Teeing Up a Career: How to Become a Professional Golf Teacher

Professional Golf Teacher

Have you heard the saying that you only need to be smart in life twice? The first time is when you choose your life partner. The second time is when you’re choosing a profession. Neither of these are easy choices, especially when we know how dire these choices are. Additionally, all of us are different. Making the right choice is never an easy decision. Selecting a partner for life is an emotional decision. Choosing a profession is a much more complex one, and it requires you to know exactly what you want.

Considering that you’re reading this article it would seem that we’re on the same page. For many people out there being a golf teacher is a calling worthy of a pursuit. The best part is that it’s never too late to take on this endeavor. If you’re getting ready to chase this dream of yours as we’re writing this article, well isn’t that a coincidence? The right time to tee up your career is right now, and if you want to acquire the best golf teacher certification there is, the ideal places to start are pgtaa.com and this article. Let us give you a few hints on how to become a golf teacher.

Contact the Right People

Source: depositphotos.com
Source: depositphotos.com

We already gave you a small hint about where to start this golf adventure. If you’re desiring to become a golf teacher, you need to be serious about it. If you are, the only place where you need to go right away is the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. Yes, there might be ways to get your accreditation from some other institutions or to get your badges somewhere else. But, is that what you want? The best route to take is to start from the top. You want people who are in the business the longest, know what they’re doing, and have done it a million times. So, before anything else, if you want to become a golf teacher, and you have it on the pedestal as the best profession in the world, please find the closest professional association and seek advice there.

Become an Apprentice

What you need to know is that becoming a golf teacher is not an easy task. Many have tried and failed. First of all, to become one you need to have true skill in the sport. When enlisting as an apprentice at a golf school you will have to prove that you’re a capable golfer. This is the bare requirement if you’re planning on teaching others how to play.

The thing is, the number of golf teachers is by no means limited. What’s limited is the people’s ability to learn golf professionally and to transfer their knowledge to others. By now, you understand it, there are certain requirements to meet if you want to become a golf teacher. Not everyone can be Tiger Woods, and not everyone can become a genuine golf teacher.

What Are The Base Requirements to Become a Golf Teacher?

What Are The Base Requirements to Become a Golf Teacher
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As we said, this is no easy task. There are certain requirements to meet before you can start teaching others how to play. What are we talking about? Well, for one, you have to know how to play golf to even enlist in a golf school. Check out where to start. These are the base requirements for every aspiring golf teacher out there:

  1. First of all, you need to pass the golf-playing test. This test is called the Player Ability test. To pass it you will need to play an entire course of 36 holes. The result will have to be specific or you will not pass it. As we said, to become a teacher, you already have to be a pretty serious player.
  2. After the practical test, you will have to switch to theory. The test revolving around theory will not only be focused on golf. Instead, it will cover various subjects, and it will test your general knowledge. What you should know is that the knowledge of the sport of golf covers only 10% of this theory test.
  3. If you thought that being a golf teacher is not a serious occupation, let us tell you that you’re wrong. To become a professional golf instructor you will need to dedicate yourself to numerous coursework over eight long years. In this coursework, various forms of examinations are included, and of course, you will have to travel a lot of ground while chasing badges. What this means is that becoming a golf teacher is not only hard but also very expensive
  4. Furthermore, during the time you’ll be chasing your golf diploma, you will have to be involved with the sport. For two years your job will have to be closely related to golf.
  5. Last but not least, you will be expected to invest heavily in yourself and this sport. The standard price for a PGA of America course is between $7,500 to $10,000 depending on how prepared you arrive at the course.

Where Can You Start Your Education?

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As we already suggested, the best route to take would be to follow the official path. What this means is that the best place to get an education in the subject of golf is at the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America. Their diploma is recognizable all over the world, the courses they offer are top-notch, and in terms of payment they are flexible and affordable and you get what you paid for.

All that is left is for you to push that effort forward. But, we’ll understand if this is not your cup of tea. In that case, you can seek another way to the top. One of the places we can eagerly recommend too, is the famed Keiser University College of Golf and Sport Management!

Bottom Line

If becoming a golf teacher is your dream, there is no other way to achieve it than to chase it through hard work, knowledge, and dedication. After reading this article you know where to start, and nothing is holding you back. Go for it champ!