Advancements in Orthopedic Sports Medicine: Innovations for Active Individuals

The times we’re living in are truly innovative. There isn’t a domain of life, science, technology, medicine, or even sports that weren’t affected by the most recent developments. It’s good to be alive! In this article, we are going to talk about advancements in orthopedic sports medicine. For many athletes all over the world, these changes have helped to prolong their careers, get back to the field from injuries, or simply to live their lives after sports without any medical issues. Are you interested in this subject?

As far as we’re concerned, sports medicine is one of the most intriguing sides of medicine. In terms of bones and muscles, our bodies are truly amazing. When you see athletes getting injured you’re not feeling good. Later on, when they are patched up, cured, and start making better results than they did ever before you notice just how far the sports medicine has gone. If you’re interested to see how far it went you can check on this link just how well it bodes in today’s society. In the meantime, you can read this article and see what wonders have orthopedic sports medicine done for all of you active individuals.



Let’s start with Prolotherapy. Have you heard of it? Even if not, you should know that many athletes all over the world have. We are talking about Proliferative Injection Therapy which is a simple injection therapy focused on relieving individuals of pain through the process of healing. In other words, it enhances the healing process. This process is done by stimulating the natural resources in our body that are focused on healing, thus promoting fastening of the healing process. What you should know is that the injections in question are completely natural.

The principal ingredients are saline, dextrose, and anesthetics. This process works by targeting the injured tissue with the injection. The expected response from our body is one of the immune systems, where it’s rushed toward the injured area and starts the healing process. If you’re having second thoughts about this process you should know that it’s been used in practice for more than seventy years. While the process can cause pain, it is usually highly tolerable. In the end, it all depends on the level of injury and the circumstance regarding the patient.

PRP Procedure

Moving on and we have another great way to help individuals who have had injuries to their bodies. PRP procedure refers to Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets are the part of our red blood cells in charge of repairing damaged tissue. With the Platelet Rich Plasma procedure, you got treated with their concentrated version. In combination with blood plasma, they have been proven to be an amazing cure for damaged tissue. When an injury is treated by this method the recovery process lasts less due to the high presence of various growth factors on the Platelet Rich Plasma and other bioactive proteins. When combined they do wonders in the department of healing tissue.

This happens because this plasma makes your body produce even more blood vessels and thus the wound is healed faster. The best part is that the blood used in the process belongs to the patient. So, in the end, you’re healed by your blood. From the blood sample that will be taken from you through a centrifugal process the palatals will be separated from the other parts of the blood cell, and in combination with blood plasmas your PRP cure will be prepared.

Engineered Stem Cells


That’s right, as we said, we’ve come a long way. The number of procedures that can help people be cured, healed, and back on track to their sports way of life is growing by the day. When it comes to orthopedics gene therapy is the focus for many researchers. Here, we are talking about one of the least invasive ways of healing people. Orthopedics usually requires work on bones and muscle tissue which is often quite invasive, so this comes as a major change. Recently we had vast improvements in the way we use stem cells and they are seen as a great way to aid our bone recuperation. The size of stem cells is what makes them ideal for various intra-body treatments. Due to their smallish stature, they can penetrate deeper than anything we’ve encountered so far in medicine. Additionally, we are not only talking about bone recuperation but also cartilage, skin, and muscle tissue.


We’re not there quite yet, but we’re close. Robotics is reaching another level as we speak. You’ve probably noticed how AI and robotics are taking over the world. Of course, we are not discussing the end of the world theories here but simple progress. Medicine could potentially have the most usage from it. It is only a matter of time before simple orthopedic procedures are left in the hands of robots. They are more precise, delicate, and well-versed in making small and precise cuts than we humans will ever be. It is what makes them ideal for various types of orthopedic surgeries. Of course, we’re not trying to minimize human touch as we as well can perform wonders. Just remember the Washington Commanders quarterback Alex Smith’s surgery. Now, that’s a wonder worth mentioning.

Bottom Line


The world of orthopedics and sports injuries is a modern one. We have come a long way since the day’s simple injuries such as tearing the meniscus ended people’s careers. Today, medicine and treatments are modern and effective. Most of all they give results and allow people to continue normally with all of their activities. As you can see, the future is also bright. With the inception of stem cell treatment and robotics in the field of orthopedics, we can look forward to the bright future ahead of us. Yes, we all love to avoid injuries, but it’s good to know that if we have one or two there is help on the way and that we have nothing to worry about. The only worry left is that the AI doesn’t take over the world, Terminator-style, but that’s not going to happen. After all, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still around.