travel 3 zones).
I can't remember the specific example, but there is an item in the game that says something like: " foot stool -- a stool for feet" when it should say something like "foot stool -- furniture item that aids recovery by increasing regen by 2 points" (obviously a made up item for example purposes only)

Crafting tool tips would be wonderful -- what building is needed, what sub-resources are needed to craft resources listed, etc. Heck, you could even go all out and list gathering / refining requirements so a player can judge the true cost
ACCURATE information in the tooltips for abilities would be great for the best albion online silver store. (I realize this might be an artifact of being in beta, but this feedback is what beta is for too)
In my experience, none of the actual damage numbers are even 50% of what is listed
Things like "greatly increased" and "for a short time" are meaningless. Give us the actual information please

That's all I have for now -- hope this is helpful

Albion Online: I can't believe SI thought any of these changes

Add some RP elements now and some weapon balancing and you got some happy people like add a pub or hangout areas in each city with that large space you got in pretty much every city. Or some other forms of PVE like random camps in areas with tough mobs/bosses to kill for some silver and a bit of fame with maybe some camps having loot chests of resources/silver.

I have never seen anyone put all my thoughts into such fitting words. Thank you sir, please upvote and make the devs read this. EXACTLY what needs to happen!Oh, get real. There is no reason why a player can't role play a thug in this game. It's all in fun. It's a fantasy role playing game. You're trying to cater your playstyle bigtime, guy.

I'm not even a ganker, but when anybody comes into a discussion acting all 'sportmanlike' it just starts to smell funny.And we should let SI concern themselves with the 'business sense' aspects of the game design.I want to believe it, hope you're right to find albion online gold shop.. But i think someone of sbi could manifest, give some satisfaction to players who are just at the forum expecting changes.

I can't believe SI thought any of these changes (huge map, no way to get around, 0 resources re-spawning ever) would be a GOOD IDEA! Looks like those moron oxcart tycoons got what they wanted, and just as expected everyone abandoned ship faster than you can say 'walking simulator.'

Albion Online: Keep up with top players

Hardcore players probably do not realise that a good portion of true casual players will barely reach t4 within 2 weeks (yes you read it right), so they just get stucked doesn't not apply to them. Not everyone plays 8+ hours a day, not even 2-3 hours a day. And just because casual players do not keep up with the hardcore, doesn't mean they are going to quit the game, they will just play at their pace with the more casual features the game will offer.

Perhaps it's time to wake up and understand that the larger world is approaching games with a different mindset than the hardcore competitive players. While there are true hardcore players in clash of clans with serious levels and strategic skills and lots of AO Gold involved to be at the top, there is a mass population that playing the game for months if not years, and still light years away from top players.

This game gives the opportunity to be a farmville, with casual gathering and economic elements which is more than enough for the time at disposal of a certain amount of players, specially the ones who like the economic and farming sides and have got half hour here and there, and this game can cater both hardcore up to those level of casuals if the gameplay systems are polished enough across the board by release. This type of players still contribute to make the game world more of a living world with its variety in playing style, focus towards activities, that are the same elements in a smaller form that is applied to the complex system of real life, and leverage people and be leveraged.

Just because you cannot keep up with top players, doesn't mean the game is not worth playing. Just as you are not an hardcore competitive person in life earning millions or billions in albion online gold market, but working normal jobs and concentrating your life on gaming, no one is going to tell that your life is not worth living, am i right? I do not see the problem for people to approach the game casually and enjoy it without the need to be competitive, do we need to tell them that the game is not worth playing?

For once should we bring some consistency into our thinking?

While the game is somewhat focused on pvp, it also tries to be a sandbox at some level, and the spirit of sandbox games is to truly give a chance to anyone to build their experience. Pushing the game to an extreme hardcore pvp level would compromise base concept of the sandbox elements and pushing the game into another circle jerk game in 6 months with 1000 people devoted but that do not even bring much money, because are so devoted that they are going to earn everything in game, and let them company close down within 2 years. If it's that what you want, go ahead with your narrow-minded selfish attitude. This is not even a company based in any remote town in south east asia, china or india, if you have been under a rock,you need to pay good money to hire and sustain a team in Berlin.

I think this is an incredible idea in Albion

This will totally encourage more small guild Vs small guild combat. For example, you would only declare war on a guild similar sized to yours. If your guild is 20 strong, then you are bound to challenge guilds with similar numbers. You can also make it so at the beginning of the war, a pact is signed where the specifics are outlined.

Example: A checkbox for yellow zone combat, if you want get more Albion Online Gold be able to attack the other guild while in yellow zones or if you only want to see them flagged in Red/Black (of course, the no execution rule applies to yellow zones)

A checkbox, where the guild cannot add extra members for the duration of the war to avoid mass recruiting during war time to zerg the other guild.

There should be an option for a player in the guild to opt out if they dont want to be a part of it, so not everyone in the guild is forced to, but this should pop up to every guild member in order to get an accurate amount of who is going to actively help in the war efforts. Take a look at this post. Great suggestion for increased pvp, and giving voice and fun to small guilds or any guild really!

very good idea. Also would be nice if red zones have 2 factions like order and chaos each guild that join certain faction can attack the other one anywhere in red zones. Heretics. Undead. Giants factions maybe when you fight for them and kill enemy players of albion online silver farming you get reputation towards them. At certain levels you get items. Like frags or artifacts special mount foals which could be grown into mounts.

First of all thank you for the initial changes to the nameplate colors, it has helped tremendously.

Many of us however still feel like we need more distinction in black zones/hellgates. The current problems:
--The actual names themselves are all white (both self, friendlies and enemies).
--Guild colors aren't high enough contrast. Right now the difference between friendly guild and enemy is a green/blue color and yellow. If you are flagged yourself, then your guild shows as red, just adding more AO Gold. Given the red/yellow color palette in Hellgates, this makes distinguishing friendly/enemy targets extremely difficult when in combat/stacked on one another.

The old system of Green friendly, Red enemy was very good and was a clear distinction between the two. I understand the new color system is due to the reputation system, however, in black zones it makes for very difficult friendly/enemy recognition.

Please consider a solution such as all enemy/non friendly(grouped) targets receiving red in their nameplates, and self/friendlies have a neutral green color.