11 Fun Treats to Serve at Your Baby Shower

Fun Treats to Serve at Your Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower for a sister, friend, or colleague can be very exciting. This is usually because there are so many different fun themes to choose from. Not only can the décor and dress code match the theme, but your food and snack choices as well.

Organizing a baby shower with a variety of fun and tasty treats doesn’t have to be overwhelming. By incorporating a mix of sweet and savory snacks, along with creative presentation ideas, you can create a memorable event that delights all your guests.

Personalized cake pops, mini quiches, and a mocktail bar are just a few additional ideas to enhance your baby shower spread. The key is to balance flavors, consider dietary preferences, and have fun with the theme to make the celebration truly special for the mom-to-be and her loved ones.

When it comes to arranging themed food, some can be home made while others can be outsourced to professionals. One of the more common examples of this is the cupcake delivery services that many Melbourne residents rely on.

Baby Shower Snacks Don’t Have to be Boring

Baby Shower Snacks Don’t Have to be Boring
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If you’re in charge of the snacks for a baby shower, it’s essential to know that unleashing your creativity is an absolute must. That said, our catering experts have compiled a list of a few fun snack ideas worth considering as you shortlist your options.

 1. Opt for Fun Cupcakes

Some form of cake is an essential item at just about every baby shower. It’s a wonderful way to highlight the theme of the shower and the gender of the baby. However, have you considered opting for a variety of cupcakes rather than one large cake?

Swapping the cake for cupcakes has several advantages. Some of these include the following:

  • Showcase the theme: Whether you have a specific theme (such as teddy bears or Mickey Mouse) or you just want a general baby theme, you can decorate your cupcakes to highlight this. Different fondant and marzipan decorations and various coloured frosting can be used to create fun and quirky cupcakes.
  • They’re easier to transport: If you’ve ever had to transport a large cake, you know how stressful this can be. The slightest movement may ruin the frosting and spoil the whole cake. Cupcakes are easy to transport to and from the venue.
  • Smaller portions: No matter how cute your cake is, the reality is that not everyone is going to enjoy it. Cupcakes are not only easier to serve, but they are small enough to be enjoyed by someone who wouldn’t want an enormous slice of cake.

2. Savory Swedish Meatballs

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Snacks aren’t only about sweets and baked goods. It’s important to create a balance between the amount of sweet and savory snacks on offer. Adding Swedish meatballs is a great way to do this.

Simply prepare them the day before and serve them as an individual snack. Alternatively, you can add them to skewer sticks with olives, cheese squares, cucumber slices, and cocktail tomatoes.

3. Tasty Cheese Plate

It’s no secret that cheese is a party favourite, no matter what the theme or occasion. Our experts recommend mixing a combination of soft and hard cheeses. Be sure to add a variety of crackers that include gluten-free, whole-wheat and rye options.

4. Colourful Vegetarian Sushi

While it’s true that you’re catering for all the future mom’s friends and family, you shouldn’t forget that the lady being honoured also has to eat. That means that although sushi is a party favourite, it’s important to keep in mind that pregnant women shouldn’t eat raw fish.

Solve this problem by exchanging traditional sushi with vegetarian options. Cucumber, sweet potato, avocado and edamame are tasty options to consider. Remember to add decorations in colours that match your theme.

5. Themed Tea Sandwiches

While very traditional, tea sandwiches can be a cute and quirky shower food idea. Not only can you make a wide variety of fillings, but you can use your themed cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches in fun shapes. Remember to provide a few bread options such as white, brown, rye, and gluten-free. Remember the labels to identify the gluten-free options.

6. Fun Shaped and Themed Cookies

Cookies are another fun way to get your theme across. This is because your local baking supply store (or your go-to online baking store) will have cookie cutters in just about every shape imaginable. From teddy bears to onesies and baby bottles, you’ll be able to find the perfect cutter. Decoration ideas are endless!

7. Brownies and Blondies

Create another fun and simple snack by baking a batch of brownies and blondies. In case you’re not a cake person, blondies are just vanilla variations of brownies.

It’s a good idea to bake a batch of each and then use a cookie cutter to cut your brownies into shapes that match your theme. You can also use different colour frosting to give your brownies and blondies a cute look.

8. Fresh Fruit Salad

Not everyone enjoys or can eat sweet treats. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have some fruit on offer. Use your cute cookie cutters to cut your fruit into themed shapes before placing them in a fruit salad. You can create fruit skewer sticks with a variety of seasonal fruits.

9. Personalized Cake Pops

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Cake pops are a trendy and fun addition to any baby shower. These bite-sized treats can be customized with colors and designs to match the theme of the event. You can have cake pops shaped like baby bottles, rattles, or pacifiers, and decorated with colored sprinkles or edible glitter. Cake pops are also easy to handle and less messy than traditional cake slices, making them a convenient option for guests.

10. Mini Quiches

Mini quiches are a delicious and versatile savory option for a baby shower. They can be made with various fillings such as spinach and feta, ham and cheese, or mushroom and leek. These bite-sized treats can be baked in advance and served warm or at room temperature, making them a convenient choice for any party. Mini quiches also cater to a variety of dietary preferences and can be made gluten-free or vegetarian.

11. Mocktail Bar

A mocktail bar is a fantastic way to offer refreshing, non-alcoholic beverages that everyone can enjoy. Set up a station with an array of juices, sodas, and sparkling water, along with a selection of fresh fruits, herbs, and syrups for guests to create their own custom drinks. This interactive element adds a fun twist to the shower and ensures that the mom-to-be and other non-drinking guests have plenty of delicious options to choose from. Popular mocktails include virgin mojitos, fruity spritzers, and sparkling lemonades.

Final Thoughts

There are so many fun ideas to consider when choosing snacks for a baby shower. From finding creative ways to make blue food for a baby boy to cutting cookies and sandwiches in quirky shapes, a little bit of creativity will go a long way!